March 14, 2023
How To Know When You Need Emergency Tree Service To Avoid Damage To Your Property | Dallas, TX

How To Know When You Need Emergency Tree Service To Avoid Damage To Your Property | Dallas, TX

As a Dallas, TX homeowner, you probably have at least one tree growing in your yard that has grown tall and strong for many years. In some cases, you might have even played within the branches of that tree when you were a child. It seems that this wonderful tree will be there forever. But sometimes things can happen, and you may suddenly find yourself needing emergency tree service to help you avoid serious damage to your property. In this article, we cover the signs you should look for to determine when you need emergency tree service in Dallas, TX, as well as what you can do whenever these signs appear. Let’s get started.

Your Tree Is Suffering from a Disease

Have you ever taken a walk in your yard only to notice one of your trees looks weird? It could be that its branches have started growing in strange directions, or there are spots on the leaves, and even areas where the bark has fallen off the trunk. These are all signs of a diseased tree, and immediate intervention is required in order to prevent its spread to other parts of your tree, and its ultimate weakening and fall. If this is your case, call a reputable emergency tree service for help as soon as you can to avoid falling branches from damaging your home’s structure or any power lines near your property.

Your Trees Branches Have Grown Over Your Home’s Roof

Overhanging branches represent an imminent risk of potentially major damage to your home in case a windstorm comes through the area. Wind will easily tear overhanging branches from almost any tree, and the force of their fall can severely damage your home’s roof. What’s worse, as these branches fall, they can also bring power lines down with them, which will put your family and property in danger of injury or death. When your tree’s branches have started growing over your home’s roof, it’s time to call for emergency tree service to bring the situation under control before it gets out of hand.

You Notice Your Tree Is Leaning to One Side

There is a very big difference between a tree that grows in a sideways position, and one that suddenly starts leaning to the side. A tree that has suddenly started leaning is a tree that could fall at any moment because its roots are no longer anchoring it in place. A falling tree can severely damage your home’s structure and even your neighbor’s home and adjacent power lines. It is a situation that requires you to call for emergency tree service immediately, before anything worse happens.

New Branches or Sprouts Are Appearing on Your Tree’s Trunk

Just like humans, trees react to stress. While a person might feel anxiety, a tree that is under stress will start growing new branches or sprouts from its trunk. This means your tree could be in serious trouble, and calling for professional emergency tree service is warranted. So make the call as soon as you notice the new growths.

Some of Your Tree’s Branches Look Dead

If your tree has branches that look dead, is missing sections of bark, or has brown, dead leaves, it is a sign that the branch is weakening and could fall without any warning. This problem can become very serious if the branch in question is especially large. When you notice this, your best course of action is to call a professional for an emergency inspection of your tree to determine whether the branches are only temporarily affected by an outside problem, or they are completely dead and a risk to your family and property.

Something Is Wrong with Your Tree’s Roots

If you notice the dirt surrounding your tree’s roots is starting to cave in, or you can see rotting or damage to the tree’s root system, you should call an emergency tree specialist for help right away. Rotting or weakened roots can no longer hold up the tree, and this can turn into a dangerous situation very quickly, especially if the weather is windy. Debilitated root systems are the leading cause of fallen trees in Texas, which is why it is important to get help before your home suffers costly damages.

The Tree’s Trunk Is Hollow

A tree’s trunk is tasked with holding up the crown, which many times is the heaviest part of the tree. When, due to age, external factors, disease, or by accident, the trunk of your tree has become hollow, it is no longer sturdy or strong enough to hold the weight of the branches, which could lead to a collapse. This is an emergency situation that requires a professional evaluation as soon as possible, so call a reputable tree service as soon as possible in order to prevent any damage to your property.

The Tree Is Very Old

Just as any other living organism, trees have a determined life expectancy. When they get old they can become brittle, and frail, which could lead to important sections of your tree falling off without any apparent reason. This alone can cause costly damages to your property, and if left to continue, can result in the complete collapse of the tree. If your tree is very old, or looks weak, and branches of all sizes are starting to fall off, it is a good idea to call an expert for an emergency inspection and help. In most cases the arborist might recommend the complete removal of your tree.

Are the trees in your Dallas, TX home in trouble? If so, you will need emergency tree service to prevent any further problems. At S&P Tree Service we are always happy to help you resolve any issues with your trees, from pruning to complete removal, as well as emergency tree service. So, when your trees look like something could be wrong, just pick up your phone and give us a call for emergency tree service right away!

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