January 03, 2021

Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

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No matter where you live, a serious storm can wreak havoc on your lawn and bring down some of the trees on your property. Here in Fort Worth, TX, we’ve known more than our fair share of fallen trees. It seems like every year, there is more than one weather event to give lawn-owners a headache in the form of a fallen tree. Beyond that, older trees may fall in response to seemingly moderate winds or for no apparent reason at all. Trees of all sizes can damage physical property, obstruct roads and driveways, and even fall into your home. When this occurs, it is important to take the necessary steps to safely, responsibly, and effectively clean up your lawn and property. The below steps provide a guide for meeting most of your tree service and removal needs.

1.  Safety First

When something like a large tree fall happens, you must ensure that the fallen tree is safely and appropriately removed by taking precautions before hiring an emergency tree service. The first priority in this situation is always to make sure you and your family are safe and sound. If a tree has fallen into power lines, your home, or if it poses any other type of danger, make sure that you and your family find a safe place to stay as necessary. If the tree has crashed into your home, vacate the building until an expert can evaluate the structural risk. Remember that as in many areas of life, “safety first” is the rule of thumb for dealing with a fallen tree on your property.

2.  Talk to an Insurance Agent

If there is any damage, you’ll want to check with your insurance company to find out if emergency tree service costs are covered. Not all insurance companies cover storm damage, so check with your policy or call up your company. In either case, you will have to get a determination. Some factors go into this. If the tree was old or weak or there was otherwise a clear likelihood of it falling, they may put some of the blame on you. In that case, they may not cover any or all of the damages that result. It is always good to call and have them take a look and be ready to do some independent research to make sure you get the best result from your insurance company. In any case, most tree services, which the next section will discuss, should be affordable within your household rainy day funds.

3.  Get it Removed

Once you feel safe and have squared away the insurance situation, you are still stuck with the obvious problem of a tree splayed across your lawn. In most cases, this is no realistic do-it-yourself situation. Large trees can only be safely removed with the use of specialized equipment by an emergency tree service. Such tools, such as chainsaws or wood chippers, are hazardous for inexperienced users, especially when applied to large fallen trees. To prevent injury or user error, it is always best to call a professional. A professional emergency tree service can safely and effectively remove the debris even if there is impact with a physical structure on your property.

An emergency tree service professional will usually assess the situation on your property and figure out the best way to chop up the fallen tree. Generally, this can be accomplished using either a bucket truck (for tall trees,) a grapple truck, and a wood chipper. Your tree service professional will know the best way to proceed in order to safely and efficiently remove the debris.

It is strongly recommended that you consult an emergency tree service. Removing a tree may be easy for a trained professional, but it can be extremely dangerous and challenging for the inexperienced. S&P Emergency Tree Service in the Fort Worth, TX area provides a full range of removal services. Trained technicians will chop up hard-to-reach logs using specialized trucks and equipment, and then compact materials using a wood chipper for efficient disposal of tree debris. The woodchipper will turn your fallen tree nightmare into a pile of mulch. It also eliminates the need to lug away heavy logs.

When trees fall in heavily wooded areas or impact structures, the removal process may be highly surgical and precise. In such instances, an emergency tree removal service will be able to safely maneuver a bucket truck to responsibly and carefully extract the fallen tree without causing unwanted damage to surroundings.

4.  Don’t Forget the Stump

When the tree is mostly removed, you’ll still be left with a stump in your lawn or on your property. That, however, can be removed as well. A stump without a tree is not exactly a great addition to your yard. Tree service professionals can grind the stump into oblivion, repairing your lawn’s aesthetic. We recommend removing any remaining stumps just to make sure it does not rot and eventually become a home to pests. This is especially urgent when the stump is adjacent to your house, where pests are especially not welcome. At S&P tree service, we can make sure the stump is effectively removed down to the soil.

Let’s face it– weather happens in Texas like anywhere else. When a wind gust or severe storm knocks down a tree on your property, the immediate stress can be overwhelming. But take a breath. Our emergency tree service can take care of everything while you focus on keeping your family safe and hopefully receiving support from your insurance policy. Leave the physical tree removal to us. Our professionals will safely and responsibly remove the tree, chopping off any large logs and branches, navigating any small spaces, and efficiently removing the debris from your property. Though tree removal is incredibly challenging and dangerous for the inexperienced, it is what we do best.

You can trust the professionals at S&P Tree Service for all of your emergency tree service needs in the area.