August 24, 2020

Signs You Need Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By enterlinedesign at Shutterstock

For a homeowner, there are few things worse than needing to call for emergency tree service because a tree cannot be saved. But unfortunately, pests, diseases and other external factors can all contribute to the death of a tree, and if it starts leaning or it’s near power lines, your tree has become a ticking time bomb on your Fort Worth, TX property.

Removing a tree might be painful, but if you’re vigilant about looking for the signs of disease, you might be able to get help in time to save your tree from needing to come down. Here are a few signs that your tree either needs help — or needs to be removed.

Spotted Leaves

Spotted leaves are not something that naturally shows up as the calendar turns to fall. Red, orange and yellow leaves are normal, but if your tree’s leaves start showing spots, it’s time for you to call for an emergency tree service. Spotted leaves are actually a sign of disease, and if you get help early enough, you can sometimes remove the branch and prevent disease from spreading to the rest of the tree.

It’s always preferable to remove one or two branches rather than an entire tree, but you need to be careful about how you do it. If you try to remove the branches on your own, you might end up doing more damage to the tree than the disease would have caused. Instead, it’s best to just call for an emergency tree service to trim away the diseased branch. A quality tree service will have the experience needed to cut away only the diseased portion, allowing your tree to heal itself and spread nutrients to healthy parts that can help it regrow.

Leaning Trees

Your tree’s trunk is meant to be strong and durable, so if it starts to lean in one direction, you’ve got a serious problem. When a tree starts leaning, either the trunk can no longer support the rest of the tree properly, or the roots have become damaged in some way.

Unfortunately, when you notice a leaning tree, it’s virtually always too late to save it. A tree that has lost that much stability isn’t going to regain it, and if you’ve got a vehicle, power lines or something else in its path, there’s a real danger of the tree falling on it and causing major damage. This is a time to call an emergency tree service and have them remove the tree immediately.

Mushrooms Growing

Mushrooms are decomposers, so if they start growing around the base of your tree, there’s a good chance that’s a sign that something is seriously wrong. Whenever fungi appear around your tree, chances are high that something is rotting near it, whether it’s your tree’s roots or a nearby plant that has died.

However, it’s important to call in an emergency in this case, because mushrooms around a tree do not always mean problems. Some fungi, such as king boletes, are actually beneficial to your tree because they make it easier for its roots to absorb nutrients from the soil. In return, the tree provides the mushroom with food, and both organisms benefit. Other mushrooms simply exist without harming or helping the tree, and still others actively harm your trees. But unless you’re either a mushroom or tree expert, you won’t be able to tell whether any mushrooms on your property are mutualistic or parasitic symbiotes for your tree.

When you see mushrooms around your tree, it’s best to call in an emergency tree service so that you can figure out if your tree is in trouble or if the mushrooms around it are nothing to worry about.

Missing Bark

When your tree has lost some of its bark and isn’t able to grow it back, that’s a sure sign that something has caused serious damage to your tree. In a case like this, it’s usually the work of pests, who have probably eaten away at your tree and prevented it from regenerating its bark.

When bark is lost to disease, your tree isn’t going to be able to grow it back, which can leave it vulnerable to more pest attacks and other issues. If you notice any spots of missing bark, it’s time to call for an emergency tree service to visit your Fort Worth, TX home.

In a case like this, it’s important to call because you actually can help the tree regain its health if you provide proper assistance. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know what they’re doing when it comes to trees and can unintentionally harm their trees, which is the last thing a tree with missing bark needs. If your tree is missing bark, do the safe thing and call for an emergency tree service who can help you treat the issue and protect your tree properly.

Nearing Power Lines

Sometimes, even a healthy tree has to be removed because it’s simply growing in the wrong place. Wood isn’t the greatest conductor of electricity, but when a tree is constantly around a power line, it can become electrified and deliver nasty shocks to animals and humans who go too near it. Plus, if the tree falls, you could be without power for days.

As soon as your tree comes near a power line, it’s best to call an emergency tree service and see if you can solve the problem by removing a branch or two. If that won’t work, then it’s time to call for tree removal before a storm causes a serious problem for the neighborhood.

At S&P Tree Service, we’re proud to help Tarrant County home owners by providing first-rate emergency tree service whenever it becomes necessary. Whether it’s trimming a few branches to prevent disease from spreading or proactively taking down a tree safely, we’re here to provide a solution to all tree-related issues. Call us in today for assistance!