March 30, 2018

Pruning 101: All You Need to Know to Keep Your Trees Healthy | Tree Trimming Service in Fort Worth, TX

Trees are a valuable commodity for our environment. It takes time and effort of both the human and the tree itself to grow to maturity. Once mature, it is easy to take care of them and take them as granted because they have developed the capacity of doing great on their own while providing beauty, shade, enjoyment and year-round benefit to its surrounding habitat.

Looking after them, protecting them from insects and harmful diseases and keeping them healthy and in good shape is one effective method to invest in the look of your landscape while keeping the long-term benefit in mind. However, one does not have control over natural calamities and intense weather which miserably affects the vigor and resistance of trees.

But on the other hand, it is necessary for you to regularly trim your trees either on your own or opt for professional tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX to avoid harming what is growing in your yard and to maintain their vigor. One of the most commonly used methods for regular maintenance of your plants and trees is pruning. It can either be done by calling for experts in tree service and tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX or it can be done on your own if you know the basics, the methods, and tools required to achieve the desired results.

If you too are someone looking for help in this matter then this article is right for you as here we have mentioned the basics that you need to know to keep your plants and trees healthy.

What is Pruning?

Pruning basically involves the removal of specific parts of plants for them to grow more strong and vigorous. It is a regular part of plant maintenance which usually includes shoots and branches for removal. Sometimes other parts of the plant might also require pruning which includes flower buds, seed pods, and even roots.

Although pruning a plant, wounds it but it is nothing one needs to worry about. This is because plants heal and seal their wounds on their own. On the outside, the damaged part or the wound is covered by the formation of callus tissue to close it which is in the shape of a doughnut. Whereas, on the inside compartmentalization takes place, the formation of chemical boundaries around the affected area. This helps limit any decay or invasion of harmful microorganisms.

Why is Pruning Required?

For improving the Appearance and Health

As per the professionals of tree service in Fort Worth, TX immediate removal of damaged and affected plant parts is necessary for curbing the disease that has started to spread in the plant. This would help prevent it from spreading into other plants in its surroundings and help the affected plant to grow to be more fit, strong and healthy. It would also enhance its beauty, appearance, air circulation and sunlight penetration.

For Controlling the Size

Pruning helps reduce the size of a plant to make it look more in proportion with the rest of the landscape. It also prevents interference of plant’s parts with utility line and provides better access to its different parts for pest control and tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX.

For Preventing Personal Injury or Property Damage

Removing dead branches or broken barks is necessary to make neighboring areas and species safe from injury. It is also important to prevent an injury to a person walking nearby, or on the walkways or other well-traveled areas.  It is, therefore, suggested to have a professional arborist look after your plants and its pruning once in a while to avoid calling for emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX.

For Influencing Fruiting and Rejuvenating Old Trees

Tree maintenance in Fort Worth, TX or anywhere else requires appropriate snipping and pruning of plants, shrubs, and trees to encourage fertility and vegetative growth. It further helps in enhancing the appearance of mature plants that might have start losing vigor and are becoming unattractive.

What Tools Are Needed?

Different tools are needed and are available for pruning branches and barks of different widths and lengths. Hand pruners are used to cut stems up to 3/4 inches in diameter. Looping shears are used to cut through branches that are up to 1 ¾ inches in diameter. This tool is designed in such a way that it has long handles which helps one reach further inside giving you extra reach and better cutting leverage.

For cutting of stems, pruners and shears cannot get the job done. Pruning saws are available and are used by households and experts for tree trimming in Fort Worth, TX. These saws can either have straight or curved blades and able to remove branches and stems having a diameter of approximately 2 to 2 ½ inches. Pole pruners are also alternatively used by many providers of tree service in Fort Worth, TX as they are also capable of chopping of branches and stems having a diameter of 2 inches. They are more convenient at places where placing a ladder is not possible as its blades are attached to long wooden or aluminum poles that can reach branches that are 12 feet or more in height.

For branches, greater than 3 inches in diameter chainsaws are the best tool and are readily available. However, experts in tree service in Fort Worth, TX suggest using it with extreme care along with appropriate safety gear once you understand its operations and the way it functions.

Final Word

A properly pruned tree looks natural and grows in a way that reflects its fundamental form and character. As a pruner one should be careful as it is a sensitive matter for maintaining a plant’s structural integrity.

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