November 24, 2020

Emergency Tree Service: A Must For Storm-Prone Property Owners | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By Dcwcreations at istock

Trees provide exceptional beauty and shade to Fort Worth, TX homes and businesses, but sometimes sudden weather occurrences turn them into hazards. That is why locally owned S&P Tree Service delivers 24/7 emergency tree service to handle storm or ice damage to trees and large branches, as well as preventative care to keep your landscaping looking great.

A severe storm, a common occurrence every Fort Worth spring and fall, can severely damage a tree causing a need for emergency tree service. High winds dislodge large branches that can cause property damage or block driveway or parking lot access. Lightning strikes or tornadoes can take out even large, carefully tended trees. Rain-saturated ground sometimes damages roots, causing the tree to fall over during a strong wind gust. Removing trees or branches is not only a big job, but it can also include hazards, such as downed power lines or storm debris. That is why it is important to use a tree service with years of experience.

S&P’s tree specialists and emergency tree service providers belong to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and routinely attend continuing education to stay up to date on the latest techniques in tree care, installation and removal. Because the company is locally owned and operated, specialists understand how to maintain and treat trees commonly grown in the DFW Metroplex.

Emergency tree service teams are ready to respond after a storm at any time of day. The licensed, bonded, and insured S&P crew brings all the equipment needed to remove branches or damaged trees quickly and safely.

Your personal safety is important during a tree emergency. If a tree or large branch falls, stay in a safe location away from it to avoid injury. Fallen trees can settle or continue to collapse without warning. After contacting S&P Tree Service, call 911 emergency services to call the power company. They will dispatch a team to check for live wires. It is also important to call your insurance agent, especially if there is property damage.

Storms are not the only cause of a tree emergency. Sometimes the city or your insurance company wants a tree problem immediately resolved. A property owner may only be in town for a short period of time and needs quick service. Another type of tree emergency may occur in a real estate transaction, such as when a closing is delayed until a dying tree or stump is removed.

Damaged trees often grow in confined areas, requiring expertise to safely perform the removal. Inexperienced tree removal operators may even inadvertently cause further damage to your property! Once the branch or tree is safely removed by an emergency tree service, workers leave the stump as close to the ground as possible. Sometimes stumps must be removed, and S&P tree specialists use specialized equipment to grind the stump to leave the area safe and attractive.

Nearby trees and landscaping can be damaged if a tree or stump is not removed with expert care. S&P Tree Service takes care to protect other trees and shrubs. After the tree is removed, the crew cleans up all the debris, leaving Fort Worth, TX customers with a safe, clean landscape.

After emergency tree service, property owners may want to replace the lost tree. S&P installs both large and small trees with the care you will only receive from experts. Specialists use diagnostic tools to analyze the soil, detect insect or disease infestations, and assess all the environmental factors to help the owner select the best tree for the property. They keep the owner’s goal in mind, whether it is to add color to the landscape, provide energy-saving shade, or create a habitat for local wildlife.

Property owners can sometimes avoid having a costly and dangerous tree emergency by consulting with S&P Tree Service to provide a check up on their trees. Specialists can determine unstable limbs that may need to be removed or provide advice about how to shape a tree to enhance its beauty. They can also give you pointers about how to care for your trees to keep them beautiful and healthy.

Checking for signs of insect infestation or disease can help protect your trees from requiring emergency care. Extreme weather, such as drought, can cause disease that kills trees in the area. Hypoxylon canker can kill pecan, elm, sycamore and oak trees. S&P Tree Service specialists can help property owners develop a plan to take proper care of their trees during long periods of dry weather.

Oak wilt is another common disease that affects trees in North Central Texas. Red oaks, known for their vibrant burgundy leaves in the fall, and live oaks, a variety that does not lose its leaves until spring, are especially susceptible to the disease. Insects carry oak wilt from tree to tree throughout neighborhoods, and S&P specialists and emergency tree services can help property owners prevent oak wilt from nearby trees from spreading. Untreated oak will kill the tree.

S&P works within the customer’s budget to provide care to keep trees healthy and beautiful and provide emergency tree services if needed. The company provides free estimates and works with the property owner to provide care and maintenance, if needed. Their specialists’ holistic approach to tree care takes into account the structures and landscaping and how it will affect the trees’ growth and health.

Keep your trees strong and beautiful with S&P Tree Service. The company offers competitive pricing, excellent customer service and expertise you can only find from a locally owned and operated company. Remember that they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 469-789-6775 to provide emergency tree service, which is sometimes unavoidable after a wild storm. Add their contact information to your cell phone now.