February 19, 2023
Tree Removal Services For Commercial Properties: Essential Information For Business Owners | Weatherford, TX

Tree Removal Services For Commercial Properties: Essential Information For Business Owners | Weatherford, TX

Trees are not just good for the environment; they also add value to your property. They can help reduce energy costs, improve air quality, and enhance the quality of life. But sometimes you need to remove a tree. Whether it be a dead or sick tree, a tree in the way of new construction, or a tree that poses a safety threat, your business will need commercial tree removal services.

A neglected or unhealthy tree is likely to break or fall during a storm, damaging nearby buildings and cars or causing severe injuries and even death. Not only will the cost of repairs be enormous, but you could be held liable for any injuries and damage caused. Also, your insurance company might deny your claim if the tree fell due to neglect.

Below you will learn about the importance of hiring a commercial tree removal specialist. You will also learn about what to look for and expect from them.

Importance of Commercial Tree Removal

First, you need to know why hiring a commercial tree removal service provider is important.

  • Specialization
    Commercial tree removal services differ from residential services in that greater care needs to be taken not to disrupt businesses and disturb customers or tenants.

    Sometimes a tree may be surrounded by several buildings, and there is little room for efficient removal.

    That is why you need a tree care company that specializes in commercial properties. They will know how to do the job fast, efficiently, and with as little disturbance as possible.
  • Expertise
    Many think hiring a tree removal specialist is too expensive and may attempt to fell a tree themselves. While this may be an option for private property owners, trying to DIY on your business premise can result in disastrous outcomes.

    You might end up with a lawsuit if, by any chance, the tree damaged neighboring buildings, cars, or power lines. Such damages will be more costly than hiring a professional and will put your business in a bad light.

    Tree removal is a dangerous job. It should be left to professionals with the right tools and experience to do it safely.
  • Local Regulations and Permits
    Depending on the type of tree and regulations in Weatherford, TX, you may have to obtain a permit to have it removed.

    Commercial tree removal service providers can pull the necessary permits for you so that you can focus on the more important parts of your business. Inspectors will also be more likely to approve the job if it is done by a professional.
  • The Tree’s Health
    If the tree is the focal point of an outdoor recreational area, you want to ensure it stays healthy and strong. A licensed arborist can tell you if a sick tree needs to be removed or if tree care and trimming will help.

    Before cutting down a tree, have a certified arborist do a tree risk assessment. The professional will check the tree for disease and infestation and determine if it is a safety threat. This will ensure that you maintain a perfectly healthy tree.

Things to Look for in a Tree Specialist

To avoid being scammed and dealing with unwanted problems, businesses must hire only the best and most reliable tree removal service providers in Weatherford, TX.

  • License and Insurance
    A commercial tree removal service provider must be licensed, bonded, and insured. They must also carry workers’ compensation to protect their employees and your business should anything happen when they are working on your property.

    Always confirm a license with the local licensing body. Also, ask them for the insurance certificate and check it with the insurance company.
  • Services Offered
    There are several ways a tree can be removed. Felling, climbing, or crane tree removal are the most common. Depending on a tree’s size, condition, and location, a tree removal service provider will recommend one method over the other. Prices will vary accordingly.

    Tree removal specialists do not only cut down trees. After felling the tree, they can haul it from the premises. They may also offer stump removal or grinding. Taking down a tree is a messy job.

    To avoid being left with the cleanup, ensure cleanup and any other services are included in the quote. If you decide to uproot a tree, you could also have it replanted in another area or property.
  • Certification
    Commercial tree removal service providers must be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). This proves that the professionals are trained and know how to take care of trees properly.

    They also participate in regular workshops to stay up to date with industry best practices and trends.
  • Location
    When looking for a tree removal service provider, search for a company in your area. Regulations differ from state to state and sometimes even between localities.

    A local expert will know which permits are needed in your area. Additionally, some businesses can only operate within the state they are licensed in.

In Need of Tree Removal? Call S&P Tree Service!

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We are a locally owned business and place great effort in maintaining customer satisfaction through our experienced and trained staff. You can depend on us for tree care, removal, trimming, stump grinding, landscaping, and crane removal services.

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