August 25, 2017

Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX- Is It Time to Remove Trees From Your Property?

It comes as no surprise to know that trees actually help alleviate global warming. More often than not, emphasis is always placed on planting more trees and making the world green. But let’s take a step back, shall we? Keeping aside the fact of a better, greener planet, for most people it’s more symbolic. It’s an essence of life with an architectural aesthetic proving to be just one another plus point of it. While it may seem like a better option to growing more trees, did you know that sometimes it’s actually better to cut them down?  

Yeah, it’s surprising but just like every living thing on this planet, even trees have a lifespan. While some may be able to survive for centuries, others tend to die off pretty soon and it’s for those trees that you would need a professional tree removal service in Dallas, TX.    

How do you know it’s time?

There’s a major difference between knowing when to get a tree removed and simply removing it because of a hunch. A professional tree removal service in Dallas, TX will be able to guide you perfectly, however, here are a few signs you can look into as well:

Problem #1: Major tree damage

Trees are generally quite strong which is why they’re mostly able to weather any storm. However, even the toughest trees have their limits. Living in a place like Texas, you can expect a little too many storms and natural disasters, a tree which is weakened or sustained enough damage wouldn’t be able to hold up to through the storm and eventually may end up causing more harm to the property. That’s why it’s important to notice marks and dents on the tree because often these speak of irreparable damage. These are often the biggest indicators of hiring a tree removal service in Dallas, TX.

Problem #2: Leaning tree

If the leaning tower of Pisa attracts your attention as it should then there may be no harm in owning a nature’s duplicate of it in your backyard, right? Actually, you can’t be more wrong. A tree which is leaning towards the side instead of standing upright is an indicator of weak roots. When they’re unable to sustain the tree, it tends to pull away from the earth which means it’s going to fall at any time! The safest way to deal with it is to hire a tree removal service in Dallas, TX before it gives way and destroys your property.

Problem #3: Hollow tree

Another great way to identify a problem with the tree is to check to see if the tree is hollow. Trees normally have their xylem and phloem present on the outer edge of it however, if you notice that the interior is hollowing out or rotting away then it’s a sure sign that the tree is dying. Lack of nutrients often result in the lack of strength which means it’s time to call a tree removal service in Dallas, TX to effectively counter the problem. However, it’s important to take their advice before hand, after all, you can’t destroy a perfectly healthy tree just because it looks dead.   

Problem #4: Position of the tree

If your tree is underneath power lines then it’s time definitely time to get it cut. Some trees are fairly-short but others can be quite tall which means it becomes very problematic if they get tangled into the lines. If your tree isn’t thinned out then during a wet season, it may end up with property damage and power failures as well!

Problem #5: Mushrooms

The easiest way to make sure whether or not you need a tree removal service in Dallas, TX is to check if the roots are strong enough to hold it in place. This can easily be determined by the presence of mushrooms. Keep a notice on the base of the tree, if you see mushrooms growing out then it’s high time you get your tree removed. Mushrooms are basically decay-producing fungi so if they’re starting to grow it means that the roots are dying off.

Why not keep it in place?

If you’re facing these problems then it’s time to immediately contact a tree removal service in Dallas, TX so that it doesn’t do much damage to your property. But what would happen if you decide to not remove the tree? Well here are a few scenarios that’ll paint a picture for you:

Scene 1: You left your car parked underneath the old tree beside the house. It’s quite safe and provides your car with excellent shade but suddenly, the tree comes crashing down! There goes a part of your property as well as your car!

Scene 2: Your tree might be infected but that’s just one in a garden of beautiful trees. Suddenly all your plants start to die out one by one, what could have possibly gone wrong? Well, the disease was contagious.

Scene 3: There’s suddenly a large amount of bugs in your home! Even though you must have hired an exterminator recently but where did all the bugs suddenly come from? Well, dead trees often attract pests including ants, beetles, termites and even rats. These often travel into your home from the backyard and reap havoc for a long time! The only solution to this is to hire a tree removal service in Dallas, TX to get rid of it once and for all.

Pests, damage and diseases are just some of the ways it can affect your garden and home. That means you would need a professional tree removal service in Dallas, TX to handle the problem. This can be difficult to find for some people, however, you can always contact S&P Tree Service and avail the best services in affordable prices. Whether you’re aiming for a tree removal service in Dallas, TX or maintenance and stump grinding, they will offer high class services for your garden!