August 25, 2022

4 Times You Need Emergency Tree Service | Fort Worth, TX

Trees are a lovely way to add shade to your home and add value to your property, but unfortunately, after a storm, if they fall on your home, you will need emergency tree service. At this point in time, they will cease to be a great addition to your property and will turn into a big nuisance. However, emergency tree service doesn’t have to be something that stresses you out. If you choose the right company in Fort Worth, TX, and you get timely help with your situation, you can have a fallen tree removed without too much trouble.

Of course, outside of knowing who to call, half the battle of finding a tree service in Fort Worth, TX, is knowing when to call for help. Many people think that they can handle fallen trees on their own, but there are some situations where you need professional help for your own personal safety and the safety of your home. The following is a quick look at times when you should call in a professional tree service for help.

Storm Damage

One of the number one times you should call for emergency tree service in Fort Worth, TX, is following a major storm. Texas storms can be devastating, and hurricane winds don’t always reach the city; when they do, they bring strong winds with them. When this happens, even healthy trees can fall on structures or obstruct the road. This means that even if you keep up with regular tree maintenance and dead wooding, you can still experience an issue following a storm.

Plus, sometimes storm damage occurs that needs to be promptly taken care of before the storm ends. In this case, it is unsafe for someone who does not know how to work with trees to attempt to clear a road, walkway, or structure from a tree. While this is usually not something that someone who is inexperienced should do anyway, the storm adds another layer to the issue. If the tree is obstructing the road, wires, or your property, you cannot wait until the storm ends to approach the issue, which is when having a good emergency tree service on your phone can really come in handy.

Following a Tree Leaning on a Structure

Another dangerous situation can be if a tree has fallen and is now leaning on a structure. Depending on the size of the tree, or the way it falls, it may not necessarily fall through the roof or a window, but that doesn’t mean that you should attempt to remove the tree on your own. There are still many more ways that the tree can cause a large amount of damage if it is not properly cut into pieces and removed from the side of your home.

In most situations, when a tree is leaning on a property, you need to call for an emergency tree service to come and take a look as soon as possible. Even if the tree does not appear to be doing any damage, it may be only a matter of time before it does. Even a skinny tree is much heavier than it looks, and all the tree trunk or the tree top has to do is slip a bit to change the weight shift and potentially cause damage in its wake. In addition, you cannot usually just cut off a piece without stabilizing the rest of the tree, or it can also slip and cause large issues.

For this reason, you should never attempt to remove a tree leaning on a structure on your own. The best course of action is to call an emergency tree service that can promptly come out and assess the situation. They can decide if the tree needs to be removed immediately or wait a day or two until the team can come out on a normal schedule. However, you should not make any removal decisions until a professional takes a good look at it and gives you their professional opinion.

Tree Leaning on a Neighbor’s Property

Another time that you would want to call an emergency tree service is if you noticed that a tree that was originally on your property is now leaning over your neighbor’s property. If the tree falls, then you will be liable for all damages, and your home insurance will likely jump through the roof. At that point, you will wish that you had simply paid for an emergency tree service to come out and remove the tree before it could drop.

At the same time, if the tree is already down in your neighbor’s yard, then you need to call a tree service to come immediately and take care of the issue. Anything that happens in your neighbor’s yard will be your responsibility to fix and repair, and the longer a tree lays in the yard or on a structure like a shed or a playground, the larger the repairs can be. Taking quick action is the best way to minimize the damage and the best way to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors.

Tree Down on Electrical Wires

Finally, if you notice that you have a tree that has fallen on electrical wires near your home, you need to call for an emergency tree service right away. Not only can this impair your home’s electric supply, but it can actually be very dangerous. Therefore, you cannot delay at all. You also should not attempt to handle this situation alone because there is a very serious risk of electrocution.

If you need help from a professional tree service, S&P Tree Service is here to help. We will come out to your home to assess the situation and help provide a solution. Contact us today.

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