February 20, 2018
Tree Planting Tips for Beginners | Tree Maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area

When you move from a city to the suburbs of Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area the biggest difference you’ll notice with be the never-ending rows of trees, shrubs and plants. Residents of the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area are very enthusiastic about plantation and have lush green yards and are very particular when it comes to their care.

Tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area is a very common sight to see and experts are required quite often for planting, pruning and other tree care needs. If you are a new homeowner in the area you will definitely want to join the others in having lush green yards.

You need to be aware that the decision to start planting trees is a long term commitment and these trees will most possibly become an evergreen part of your landscape. And you might require expert tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area.

Trees are living beings which can survive for a very long time when provided with attention and the best care possible. If you are choosing to start this journey then you need to be armed with essential knowledge of how to properly plant trees. For the beginners looking to get started, here are some tips for proper plantation and tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area.

1.     Check Your Soil

First and foremost, before you begin to start searching for the right tree you need to make sure your yard in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area is fertile and in optimal condition for plantation. As common sense suggests, healthy soil is the basis for healthy plants. If the soil in your yard has insufficient minerals or is dehydrated, it means that all planting and tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area will go to waste.

For the soil to be healthy it must contain sufficient amounts of the 17 or so elements which are basic requirements for trees to grow healthy. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and potassium are the primary nutrients plants need. and it is essential that the soil contains these in substantial quantities.

Checking your soil as a precautionary step ensures that your plant will grow to be healthy. If you are not sure of how to check your soil then don’t hesitate to get help and call for expert tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area, who know what they are doing and can provide you with the right diagnosis.

2.     Choose the Right Kind of Tree

After the making sure your soil is fertile and healthy, selecting the right kind of tree is the most important step. Proper tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area will be fruitful only if you start by planting the right kind of tree to begin with.

Indigenous tree species are adapted to the climate you live in and usually grow better in your existing environmental conditions. Non-native trees can be an aesthetically pleasing but prove difficult to take care of and maintain. Do some research and ask around for advice on which trees are fit to grow in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area.

The right species won’t do very well if it is not healthy to begin with. When you go to buy a tree there are certain pointers to keep in mind. First, look for trees which have moist and bright roots. Make sure the soil packed around the roots is not falling off and is intact in a ball shape.

Secondly, take a close look at the trunk, bark and branches of the tree to make sure they are not dry. Thirdly, check for ants, mites and other insects. If you bring home an infested tree, it will spread around.

3.     Choose the Best Place to Plant

The place where you plant it is just as important as a healthy soil and the right tree. You need to make sure it the best place for the tree to go before you dig the hole. If you have chosen a tree which grows very wide and tall, make sure not to plant it near any buildings it can damage. Also make sure that no trees are near power lines as it can pose as a safety hazard.

Make sure beforehand that you don’t plant the tree where it would block sunlight and breeze from coming through. Mark the areas before you dig to ensure that the landscaping will not cause any issues in tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area.

4.     Dig the Right Sized Hole

After you have marked out where you want to plan the tree you have selected, it’s time to dig. Dig a saucer-shaped hole 3 times the size of the root ball in width.

Make sure the hole is not too deep and covers only the roots.  If the hole is too deep, the roots will be buried way too low and it won’t get enough oxygen. A hole too shallow can leave the roots exposed and cause a problem with tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area.

After planting the tree make sure you use good quality mulch as it is imperative for the tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area. It provides insulation, regulates temperature and is a source of moisture retention for the roots. Use organic mulch, and plant it 2 inches deep into the soil, covering a 5-10 feet area around the tree, making sure it doesn’t touch the trunk.

5.     After-Care and Maintenance

After successful plantation, now all you have to do is regular tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area. Watering your tree can be confusing if you are a beginner. There is no rule of thumb to tell how much water the tree needs. Too much or little of water can cause severe damage. The best way of knowing is to put a stick in the soil 3 inch deep, if it comes out damp then it has enough water, if it comes out dry then water the tree once a day.

As the tree grows, it requires less frequent watering, but make sure by doing some research as it may vary depending on the kind of tree and the climate you live in.

Call the Experts!

Tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area can be tricky and confusing in the start for beginners. If you are unsure at any stage, it is better if you call an expert and get their help. This will ensure your tree is healthy and growing.

The people at SP Tree Service Corporation are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and tools required to provide the best Tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX Area. They have a licensed staff trained to handle projects of any scale. If you suspect an emergency or are unsure of anything call 469-789-6775 to get their expert help.