November 21, 2020

Reviving Your Yard After A Tree Removal Service | Dallas, TX

Photo By SrdjanPav at istock

Whether foul weather felled a branch of your favorite oak or your aspen was already on its way out due to disease, managing the yard after a tree removal service can be a bit of a challenge. After all, most homeowners take pride in their properties, and that unsightly blemish in the yard simply won’t cut it.

After the skilled professionals at S&P Tree Service have loaded up their equipment and stored away their chainsaws, consider your options, gather your supplies, and muster up some elbow grease to tackle the chore of restoring your yard and tree removal service.

Envision the Future

Would you like to replace your grass and have a cohesive flow to the yard? Or would you rather take the opportunity while the soil is relatively loose to do something other than reseeding the lawn? Did the tree removal service include stump removal or grinding, or did you opt to leave the stump in place? All of these scenarios will determine what you can or can’t do with your space.

Feel free to chat with your pros at S&P Tree Service regarding any landscaping ideas they may have and float some ideas of your own. They may be able to provide insight into others’ success stories or “don’t try this at home” cautionary tales.

Check the Science

The Dallas, TX area’s climate will determine what vegetation will grow best. You don’t want to choose fragile or dainty plants that can’t withstand the occasional ice storm and the all-too-often heat waves. The soil’s pH will also play a role in your options. Choose grass seed and living landscaping elements that will be happy to grow roots in your space.

And a note about that pH: You can help your soil reach its intended pH by removing as many of the wood chips and tree removal service debris as possible. It takes quite a long time for those things to decompose and rebalance, so removing them will speed the process along.

Decisions, Decisions…

Think outside the box when planning your project. You’ll have a beautiful yard you can be proud of no matter what option you choose.

Plant Grass

Maybe you dream of setting up a game of badminton in the spring or playing a rousing round of football this fall in your new open space. If you’ve chosen to reseed your lawn, you’ll need to grab bags of your chosen grass seed, fertilizer to help give it the best start possible, and topsoil. Also, having the number for a tree removal service in case you need one.

The soil is to help fill in any dents and divots left from the tree removal. Use enough to build up low spots created by roots and stumps. Spread a layer of nitrogen-based fertilizer over the marred area, working it into the topsoil, and sprinkle your grass seed liberally. Cover with another layer of topsoil, very thin, about a quarter of an inch. Then water thoroughly.

Water frequently as the young seeds take root. Keep in mind this option will take time and patience — perhaps up to 60 days before the grass appears thick. Keep the kids and the pets off the area until the grass is well established. And go gently with that mower!

Replace the Tree

The cool thing here? You already know what species will do well in your soil and climate. Or, do some research on new tree varieties for a change of pace. S&P Tree Service can offer some suggestions and tree removal services, as well.

At any rate, bring in the kiddos on this project and let them help dig, water, and fertilize. Depending on how tall the new sapling is, the kids may enjoy creating a “growth chart” and tracking the tree trunk’s diameter and height (for as long as they can reach it). They can watch their hard effort pay off, little by little, as your new tree grows and branches out — and they’ll learn something cool in the process.

Flower Beds

Perhaps you’ve chosen to install a flower bed. Mind the pH so you can choose plants that will have a great success rate. Prep the ground by removing as many wood chips and as much sawdust as possible.

Perennial plants will last through one growing season and are a budget-friendly option. They also allow you to change up the look of your flower bed from year to year. Annual plants will give you lasting bursts of color and variety all through the year, and many varieties self-propagate, or spread, as they establish healthy roots. Keep this in mind as you plan your bed, so you leave enough space for elbow room.

Flower beds are an excellent option if you’ve chosen to forgo stump grinding after your tree removal service. The stump, no matter how tall, can serve as a centerpiece and hold up a decorative gnome, birdhouse, or an additional flower pot. You can also burrow out some of the stump and plant flowers directly in a completely organic container!

Choose a border of stone, mulch, or concrete edgers to complete the look and keep things contained. Get the kids involved in this project. Refreshing your flower beds each season can become a fond family activity, especially if the kiddos can help with planning.

Visual Interest Piece

Maybe a “hardscape” is more in style with your yard. With a load of stone or rock, you can create interesting borders, cover the area with intriguing patterns, or even design a mini patio around a fire pit.

Installing a flagpole or a water element could be options in this category, as well, if you’re up for more of a challenge.

No matter how you decide to repair your yard after tree removal, S&P Tree Service in Dallas, TX has all of your tree removal service, trimming and stump removal issues covered. Contact us today for a discussion about your needs and options.