February 06, 2022

Tree Trimming Service: Winter Tree And Shrub Problems To Watch Out For | Dallas, TX

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Dallas winters may not be Minnesota winters, but they can still be downright cold–and can cause problems for your landscape’s trees and shrubs. In the evening, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to dip below freezing, and that can lead to serious winter damage for some plants. While tree trimming and other solutions may be advisable for removing damaged limbs, it’s first important to know what challenges your trees might encounter this winter.

Frost Cracks

Frost cracks, also known as stem splitting, can affect trees in Texas. In fact, this issue is particularly problematic in areas that experience a sudden drop in temperatures. In Dallas, for instance, bright sunny winter days can end in serious temperature drops in the nighttime that cause the tree’s tissue to shrink. When this occurs, cracks can occur. Certain trees such as Maples, linden, elm, and apple trees are especially associated with frost cracks.

When the cracks prove to be severe, they can even reach the tree’s heartwood. However, frost cracks are usually limited to the exterior wood and run only a couple of inches deep. On the other hand, frost cracks can leave some trees more vulnerable to subsequent decay. In most cases, the trees can heal themselves over time. It will develop a sort of callous over the wound. Even so, while healing, the tree may be more vulnerable to pests and fungi. It’s a good idea to hire professionals like S&P Tree Service to provide tree trimming service and pruning so you can maintain the health of your trees, especially those suffering from frost cracks.


Winterburn is a common enough problem for evergreens. Like frost cracks, winterburn often occurs when there are large temperature fluctuations as can occur in Dallas, TX, during the winter months when days are warm and sunny and nights are cold with temperatures sometimes dropping near the freezing point. The temperature fluctuations coupled with the dry needles and winter sun can cause winterburn to occur.

Winterburn results in a browning of the evergreen’s needle tips. Certain evergreen types like boxwood, juniper, pine, and rhododendrons are especially vulnerable to winterburn. If you have evergreens that are prone to winterburn, consider applying an anti-transpirant twice during the winter season. Talk to the tree trimming service specialists at S&P Tree Services for more information about this condition and possible remedies.

Dying or Broken Branches

Since snow and ice accumulations aren’t a particular problem for Dallas, TX, they don’t often lead to broken branches as they do in the north. However, winter storms can damage limbs and cause them to die. Broken branches high up in the canopy can pose a risk for people, pets, and property. If you notice broken or dying branches on trees this winter, order tree trimming service from S&P Tree Service. During strong winds, loose tree limbs can break free from the tree and fall or even turn into missiles that can strike your home or vehicle.

Animal Damage

Animals can cause damage to trees all year long, including winter. Rabbits, mice, and deer, in particular, can nibble and gnaw on tree bark and foliage when their food sources are scarce. Deer can also damage trees by rubbing their antlers against the tree bark. Having your trees and shrubs inspected can help you determine how serious the pest damage is. The arborists at S&P Tree Service might recommend placing chicken wire around affected trees as they heal. Some trees may require immediate tree trimming service. If you’re concerned about protecting your trees and shrubs from animal damage this winter, talk to the tree experts at S&P Tree Service.

Root Damage

In Dallas, tree root damage from freezing soils isn’t common. However, shrubs that have more shallow roots could be affected by freezing temperatures. The root tissues of shrubs or even young trees can be affected by freezing temperatures and may not acclimate to the severe cold. Shrubs with root damage may show signs of declining in the spring. Some plants will survive while others may not. S&P Tree Service can inspect your ailing trees and shrubs to identify what’s causing the problem. If removal or tree trimming service is needed, that can perform these solutions right away.

Are There Any Ways to Minimize Winter Tree and Shrub Damage?

Your trees and shrubs are an investment that can actually enhance your property value, so it makes sense to maintain their health. To that end, you can take steps to minimize winter damage for these plantings as follows:


To protect the roots of your shrubs from root damage and moisture loss, it’s helpful to mulch around the base of these plantings. In the north, many trees and shrubs are actually protected by heavy snowfalls because the snow acts as an insulating factor. You can select either a hard mulch like pebbles or soft mulches such as wood chips to protect your trees and shrubs.

Avoid Late Summer Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming and pruning are important, but if you perform this task too late in the summer season, it could stimulate new growth. That new growth leaves the tree vulnerable to some winter problems that could affect the tree’s overall health. If you do need tree trimming service at any time, it’s always best to leave this task to arborists who can perform the job safely with your tree’s health in mind.

Water Your Trees and Shrubs

During dry periods during the winter, you may need to water your trees and shrubs. Conditions like winterburn occur because tree needles become dried out. When the tree is adequately watered, it’s less likely to experience this unattractive condition.

If you experience these winter tree and shrub problems or any others, contact S&P Tree Service. We can inspect and care for your trees to preserve their health. We also offer affordable tree trimming services to customers in and near Dallas, TX. Contact us with questions or to schedule a tree trimming service call.