February 28, 2018
Tips to Plant and Care for Your Fruit Trees | Tree Service Dallas and Fort Worth Area

Tips to Plant and Care for Your Fruit Trees | Tree Service Dallas and Fort Worth Area

We all like to enjoy the taste of freshly picked fruits, but it isn’t possible every time. However, if you are ready to go an extra mile to enjoy freshly picked fruits every time, you can make it happen by planting your own fruit trees. It may sound a little expensive and difficult, but it won’t be so with the tips shared below:

Adulthood Dimensions

In the first place, it is very important that you find out the projected adulthood dimensions of the fruit tree you want to grow. Though they look beautiful when they are small, they can have extraordinary dimensions for an interior garden, or reach a considerable height that exceeds the intended space.

For a precise account, contact a tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

Fruit Tree Roots

You should also consider that, as the fruit tree grows, its roots will grow too. Some roots are so strong that they can break walls, sidewalks, porches, cisterns, wells or any other type of object that gets in their way. What’s worse, they can block gas and water pipes.

Moreover, find answers to the following questions:

  • How much light does that fruit tree need?
  • Is there enough sun in that place?

In this regard, a tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area can give you precise information.


It’s essential for the proper development and growth of the fruit trees. It will mainly depend on the type of fruit tree. From 4 meters and above is a good measure.


Some varieties of the fruit trees are self-pollinating, whereas others require the intervention of other factors such as wind, bees, butterflies or other insects to pollinate. Such data is important when you are purchasing specimens from a nursery. For a precise idea, it is worthwhile to inquire at a tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area.


Some fruit trees are best planted in the spring, while others do well in late summer or early fall. Knowing this data can help you to gain enough time pertaining to the plan for growing a fruit tree.


Digging a proper pit is an important part of the plantation process. The pit must be large enough to house the roots without bending or breaking, and it is advisable that the depth should cover the entire root system at least. A professional tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area can help you dig a proper pit.


It is a stick that is placed next to the trunk of the newly planted fruit tree to guide it in its growth, though all trees don’t need to be guided or supported. The stake can save the tree on a stormy day with a strong wind.

Keep the stake at a reasonable distance and attach it to the trunk with appropriate restraints that do not damage the bark.


When you plant the fruit tree, extend the roots by arranging them in the pit, and take care that you do not damage them when you compact the soil. Then cover the rest of the roots with the previously extracted soil, or you can use it to add a little substrate.

To ensure proper plantation, hire a tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area.


Each fruit tree needs a particular soil type. We can add some type of substance if necessary for better growth. For example, sand in case of soil being very clayey. The sand helps to loosen the soil and drainage.

To make sure that you prepare the perfect soil to plant your fruit tree, hire a professional tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area.


As for us, water is essential for trees too to survive. We must be careful with the irrigation during the first weeks; we should neither neglect nor exceed.

Protection against Pests and Diseases

The area where you live can give you many clues about the possible pests and diseases that can affect your fruit tree. The prevention work is the most advisable to keep the trees in good condition. To prevent pest infestation, use insecticides as instructed by experts and insecticide manufacturers.


Pruning of trees strengthen them and favor their proper development. With pruning, you can control the growth of trees, helping to give them the necessary structure, so that their branches can support weight. In addition, pruning favors the distribution of branches to guarantee that the sunlight can also reach tree’s interior.

Here are some tips for proper pruning:

  • Remove the damaged or diseased parts, dry branches and flowers that are withering. This way you can stimulate more leaves.
  • Pruning should be done during the vegetative recess of the plant.
  • If your fruit tree species is very sensitive to low temperature, it should be pruned later, when the cold months have passed.
  • Cut the whole branches without tearing them, since the tear allows different pathogens to penetrate and produce diseases when they do not heal.
  • Prune the thick branches in two steps: first prune the outward branch and then the stump that remains. Retouch the cut with a razor until it is outlined and clean, so that it can heal faster and better.
  • Use refined and clean tools. Sharpen the scissors and trimmers with a soft file.

For better results, hire a professional tree service Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

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