August 21, 2020

Affordable Tree Removal Service by Skilled Fort Worth Experts | Fort Worth, TX

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Comprehensive Tree Care and Removal

From dead branch trimming to full tree removal service with stump trimming or elimination, at S&P Tree Service we provide a total solution for dangerous and diseased trees. Our fully trained, licensed, and insured tree professionals are passionate and precise about their work. Our detailed approach ensures that we remove your tree in a controlled, planned fashion.

When Removal Is Necessary

We nurture and care for trees over their life cycle, but when a tree becomes a risk to structures or people or is no longer viable, we take an arborist’s approach to removal. Many trees have grown in urban neighborhoods and need to be removed carefully to avoid damage to their surroundings. We also understand that the job isn’t done until the cleanup is finished.

Our Strategy Makes the Difference

Bringing a tree down is like a battle plan. You have to organize it so that the job gets done quickly, efficiently, and safely. The only way it’s going to happen that way is if the team is experienced, and that’s exactly what we are. We know trees, we know the care they need and, if necessary, how to take them down with precision. Our tree removal service is among the best in the Fort Worth, TX area.

Tree Removal for Building Construction or Clearance

There’s another reason why trees need to be removed or relocated. When land is being cleared for construction or other uses, it may be necessary to remove viable trees to make room for the building. When tree growth is infringing on nearby buildings, it may also need to be removed for the safety of the building and utility lines, and to avoid potential damage should the tree fall during a storm. This type of removal service also requires the precision work that we do to ensure that, as the tree is removed, the anticipated damage to the building doesn’t occur during removal.

Fully Equipped for Residential and Commercial Tree Work

An essential part of proper tree work is having the right equipment and techniques to gain access to all parts of the tree and safely work on it. We use lift equipment, climbing, rope suspension and lowering of limbs, power chipping and removal of the tree, and much more to ensure that the process is smooth, safe, and secure for nearby buildings and pedestrians. As licensed and insured tree specialists, you can be sure that the job will be done with professional skill and care.

From Initial Inspection to a Clean Space at the End

Our tree removal service includes initial inspection and planning, arrival of our team and equipment, and a carefully orchestrated process of branch removal, lowering, and processing in the chipper, trunk removal by sections, and stump trimming or optional grinding. The trunk sections and branch chips are removed, the area is cleaned of any other debris. Finally, when we leave, your space is tidy, nearby plants have little or no damage, and we take pride in another job well done. Your tree removal process may vary depending on the situation, but your results will be satisfying just the same.

Ongoing Arboriculture Training Helps Us Serve You Best

We are members of the International Society for Arboriculture (ISA), an organization of tree specialists. We keep our tree teams up to date with ongoing classes in arboriculture to help us provide the most up-to-date and informed tree care and tree removal service.

Some Reasons to Choose Stump Removal

Usually, a stump cut off near the ground is an appropriate degree of completion for a tree removal service. There are times, however, when the stump needs to be removed. If it’s an eyesore or hazard in your landscape, or if it’s near your building, then it may be worthwhile to bring in the specialized stump removal and grinding equipment and completely remove it.

Stump removal is especially helpful in preventing stumps near wood buildings from becoming home to termites that migrate to the structure. Stumps near other trees and plants can also be home to insects and diseases, so it may be necessary to eliminate that risk.

Trees Are Assets, We Can Help Determine Other Options

If your tree is to be removed because of disease or poor condition, we can also consult on any ways that we can suggest to preserve the tree including treatments and trimming. Trees are assets that take a long time to replace, and we are glad to help you preserve the shade and energy savings, beauty, and environmental benefits of your tree, if possible.

Replacement After Tree Removal Service

When a tree is removed for disease or danger because of its size and condition, you may want to replace it for the future with one or more healthy young trees. When you’re discussing our tree removal service, ask about our tree replacement options and we’ll suggest the types of trees that might make an attractive addition to your landscape.

Emergency Tree Service

Sometimes storm damage, unexpected limb breakage, and other situations create a need for immediate attention to the tree. During an emergency call, we will make an attempt to preserve the rest of the tree while we focus on eliminating hazards created by the sudden change in tree structure. As always, we take care and use the right equipment to make sure that we bring damaged tree sections down safely and protect our landscape, making sure that we leave the area clean with wood and leaves removed.

Call S&P Tree Service for a Quote

We’re well-known for excellent tree removal service results in the Fort Worth, TX area. We also provide tree inspection, existing stump removal, and other tree services. At S&P Tree Service, we’re looking forward to doing a great job on your tree removal project. Give us a call at 469-789-6775 to discuss your tree needs and get a quote for expert tree removal services.