October 03, 2020

5 Reasons To Opt For Regular Tree Trimming Service | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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Trees and greenery can easily improve the overall look of your home. Homes with wonderful backyards and front yards tend to have a higher resale value and tend to offer a higher quality of living to the occupants. After all, who doesn’t want to look into a beautiful green garden? It’s both relaxing and pleasing to the eyes.

Homeowners must keep up with regular home maintenance. While most people think of that as plumbing services and painting the interior of the home, it’s important to maintain their yards as well. In this case, it’s important to get regular tree trimming services in the Dallas Fort Worth area. A general rule of thumb is to get tree trimming services every 3 to 5 years for mature trees. Younger trees, on the other hand, need a lot more attention and care, and need to be trimmed every two to three years.

Tree trimming services can benefit your home tremendously. Let’s take a look at three advantages that this service has to offer.

#1. It Prevents Accidental Damages Caused by Tree Branches

Did you know that weak, diseased or dead trees can be a huge Hazard to your home? The branches can become very vulnerable and can even fall off during heavy storms or high winds. You don’t necessarily need bad weather to be in danger. Even some of the healthier trees may have a branch fall down even on the sunniest days.

Take a look at your yard and your trees. Are you particularly proud of one of the larger trees, but notice that some of its branches are dangerously close to your home? If this is the case, you definitely need to call an arborist to gauge how dangerous the situation may be. Falling branches may not only damage the structure of your home, but they could also damage power lines and even the sidewalk. If the branches fall on someone, it could cause a whole lot of damage.

The best thing to do is to get the branches trimmed. Tree trimming services help to mitigate the risk of structural damage to your home and property without damaging the tree or making it look less magnificent than it already is. Before trimming the trees, most arborists will talk to you about what needs to be trimmed and how the tree will look like afterwards. They’ll work with you to find a good solution that is both safe and visually appealing.

#2. It Keeps Your Trees Healthy

The longer that the branches are, the more susceptible they are to disease. Branches are much more vulnerable than the trucks, which is why they are usually targets for microbes and vermin. You should always get your trees assessed regularly. Our arborists will inspect your trees to see whether it is struggling with any diseases. We’ll point out signs of the disease and how that disease will affect the tree in the long run.

If the infection or damage is to a branch, the best thing to do may be to cut that branch off. It’s essentially the same as having split ends. This is why it’s always recommended to get haircuts every now and then. It’ll keep your hair as a whole healthy. Similarly, trimming the branches can also be beneficial to the tree as a whole. It may look a lot healthier once some of the branches are trimmed. If one of the branches is infected, trimming that branch can help prevent the spread of the disease.

Tree trimming services also increase overall airflow between the branches. This helps the trees to stay drier, which can help reduce the possibility of harmful fungal infections.

#3. It Improves the Overall Look of Your Yard

Last but not least, well-trimmed trees can be a lot more visually appealing to your entire home as a whole. If the branches are all over the place, your house could look like a mess as well. If you’re trying to sell your home, the trees may end up decreasing the overall value of your home.

Tree trimming services will shape the trees into a visually-appealing shape. If the tree branches are blocking any of the windows, they’ll be removed, so that the occupants are able to get a nice view of both the backyard and the front yard. Having your trees trimmed can also result in a much more visually appealing landscape. You’d be surprised at the difference that tree trimming services can make. Old, mature trees can really get a total facelift from a tree trimming.

As mentioned above, a good arborist or tree trimming company will give you a heads up on what they’re trimming and how your trees will look at the end. If you have a certain shape that you’d like to go for, don’t hesitate to let the professionals in the Dallas Fort Worth area know. They’ll give you an idea of whether the idea you have in your mind is doable. They’ll also let you know whether certain shapes may be better for your yard.

Call S&P Tree Service for Tree Trimming Services

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