October 06, 2020

See the Difference That Our Expert Tree Trimming Service Makes | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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How an Expert Tree Trimming Service Helps Maintain Tree Health

Our tree trimming service is more than eliminating dead branches and potential hazards. As a living organism, your tree will respond to the care we give it, and proper trimming will encourage better growth as well as accomplish basic aesthetic and practical goals. Your tree will continue to provide as much shade and beauty to your property as possible, and as a whole, it will continue to remove pollutants and help improve the air in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Trimming Goes Beyond Removing Dead Limbs and Overgrowth

The end result of tree trimming is a tree that looks clean and healthy, with energy directed towards new growth in the remaining limbs. Limbs overhanging your home or power lines and those which are already at risk of falling are removed carefully, and your next season of growth should be balanced and rich.

Thinning Groups of Trees

Thinning trees in a stand, grove, or woodlot to maintain overall tree health helps all the trees to allow more light in for all to benefit from. We remove the undergrowth and density and help trees to grow freely without having to compete with each other for light and nutrients. If you have a stand of trees in your front yard, we’ll provide similar services to our single-tree trimming service, while we’ll thin and maintain branches on trees in a grove in the back as a group, providing shade and beauty to your property and avoiding encroachment on your play areas, pool, patio, or gazebo. Woodlot trimming takes more of a forestry approach, focusing on the health and value of the trees.

We Leave a Clean Sweep on the Ground

After our tree trimming service, we take the branches we removed and any other material with us, leaving your property clean for a job well done. We’ll recycle what we can of the limbs using our chipper, and we take a look at what we’ve removed to identify any signs of concerns such as disease that were not visible from the ground. We properly finish and treat the trunk as needed after removing entire limbs, and we’re careful about any nests present in the tree.

Careful, Experienced Climbing and Detached Limb Lowering

Our team works well together, climbing to make the cuts and coordinating the lowering of the limbs from below. We don’t let gravity add a degree of randomness to our careful work, and it pays both in safety for our workers and protection for your property below. All of our workers have been carefully trained to care for your trees and to respect each other and our clients.

We Know Trees and Identify Future Risks of Damage

When we come for a tree trimming service estimate, we take an expert look at your tree’s overall condition. In addition to preparing to trim and balance your tree this year, we look at its health and the likely progress of its growth after trimming, with an eye towards any development of risks from the decline of limb health during the coming year. We can provide services to help encourage your whole tree to thrive and address any deficiencies or infestations for an even more beautiful tree in the months and years to come.

We Offer Emergency Tree Service 24/7

If a limb falls or you receive major storm damage to your tree and trimming it cannot wait, we’ll head over and perform an emergency tree trimming service right away. You may need a tree removed from the power lines, your roof, or vehicles in your driveway, and we will strategically arrange to take care of it, minimizing any further damage and making way for any further damage mitigation you may need to have done. With proper tree trimming, though, we can help you avoid the possibility of damage from your tree in all but the wildest storms.

Recovering from Wild Storms and Major Tree Uprooting

When winds blow strongly, your tree may fall over with its roots exposed and leave you with a decision to make: try to save the tree, trimming it to make it easier to lift and restore, or accept the loss of your valuable tree and have us proceed to reduce it and carry away the remains.

We’ll continue to provide uprooted tree care if you wish, helping to avoid “transplant shock” from the replanting and letting the tree recover as best it can from the traumatic storm-related uprooting. Our tree trimming service can help to encourage your tree to fill in any areas that were lost to broken limbs when the tree fell, and once the tree is re-established our team can continue to guide the tree’s growth and observe its condition.

A Planned, Carefully Executed Tree Trimming Service is Satisfying

At S&P Tree Service, we provide our neighbors in the Dallas Fort Worth area with expert tree care of all kinds, performed carefully and knowledgeably. We’re professional arborists, members of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), licensed, bonded, and insured with our own code of ethics and professional conduct.

Trees are our passion. We recognize the role that they play in the community and as part of your property and even family over the years. We know that their beauty helps improve your life and your property value, and their shade can even help reduce your home’s energy consumption in the hot summer months.

Trees breathe in the air in their own way, and provide specific benefits to you in the processing of pollutants and carbon dioxide that make the air better for you to breathe. Trees have symbolic value, representing spiritual nourishment, transformation, and fertility.

Call Us for Expert Tree Work

Your tree’s health and vigorous growth depend on guiding the tree’s energy. Your peace of mind depends on a clean, carefully performed tree trimming service. Call S&P Tree Service at 469-789-6775.