March 20, 2023
Restoring Your Property's Safety After A Storm With Emergency Tree Service | Weatherford, TX

Restoring Your Property’s Safety After A Storm With Emergency Tree Service | Weatherford, TX

After the threat of a storm has passed, you might think it’s safe to go outside and immediately begin clean-up efforts on your own or with the help of your friends, family members or neighbors. The truth is, even after the skies clear up and the wind has died down, there are still numerous hazards remaining on your property, especially if damaged, destroyed, or fallen trees are part of the picture. While you might feel comfortable taking care of the damage and debris on your own, chances are you aren’t equipped with the proper tools in order to do the job completely and, most importantly, safely. If your post-storm clean-up needs require more than just picking up a few branches, call the tree experts at S&P Tree Service for comprehensive, efficient and safe emergency tree service. Following severe weather — from high winds to ice storms and unexpected blizzards — our licensed and insured arborists can provide complete tree-care services any time of day or night.

Tree Inspections Following a Storm

When you call S&P Tree Service day or night following a storm, we’ll send an emergency tree service crew experienced specifically in addressing tree-care needs following severe weather. Your property’s trees might look okay. However, only a highly trained arborist can detect even the most minuscule damage to branches and limbs — damage that might pose a threat to the health of the entire tree or the safety of your home, property or family down the road. The key to properly and safely executing emergency tree service is a thorough examination of the trees directly affected as well as the property itself, including its size, access points, proximity to other homes and businesses, and potential risks. We can also make a plan of action in case there are live wires or downed utility lines in the area or anything that might require the involvement of the local power company or government. With a solid plan in place, we can ensure that your property will be cleaned up with not only results in mind, but also your safety and well-being.

Trimming and Pruning of Storm-Damaged Limbs and Branches

An inspection of your trees might detect severely damaged limbs that need to be removed before falling on their own and becoming a threat to the surroundings. In many cases, as long as the limbs that need to be cut aren’t hanging precariously or severely split, the same pruning process as carried out during routine tree-care maintenance can suffice. However, during an emergency tree service job, our skilled climbers and cutters take extra precautions on the chance that adjacent limbs and branches are also impaired and pose a danger to personnel and property. Furthermore, if a cracked limb is leaning on a nearby roof, car or outbuilding, it’s crucial that the pruning be precisely planned and executed to eliminate the risk of additional property damage. As part of the pruning and trimming process, even during emergency tree service, our arborists will ensure that your tree continues to be healthy and strong following the storm.

Skilled Tree Removal Using the Best Tools and Techniques

In the event that a tree on your property needs to be completely removed following a storm, S&P Tree Service offers this as part of their emergency tree service calls. There’s no need to wait for an additional crew to be called to take on this arduous task. The quicker it’s done, the quicker safety can be restored to your home and garden. S&P Tree Service’s crew will determine the best methods for removing your tree, taking into consideration other storm-related damage to your property as well as any obstructions, including fences, automobiles, or other fallen trees, that might get in the way of direct access to the tree that needs to be removed. During emergency tree service, we may choose to employ crane-assisted removal methods as they are the least intrusive. This will minimize any further impact on your home, yard, and neighboring houses. We understand that it might be devastating to lose a beloved tree. However, we will handle the situation with care and respect. We can also provide our services if you should choose to replace your tree with a new one.

Stump Grinding and Debris Cleaning

S&P Tree Service does not walk away from a job site, even during emergency tree service work, until the clean-up is complete. All limbs and branches that are cut will be hauled away and the remaining stump from a cut-down tree will be removed or ground into chips. Debris left behind after pruning, trimming or complete removal is not only an eyesore but also a potential danger in case winds strike again. Let us leave your green space tidy, clean and ready for your new tree, gardening project or general enjoyment. If you’d like, we can leave wood chips with you to use as part of your new landscaping plans. We understand that requiring emergency tree service is never a fun thing to experience, we promise we will minimize the stress of the situation by providing a thorough cleanup as part of the job. We’ll leave no trace of our crew or equipment and leave you with peace of mind that your property is safe again.

If your home or business was recently impacted by a severe storm or high winds and you require emergency tree care services, don’t wait — call S&P Tree Service right now for help. We can provide expert care tailored to your property’s needs and restore safety to your home, your yard and neighboring properties. Don’t take on storm-damage cleanup projects on your own. Rely on professional care by our highly trained arborists and keep you and your family safe. We are available 24 hours a day, every day, for residential and commercial emergency tree trimming, removal and cleanup.

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