February 09, 2022

Do I Really Need Crane Tree Removal Service? | Dallas, TX

Photo By Lightspring at Shutterstock

We know what you’re thinking: big cranes, big costs. But wait! Not so fast! S&P Tree Service does feature crane tree removal service for our Dallas, TX, customers, but it doesn’t follow that their use will inflate a removal’s cost. In fact, using a crane can make the removal process safer and more efficient than other types of tree removal services. We offer a wide range of tree care and tree removal services and have crews operating all across DFW. Crane tree removal is just one of the solutions we feature. We can discuss if the use of cranes is ideal for your needs or if another solution will suffice better.

What Our Tree Service Company Does

S&P Tree Service is a leading Dallas crane tree removal service that also specializes in tree care solutions. Tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding are among our most popular services. Our arborists are highly trained and we routinely help our customers to maintain the health of their trees and landscapes. Trees and shrubs are sometimes vulnerable to pests or suffer from storm damage. A substantial part of what we do is associated with tree care and preservation.

On the other hand, our customers need trees and brush removed for many different reasons. Sometimes a sick tree cannot be saved. Its presence near a home or building makes it a safety hazard. In these cases, we tend to recommend the removal of the tree. Depending on its size and position, crane tree removal service might be the obvious choice. In other cases, we might use more traditional tree felling methods, but that depends on the size and height of the tree as well as where it’s located on a property.

Our company also clears brush and provides stump removal services. Tree trimming and pruning also form part of our tree care solutions. Not all tree service companies offer crane tree removal service. S&P Tree Service does. We’ve invested in the equipment needed to safely perform all the tree care services that Dallas customers need.

The Right Tools for the Job

S&P Tree Service not only hires the best Dallas arborists to be part of our team; we also invest in top-notch tools and equipment to perform our services safely and efficiently. Cranes are certainly a big investment, but they are a necessity for safely removing tall trees located in close proximity to homes and buildings.

We also feature traditional tree care saws and machinery that’s needed to take down trees and cut the wood into manageable sizes for transport. Our operators carefully maintain all of our equipment to ensure that it functions properly. Well-maintained tools support our efficient work.

Stump Grinding

A stump grinder is a specialized piece of equipment that S&P Tree Service has on hand. It has a singular use: to grind tree stumps. Some people don’t mind leaving tree stumps in place, but most of our Dallas, TX, customers prefer to have stumps removed after their tree’s removal. We think that removal is a good idea because the stump can be a magnet for pests such as termites. Once these pests move into a rotting stump, they can infiltrate nearby health trees.

Also, the roots of your tree stump can continue to grow. They can impede underground pipes and cause cracks in your sidewalks. Consequently, many of our customers contact us to remove tree stumps from their property. We bring our stump grinder to the setting to efficiently grind the stump away. Our operators are trained to use all of our equipment safely. They’ll get rid of those unsightly stumps for you in no time.

Tree Removals

As mentioned, S&P Tree Service also specializes in tree removals, including crane tree removal service. We remove trees by more traditional methods when it’s more efficient to do so. Smaller trees and shrubs can be removed by our arborists using power saws and other tools. On the other hand, if the tree or trees requiring removal are tall, in poor health, or located close to homes or other buildings, the best course of action is usually crane tree removal service.

The use of a crane allows our operators to remove sections of a tree with precision. That makes for a safer removal for both the operators and the property owners. If you need crane tree removal service, we’ll visit your property to determine if this is the best course of action and we’ll schedule a date.

On the day of the removal, we’ll arrive with our crane and operators. Then, we’ll make a plan, park the crane in place and ensure that it’s completely level. At the same time, we mark the tree so our operators know where to make cuts in advance. Using strong cords, tree cutters are attached to the crane for safety and then scale the tree to reach each cut sight. They attach cables to the part of the tree being cut away. After making the cut, the crane can slowly and carefully remove the cut tree section and carry it to a designated drop zone.


In short, this is how we cut large trees down to size until the entire removal is complete. The process is not only safe but also efficient. If you need crane tree removal service or other tree care solutions, contact S&P Tree Service. Did you know we offer free estimates? Don’t risk a diseased or dying tree falling on your property. Let our tree experts evaluate the tree and suggest the ideal solution. We’re here to help you maintain the health and beauty of your Dallas, TX, landscape throughout the year.