October 09, 2020

6 Signs That You Need To Have Tree Removal Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By Justin Smith at istock

If you are like most Dallas, TX homeowners, you care a lot about the trees in your yard. Thanks to your trees, you will have a shady place to sit on a hot day. Your trees can also shade your home, keeping your cooling costs down in the summer. Finally, the trees on your property can add curb appeal. Because your trees are so important, you should take good care of them. Unfortunately, trees don’t live forever. There could come a time when you need to call a tree removal service to have a tree taken down. If you don’t know much about trees, you might not be able to tell if you need to have a tree removed. There are a few signs that you should look for that will tell you that your tree cannot be saved, and it is time to call a tree service. If you wait too long, the tree could fall, causing catastrophic damage to your home or your property.

#1 Root Decay

The tree’s roots are what keeps it alive. If the roots begin to decay, there is no saving the tree. You can tell that the roots are decaying if they look severed. You can also tell if the roots have decayed by looking at the ground around the roots. If it appears to be lifted, it is a sign that the roots have decayed. If you see either of these happening to a tree on your Dallas TX property, you should call a tree removal service right away. It is only a matter of time before the tree becomes a hazard.

#2 The Tree Is Leaning To One Side

If you notice that a tree on your Dallas, TX property is leaning to one side, you should call a tree service immediately. When the tree begins to lean, it will keep learning until it can no longer stand on its own, and it falls. If this happens, it will destroy everything in its path down.

It is easy to tell if a tree is leaning by looking at the branches. If they are suddenly hanging over the driveway or the house in a way they haven’t before, the tree could be leaning. In more severe cases, you can tell that the tree is leaning just by looking at the trunk. When the tree starts to lean, it is only a matter of time before it falls; therefore, you should call a tree removal service as soon as you see that it is leaning.

#3 A Hollow Truck

If you notice a tree on your property with a hollow trunk, you should call a tree removal service right away. When a tree’s trunk begins to hollow, it signifies that the tree is in poor health and is deteriorating. In the early stages, the truck’s hollowing can cause large branches to fall, which can damage your house and your vehicle and can cause serious injury to anyone walking below. To keep your family and your property safe, it is essential that you call a tree service as soon as you notice that the trunk is beginning to hollow.

#4 The Health Of the Bark

Your tree’s bark is its first defense against the outside world. The bark protects the inside of the tree from moisture, weather, and critters. If there is an issue with your tree’s bark, it is a sign that the tree’s health is beginning to decline. In the early stages, you will notice that the bark is chipping or peeling, and it is brown and dry underneath. Before you give up on the tree, you should perform a scratch test on multiple areas of the bark. Just one small section of decay isn’t enough to give up on the tree. If there are multiple areas of the bark that are damaged, you should consider calling a tree removal service. They will be able to inspect the tree to determine if it is time to take it down.

#5 Branches Without Buds

If your tree limbs have no buds, there is a chance that the tree is dying. The tree could also be dying if the buds are decaying, and the branch is very brittle and easy to break. Branches without buds are a sure sign of a disease. If there are plenty of branches without buds, it means that the disease has progressed, and it could be time to hire a tree removal service. If you wait too long to have the tree removed, the most affected branches are at risk of falling. If a large branch lands on anything on the ground, it can be hazardous. Before this happens, you should call a tree removal service to inspect the tree and determine the best course of action.

#6 Strange Growth Around the Tree

If you notice strange plant growth around your tree such as mushrooms or any other type of fungi, it is a sign that your tree has a disease. If the disease has progressed too much and there is no chance of saving the tree, you would need to hire a tree removal service to take the tree down. Before taking such a drastic step, the professionals will inspect the tree to determine the extent of the disease.

#7 New Construction

If you are planning to put an addition on your home and there is a tree in the way, you will need to hire a tree removal service. The same is true if you are going to install a pool or put a shed in the yard. Tree removal needs to be done with great care to prevent an accident from occurring; therefore, you should leave the job to a professional.

If you suspect that there is a tree on your property that needs to be removed, contact S&P Tree Service. We are a family-owned and operated business, and all of our tree specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable. We offer a variety of services, from pruning to crown thinning. Our tree specialists have the knowledge and experience to know how to treat disease, and when the disease has gone so far that the tree cannot be saved.

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