December 30, 2020

Tree Trimming Service: Fast Growing Trees That Are Native To Texas | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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If you live in Texas and are wondering which species of tree to plant in your garden, you may like to consider a native species. Many trees grow naturally in Texas, such as the Texas Ash and Texas Cedar. These trees are best suited to the climate.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Texas is located in hardiness Zones six to nine. As the state is so large, it has a diverse range of climates. It’s essential to consider environmental factors such as climate and weather conditions when deciding which trees to plant in your garden. Areas located along the Gulf Coast often experience hot, humid weather during the summers and mild winters. In Western Texas, gardeners need a tree that can cope with desert-like growing conditions. While the South Texas plains have hot, rainy summers, and the Texas Hill Country has lower temperatures during the winter and benefits from a long growing season.

If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area and are looking for help and advice about which type of tree to plant or need a tree removed, or a Tree Trimming Service, contact S&P Tree Service. The company can provide landscaping, tree installation, stump removal, and a tree trimming service. This article will look at some of the most popular trees that are native to Texas and will also tell you when to call in the help of a tree service such as S&P.

Texas Ash

The Texas ash is a very fast growing, native species that are part of the olive family. This tall tree can reach heights of between thirty and forty five feet when at full maturity. Texas Ash is a deciduous tree that grows naturally at altitude. They are often found on canyon ridges and rocky slopes around Texas.

Texas Ash has green flowers that bloom in the spring to early summer. These trees are popular and look fantastic in Fall when their leaves turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow. If you live in an area that’s prone to drought, the Texas ash is a good choice as the trees prefer dry, acidic soils and do best in partly shady locations.

If you have Texas Ash in your garden, you may like to book a tree trimming service to keep the trees under control. Trees can be trimmed to be encouraged to grow in specific directions, and branches can be removed if they’re growing too close to your home or outbuildings.

American Elm

The American elm is another tall tree that grows across the state. It’s part of the Ulmaceae family and can grow to a staggering eighty feet in height. Although the trees are tall, they have a small spread and are often used on land boundaries. American elms are very fast-growing. They are also very susceptible to Dutch elm disease. This condition can be treated by calling in S&P tree service who can help you maintain your trees’ health and offers a tree trimming service.

American Elm’s produce attractive red and green flowers that bloom between February and April. The tree has green leaves, which will turn yellow in the Fall. These trees grow naturally in low lying areas and are often found along the banks of streams. They are heat-tolerant and usually thrive in hot climates. These trees like to grow in moist soil in shady areas. Landscape gardeners often choose to plant American elms to create shade in their gardens.

Southern Red Oak

Southern red oak trees are very common in Texas and are often known as Shumard oak. They are a fast-growing species that can grow up to ninety feet tall. These trees have green leaves that will turn scarlet red during Fall. These trees have white flowers from March to May. Mature trees will then produce acorns.

Southern Red Oaks are best suited to soil that is moist but can also tolerate dry soils. They are a versatile tree that does well either in part shade or the full sun. Many people plant southern red oaks to create shade on their lawns.

Texas Cedar

The Texas cedar tree is sometimes known to gardeners in Texas as the Ashe juniper or mountain cedar. This tree thrives in many places in Texas due to the limestone soils. It is the most common cedar tree found in the Texas Hill Country.

Texas cedars have beautiful dark green leaves and produce a lovely cedar scent. They also produce large pine cones and have rough bark. These trees are relatively small, reaching a height of about 30 feet at maturity.

They can have spreads of up to 30 feet wide, so you’ll need to call in the help of a tree trimming service to keep the trees in good condition. Texas cedars are best suited to dry, well-drained soil. They like to live in partly shady areas.

If you suffer from allergies, don’t plant Texas Cedars in your garden as they produce lots of pollen during the spring and summer months. Many people are allergic to Texas cedars. The trees are often used in landscaped areas and are an attractive addition to any garden.

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