September 21, 2020

Tree Removal Service: Signs It’s Time To Remove A Tree | Dallas, TX

Photo By Kuzmalo at istock

Calling for a tree removal service is something that no homeowner wants to do, because it means having to remove one of the things that truly makes a property feel like home. However, even though it’s true that trees will never die of old age, it’s also true that disease can sometimes leave them unable to survive. When that happens, it’s important to get quality tree services to come to your Dallas, TX home so that you can remove your old tree before it causes a problem.

But knowing when to remove a tree isn’t always easy. Sometimes, the signs present themselves in a rather obvious manner, but sometimes, the signs are more subtle. Here are a few signals that you need to consider removing your tree.

Large Dead Branches

Just because a few branches on your tree are dead doesn’t mean that the entire tree is going to die. Trees are excellent at healing themselves as long as enough of the tree is healthy enough to grow new branches. However, if your tree has several big branches on your tree that are dead, it’s probably time to call for a tree removal service.

That’s because when dead branches make up more than 25 percent of the tree, the rest of the tree probably won’t be strong enough to survive. Even if you have a few new leaves growing, it probably won’t be enough to strengthen the rest of the tree to the point where it’s healthy again.

If the dead branches are all on one side of your tree, it really doesn’t matter what the percentage is: your tree probably isn’t going to make it. That’s because dead branches on one side can cause the tree to lean in one direction, which can completely throw it off. In rare cases, your tree can survive, but you’ll need to have a qualified arborist evaluate your tree’s health so you can decide whether or not you need to call for a tree removal service.

Fungi Near the Tree’s Base

Mushrooms and other fungi are decomposers, and if they’re sprouting around your tree, that means there’s something there for them to feed on. Sometimes, it’s something in the soil near the tree, but there’s also a good chance that they’re feeding on your tree because it’s rotting away.

If you spot mushrooms near your tree that weren’t there before, it’s a good idea for you to call a tree expert before you call for a tree removal service. That’s because an arborist can tell you whether the mushrooms are a sign that your tree is dying or if they’re getting their nutrients from another nearby source. The last thing you’d want to do is remove a healthy tree because you didn’t have all the facts!

Power Lines Near the Tree

This is by far the easiest sign that you need to remove your tree, because a tree that’s under power lines is a problem waiting to happen. Even if a tree is only near the power lines surrounding your Dallas, TX home, it’s important to remove it because a strong storm could knock it down and knock out power for the entire neighborhood at any time.

Even if a storm doesn’t knock down your tree, a tree touching power lines can send electric currents through the ground and cause property damage. This is a job for a tree removal service, as it requires expert work to remove a tree properly when power lines are involved.

Lack of Leaves

If your tree doesn’t have leaves in the winter, that’s one thing. But if it’s the spring or summer and your tree has little to no leaves on several of its branches, that’s a sign that you need to seriously consider calling a tree removal service.

That’s because a tree gets its nutrients through its leaves, and if a tree isn’t producing leaves, that also means it’s not converting sunlight into food for itself. If you see your tree’s leaves either missing or faded to a yellow or brown color during the spring or summer, that’s a sure sign that your tree is either dying or diseased.

Missing Bark

The bark on your tree exists to help the tree maintain water and keep the tree’s insides protected from pests and weather conditions. A tree that’s not in good shape will see its bark ripped away, leaving it exposed to the attacks of several different insects.

There’s another severe problem with missing bark: a lack of bark prevents the tree from getting energy to the tree’s roots. Once that connection is severed, death is inevitable for the tree, and your only real option is to call for a tree removal service to come to your home before further damage occurs.

Root Damage

Your tree’s roots usually aren’t something that attracts attention, but when your roots get soft, slimy, brittle or broken, your tree is in deep trouble. Not only are your roots vital for getting nutrients out of the ground (trees can suck 100 gallons of water out of the ground), but they’re also crucial to keeping your tree standing upright properly.

If your tree’s roots get damaged, your tree is likely to start leaning in a best-case scenario, and once that happens, it’s only a matter of time before the tree ends up falling in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Don’t give that a chance to happen; contact a reputable tree removal service as soon as possible to bring the tree down on your terms.

At S&P Tree Service, we know that sometimes, a homeowner has no choice but to bring down a dying tree, and we’re happy to help provide safe tree removal services from your property if it becomes necessary. If your tree is dead or dying and needs to be removed from your home, give us a call to make sure it comes down safely!