September 15, 2020

Signs That You Need To Call An Emergency Tree Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By ReeseImages at istock

If you are like most Dallas, TX homeowners, the trees in your yard mean a lot to you. Your trees provide a source of shade when you are sitting in the yard, and they can keep the sun from shining into your home. On a hot day, this can keep your home cooler. Your trees also increase the curb appeal of your home. To be sure that your trees are strong and healthy, you should have them trimmed every year. In between tree trimmings, you should examine your trees from time to time. Over time, your trees can lose their strength. This can occur as a result of age, disease, pest infestation, and severe weather. If there is something seriously wrong with the tree, it can pose a risk to your home, your family, and anything near the tree. It is essential that you are able to recognize the signs that it is time to call a tree expert.

#1 The Tree Is Suddenly Leaning

It is not uncommon for trees to lean naturally. However, if you notice that your tree is suddenly leaning more than before, it is a sign that the tree is dying or dead and can fall over at any time. The emergency tree service will need to know how much the tree has begun leaning. A lean of more than 15 percent from the vertical point will need to be removed. This is considered an emergency situation because if the tree falls, it can fall on your home, your vehicle, or anyone walking below. In a case like this, you need to call an emergency service right away.

#2 Visibly Damaged or Decayed Roots

If the roots of your tree are visible and you notice that they are damaged or decayed, you should call a tree service immediately. If the root system is damaged, it is one of the most significant indicators that the tree is in poor health. The tree’s roots are what keep it anchored in the ground. If the roots are dying or decayed, there is a real risk of the tree falling over at any time. If this happens, it can come crashing down of anything below, which can be incredibly dangerous. As soon as you notice any issues with the roots, you should call an emergency tree service.

#3 The Trunk Of The Tree Is Compromised

The trunk of the tree is where it gets a lot of its strength. If the trunk is at all compromised, it can weaken the tree. If you notice any cracks or cavities in the trunk, you should call an emergency tree service. A tech can go to your home to inspect the cavity to determine the extent of the damage. If the tech determines that the damage to the trunk is too severe, the tree can end up falling. This can be a hazardous situation. Since you probably don’t have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand how severe the damage to the trunk is, you should call an emergency tree service. You should also take a look at the condition of the bark. If there are large pieces missing, it could weaken the tree and should be checked out by a professional.

#4 The Tree Trunk Is Hollow

It is possible for a tree to live with a hollow trunk. The life support tissue to the tree is located on the outer edges of the tree, and not in the center. Just because a tree with a hollow trunk can live, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pose any danger. A hollowed-out trunk is very weak, and heavy winds and severe weather then cause it to fall. Even the smallest bump can cause the tree to fall. If your tree has a hollowed-out trunk, you should call an emergency tree service immediately. The tech can come to your Dallas, TX, home to inspect the condition of the trunk. They will have the knowledge and experience to determine the risk that the tree poses and if it needs to come down.

#5 Extensive Damage

If your tree has been damaged during severe weather or after being struck by something large, you should call an emergency tree service right away. The technician will come to your home and inspect the damage to the tree. If they determine that 50 percent or more of the tree has been damaged, they might suggest that you have it cut down. A damaged tree in decline can survive for many more years, but it doesn’t mean that it should. The damage to the tree can compromise its strength, making it dangerous to allow it to stand in the yard. It will take the knowledge and experience of a professional to determine if the damage is severe enough to make allowing the tree to stand dangerous.

#6 Small Branches and Sprouts Growing From the Trunk

If you notice that suddenly, small sprouts and branches are growing from the trunk of your tree, you should call an emergency tree service. This type of growth is a sign that the tree is under great stress. Because you won’t know what is causing the stress and where the problem lies, you are going to need the help of a professional. A tech from an emergency tree service can inspect the tree to determine whether or not the problem is severe enough to take the tree down.

#7 Dead Branches

If there are branches with missing leaves, dead leaves, or missing bark, it is a good sign that they are dead. If you have any dead branches on your tree, you should call an emergency tree service right away. A dead branch can fall at any time and can land on the house, a vehicle, or anyone walking under the tree. This is an emergency situation that should not be ignored.

If your trees are showing any signs of damage or decay, contact S&P Tree Service. Our tree technicians are highly trained and very knowledgeable. With one simple inspection, we will be able to determine how severe the damage to the tree is, and decide the best course of action. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.