September 12, 2020

7 Reasons to Consider a Regular Tree Trimming Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By Bonita R. Cheshier at Shutterstock

You might love the trees in your yard as they are, but there are several advantages to a regular tree trimming service. The reality is, many local residents only consider booking a professional tree service when trees become overgrown or run the risk of potentially damaging property. While tree trimming does help to reduce the threat of broken tree branches causing damage, there are numerous other benefits of trimming and pruning that can help you maintain your yard with little fuss. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Benefit #1: It removes dead or damaged branches.

One of the most obvious benefits of tree trimming services is that they will remove dead or damaged branches that are either causing property damage risks or are safety risks to cars, people, etc. in the neighborhood. It’s also the most common reason that people call professional tree service companies like ourselves. Strong winds and gales may bring dead tree branches crashing down, and damage to your property can occur. When this happens, a tree service provider can safely remove the offending branches for you. However, the risk of damage can be avoided in the first place with a proactive, regular tree trimming maintenance schedule.

Benefit #2: It helps to prevent structural issues developing.

If you’ve got younger trees in your yard, a professional tree service will help to ensure that they grow a strong trunk. As the central trunk is equivalent to a tree’s spine, and where it gets most of its strength and integrity from, doing your best to ensure it grows nice and healthy is crucial to preventing structural issues, including broken limbs, further down the line. As the tree ages, and gets larger, the more critical it is to make sure that it’s healthy, growing upright, and solidly rooted when it reaches maturity to prevent any structural issues arising.

Benefit #3: It helps your trees look their best.

There are many health benefits associated with a tree trimming service, but they also provide aesthetic value to your Dallas, TX, home or business. Pruning enables the shaping of the tree canopy to a desirable shape and improves its overall appearance. If you’ve got multiple trees on-site, pruning all trees to be the same shape and size will give your property a well-maintained, uniform, and clean look.

Benefit #4: Your trees will grow quicker.

When trees grow naturally, some branches and shoots will become more robust than the rest. Without pruning or trimming, it becomes difficult for minor shoots to compete for nutrients and thrive alongside the rest of the branches when the most dominant branches are taking up most of what’s available. Trimming back the most dominant shoots will enable nutrients to be more evenly spread through growing limbs and help all parts of the tree to grow quicker alongside each other.

Benefit #5: It helps to reduce the effects of pests.

Particularly during the warmer months, tree wounds are exposed to a lot of insects, as well as prone to infection. Insects can carry diseases that may cause irreparable damage to the tree if left unchecked. While it’s impossible to completely eradicate the presence of pests or insects in your yard, a tree trimming service can still help to reduce their effects. If a tree trimming service is scheduled regularly, you have a better chance of catching the damage from pests before it becomes too severe.

Benefit #6: Winter pruning helps Spring growth.

Much like hedgehogs, squirrels, bats, and woodchucks, trees hibernate in winter and save their energy for Spring growth. A tree trimming service is beneficial in winter for several reasons, the most crucial being that wounds are not left exposed for overly long before the welcome change in season. New growth repairs the damage, and there’s a better chance of accelerated growth when the time comes. Plus, there’s the added benefit that trees that lose their leaves during the colder months are much easier to trim at this time.

Benefit #7: It’s cost-effective maintenance.

Arranging a regular tree trimming service is a cost-effective method of managing the trees in your yard, particularly if you opt for winter pruning as part of your schedule. Not only does a regular service catch any issues before they become critical, but it also reduces the time it takes to trim your trees back into respectable shape. If you wait until it’s overgrown in the summer and you want to enjoy sitting out in your yard, there’s likely a lot of work to be done to cut back thick limbs and make it look presentable enough that you want to sit outside and enjoy the area. The more tree trimming services you schedule, the less time will likely be needed at each appointment and the less it will cost you to keep your trees looking proper in the long run.

When should you start pruning?

If you’ve planted young trees, they must be trained early on how to grow into the shape that you desire; this is done through pruning. Young trees that aren’t pruned may require more significant maintenance as they get older, as you’ll need to remove larger branches that are stunting the rest of the tree’s growth or spend more time getting rid of dead, broken branches. Some key things to remember about your tree trimming service:

  • Pruning should be used to shape the tree
  • Crossed branches and branches looping back towards the center should be removed
  • Lower limbs can be removed as the tree grows older to raise the crown
  • Removal of branches that are too closely spaced will ensure more even growth

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