September 18, 2020

Why Replanting Is Important After A Tree Removal Service | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Jecapix at istock

Tree removal is sometimes a necessary evil to keep your Fort Worth, TX, property safe, or to improve the aesthetics of your yard if the tree is damaged, unhealthy, or an otherwise unappealing aspect to your property grounds. Once a tree has been removed successfully, you can either leave the yard empty or replace it with something new. There are several benefits to replanting after you’ve used a tree removal service. If you’re considering whether to undertake replanting after such an event, you should take into consideration what tree replanting has to offer.

Trees provide natural carbon storage.

A crucial reason to consider replanting is that a tree acts as natural carbon storage. With global warming on the rise, and the importance of looking after the environment becoming more apparent with each passing year, one of the most beneficial activities you can do is to consider replanting to help replace the previously lost carbon storage. A tree’s dry mass is made up of 50% carbon, making it an essential source. When we talk about dry mass, we mean the root system, trunk, and branches.

Even a young tree that’s less than ten years old can remove almost 6kg of Co2 per year, and they only become more efficient as they age. A mature tree can remove up to 22kg of Co2 per year, an amount not to take lightly! Next time you’re planning a tree removal service, remember to think about that lost Co2 removal and natural carbon store – the environment will thank you! Even smaller trees can do their part to improve the environment.

Trees aid local climate control.

Modern amenities such as air conditioning in your property, can often make it easy to forget that there are aspects of the great outdoors that can provide natural climate control. Cooling down on hot days while in the shade of a tree in your backyard is easily done. Plus, it’s a nifty alternative to the expensive running costs associated with constant AC. With regular pruning, you can create a shaded canopy that adds a centerpiece to your yard. In addition to providing a place to keep cool in the summer, a feature tree also provides a wind buffer on cold days, protecting exposed yards from the worst of the fierce winds.

Trees improve wildlife habitats.

Native animals use trees as both a much-needed food source and as shelter. A tree removal service will reduce the available wildlife habitat for several local critters, such as birds, squirrels, and insects. Replanting a tree or shrubs in your yard after cutting back on the available habitat can help to encourage creatures back to your yard. An arborist will be able to help you identify the type of tree that’s suitable for your yard’s size, as well as give you pointers about which species are useful for the creatures you’re trying to attract. A tree removal service thankfully does not mean that you’ve lost access to local wildlife forever!

Trees act as natural sound buffers.

You might not realize it at first, but trees don’t just help to create a relaxing oasis for you and local wildlife to enjoy by providing necessary shade and wind resistance. They also help to reduce the noise of busy nearby roads and minimize the sound of your neighbors. You can use trees as screening plants in hedgerows to help lower nearby sounds by several decibels. Popular screening plants that can help to add privacy back to your Fort Worth, TX, property are holly, magnolia, eastern red cedar, and photinia.

Trees can increase your property value.

As you might expect, an unkempt garden or overgrown, damaged tree, can hurt your property’s value, especially if one of its limbs break and causes damage to buildings or the surrounding land. If you’ve elected for a tree removal service to get rid of a problematic tree in your yard, you may start to feel like your property is missing something when it’s gone. A well-maintained, well-positioned tree can do wonders to improve the aesthetics of your yard, as well as improve its perceived value if you’re looking to rent out or sell your property.

You can use a tree removal service to remove current species that don’t complement the style of your yard. Later replanting a native, or more attractive, species that suits our temperature Texas climate is a must if you want to increase property value easily.

If you’ve decided that after you go ahead with tree removal, that you’d like to spruce up your yard by adding in a new tree, the next thing to consider is where to put it.

While it’s possible to plant a new sapling in the same location, there are a couple of reasons to consider planting elsewhere. The soil itself may have already been stripped of most of the essential nutrients by the tree that was housed there previously, making it a poor growing environment for a new tree. Additionally, there may be sawdust left in the soil from the tree removal service or stump grinding process. Sawdust can change the balance of nutrients, making the location less hospitable to new plants.

If you ordered a tree removal service because the old tree was diseased, it’s worth remembering that the disease is likely to still be present in the nearby soil if you try to replant straightaway. If you choose to replant in the same area, which is not an impossible feat, it’s necessary to choose a different species that won’t be affected by the same disease as the last tree in that area. Waiting at least a year is also recommended.

Even after your tree removal service, S&P Tree Service is here to help. Our crew is experienced, fully licensed, insured, and trained in all aspects of tree removal and replanting. Contact us to find out more about what’s best to replant and when.