November 15, 2021

Factors To Consider When Hiring An Emergency Tree Service Company | Fort Worth, TX

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Trees give your property a lifetime of beauty. Besides the apparent benefits such as beautiful scenery and providing fresh air to your family, trees can increase the value of your home by a whopping 200 percent! This proves that indeed money grows on trees. That’s why it’s not surprising that districts that have invested in trees are highly valued compared to other places without trees.

Nevertheless, at times trees can be a hazard to your family and property. Because of harsh weather conditions in Fort Worth, TX, they may fall, damaging your car or home, resulting in severe injuries and even death. In such cases, you’ll need emergency tree services to maintain the trees in shape and keep your family and property out of danger.

But finding a professional emergency tree service provider could be confusing, especially getting experts who can get the job done smoothly and efficiently. Not to worry, though; below are some factors that will help you know what exactly to look for when choosing a qualified tree service provider.


Safety should be a priority. During tree emergencies, the trees may fall onto property or power lines, hence the emergency tree service provider should take necessary precautions when removing such trees.

To know if the company can take the required safety measures, it’s essential to inquire about its implemented safety rules. Also, check if it has certified tree care safety experts who adhere to the industry safety standards.

Lastly, the tree professionals should be equipped with the correct personal protective equipment, considering handling tree emergencies is risky. A reputable tree company in Fort Worth, TX, should provide safety equipment to its staff, including face-shields, hard hats, safety glasses, and chaps.

Certified and Licensed

Handling trees is a hazardous task. In fact, it’s estimated that the fatality rate of tree trimmers is three times that of the average worker in the United States. A company without the relevant certification means that its employees aren’t adequately trained, hence it could do a lot of damage.

A competent tree service company should be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and its workers should be CPR and AED trained.


This is one mistake that you can’t afford to commit when looking for an emergency tree service provider. Some unscrupulous companies can claim to have insurance to get the job, yet they do not.

Always ensure the company you are hiring has liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect you from any damages or accidents that could happen during emergency tree removal.

Hiring an unlicensed company is a risky gamble that you should not undertake at all costs. You don’t want to cater to the professionals’ medical bills when injured during the service delivery.


A qualified emergency tree service company should have the right equipment for the job. If you contact a company and its workers appear unprepared for the task at hand, don’t bother hiring them. Any qualified tree service company should have some of the equipment below:

  • A Bucket Truck
    Tree trimmers use it to reach tall trees and tricky spaces or remove trees that could have fallen on your property. They can also use a bucket truck to trim tall trees. This is a safe bet when pruning or cutting down branches instead of climbing up into a tree. This equipment comes in handy when there is a large tree in a space that could be difficult to reach.


  • Wood chippers
    This equipment is needed to cut the tree pieces down into mulch. After cutting down the trees, the logs have to be chopped down into mulch to make it easier to transport or haul them away. An emergency tree service company can also leave mulch on clients’ landscape beds as an eco-friendly option. Property owners benefit from this method because it reduces time and labor at the job site.


  • A grapple truck
    It’s necessary to ensure the tree company you are hiring has a grapple truck to easily carry off large logs. This equipment makes it easier to move large logs around the job. If the company you are hiring has not invested in a grapple truck, you’ll incur high labor costs because the workers will have to cut the logs into smaller pieces and carry them.


When seeking emergency tree services, it’s essential to consider the cost. To know what you are paying for, you can request the company for a detailed breakdown in printed form to know what they are precisely charging you. Some greedy companies may decline because they may be interested in squeezing extra money from you.

It is also advisable to request a quotation from different tree service providers to compare their prices and quality. However, do not go to companies offering very low service charges and end up experiencing poor quality. It’s wise to work with companies charging fair prices and delivering top-notch services.

Reputation and Longevity

It’s vital to determine the reputation of the emergency tree service company you are hiring for the project. You can inquire about how long they’ve been operating and if they have their equipment. Some companies may not give honest answers; therefore, you can check their website and read reviews.

You can also talk to your neighbors and friends about tree services. This may help you understand the tree company based on your neighbors’ personal experiences.


Location is important when seeking a tree service company because it may add or reduce the service charges. You can avoid high costs by finding a local tree removal service to pay a minimum amount for the service.

Besides costs, a local arborist knows the weather patterns and their impact on your trees. Also, a tree service provider in your area understands tree protection ordinances and how it works, hence being able to work effectively with the city council. Plus, the local company will easily navigate bureaucratic issues, thus saving you from wasting money and time on legal issues.

Your Reliable Emergency Tree Service Company in Fort Worth, TX

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