March 10, 2018
Most Common Causes For Trees To Die | Tree Maintenance Service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Most Common Causes For Trees To Die | Tree Maintenance Service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX

Just like every living thing trees do die after living their life. However, they still are considered as one the toughest living things that have the ability to survive all sorts of disasters, storms and damaging agents that are present in the environment. They have their own healing powers because of which they have evolved for many years. It can compartmentalize itself and it’s wounded part so as to protect it from bacteria, fungus, insects, and other harmful microorganisms.

Even though people who plant the trees and the trees themselves have their own protection measures there are certain causes because of which the trees might die. Such causes are those on which neither man nor does the tree have any control. There might be one single cause or a combination of things that affects the tree and causes it to die.

Let us have a look at some of the most common causes that are mentioned below.

Catastrophic Event

Catastrophes are possible anywhere, be it in a rural or urban setting. These catastrophes could cause damage to homes, trees, roads, cars, human or anything that comes in its way or can even completely destroy them. In most cases, trees are not completely destroyed but a major amount of damage is done to them because of which they might lose their resistance and vigor. This leads to the harbor of insects, pests and harmful bacteria taking advantage of such a condition of the tree.

A tree being completely lost or destroyed can happen in severe cases like a forest fire or a tornado hitting the city. It can also happen when floods do not fall back quickly which can cause oxygen levels in the roots to decrease to such a level where it starts causing damage to the tree. In such a case, call for emergency tree service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX to handle the situation and look for a possible solution.


As per the professional tree service in Fort Worth, TX small accidents such as an automobile or lawnmower hitting the bark of the tree can cause splits and wounds which are not good for the health of the tree. These can be prevented by planting the trees in sheltered locations or providing some sort of barrier around them. In case any damage is caused to the trees, treat them immediately in order to avoid any further complications in the current situation.

Adverse Environment

The environment and the ground conditions on which the tree is planted and is living ultimately decide the health of the tree. Tree maintenance Dallas Fort Worth, TX is always technical as per the professionals in this field and requires extreme care. For example, if a tree by nature is drought-sensitive but is planted on a dry land then that is a major concern as it would die due to lack of water.

Some other examples of adverse environments that trees face include poorly draining soils, air and ground pollution, extreme weather conditions and salty or droughty soils. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the genetic tolerance of every species to the environment and land where it is being placed.

Insects, Pests and Harmful Disease

Insects and pests are opportunists. This means that they are always looking for opportunities regarding any damage caused to the tree. They mostly invade trees that are under stressful environmental conditions and are not able to cope up with it for their living. These insects can not only cause a harmful disease to the tree they have invaded but also to other surrounding trees causing a huge amount of damage to the entire land where the species are planted. It is there recommended to call for tree removal service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX to get the affected tree immediately removed to avoid other surrounding trees from suffering.

Bad Planting and Watering

This is one of the most important processes while deciding to plant species as it will determine its health and life. Ensure that the planting hole is wider for the roots to easily make a place for their growth. Also, make sure that the tree is given an adequate amount of water at its required time to prevent it from drying.

Further, it is important to keep in mind to never over or under water the trees as it can be harmful to them. It is a critical step and tree service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX suggest you take care of it by monitoring the moisture of the soil to authenticate if the water provided is adequate or not.

Old Age

Many trees get lucky enough to hit the mark of maturity and then live to get old. By most professional tree service Dallas Fort Worth, TX arborists it is considered as a slow dying process that might even take centuries to complete.

One of the main reasons why trees get to live for so long is because of its property of compartmentalizing its damaged and diseased areas and keeps growing. However, the speed of growth of a tree starts slowing once it has matured. Its ability to support itself and provide adequate foliage for hydration starts to decrease.

Painting Tree Wounds and the Bark

Painting the trees with different kinds of paints or concrete is one of the biggest mistakes one can do for the tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth, TX. This is because it actually traps the whole moisture in the wood which increases the chances of decay from the inside.

Final Word

For some people, handling trees on their own sounds interesting but it takes only one incorrect step to end up with more damage and causing it to die. Hence, never take any of these issues in your hands and call professional tree service in Dallas Fort Worth, TX.

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