February 12, 2022

Why Might You Need Emergency Tree Service? | Dallas, TX

Photo By JohnFScott at istock

Keeping your landscape in good condition requires proper care of your trees and shrubs. Sometimes, that might call for emergency tree service. Many problems can plague your Dallas, TX, trees, and shrubs. When trouble arises, you can rely on the highly-trained arborists and tree care technicians for S&P Tree Service. We offer a wide range of tree care solutions, including pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree service. The following are a few reasons why you may need to contact us for emergency tree care.

Storm Damage

Storms can occur in Dallas, TX, any time of the year. S&P Tree Service can help. Strong winds and heavy rains can cause damage to trees. Winds can knock limbs loose and damage trees. Loose limbs high in the canopy can pose significant safety hazards. During subsequent storms or strong winds, these loose limbs can fall on top of vehicles, your home, or even people. Storm damage that causes this type of problem is definitely a cause of concern. You’ll need emergency tree service from S&P Tree Service. We’ll visit your Dallas home to provide the tree care you need. In many cases, simply removing the damaged limbs will solve the problem.

However, if the tree is severely damaged and has been struck by lightning or is leaning precariously, an emergency removal may be required. Trees that are in seriously damaged condition can fall and cause major property damage or injure humans and pets. Don’t underestimate the seriousness of storm damage to trees. Each year, the insurance industry pays out millions in claims because of falling trees and tree limbs.

Trees in Poor Health

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if you have a tree on your property that’s in poor health. However, often there are obvious signs. For instance, the tree may be missing substantial amounts of foliage where foliage should be. Limbs may be dying or the tree may be missing bark. Hollowed-out cavities and severe tree fractures can also be a sign that your tree is ailing.

When you contact S&P Tree Service, we can send a trained arborist to your home to inspect your tree’s health. We have the capability to diagnose what’s troubling your tree. A sick tree can necessitate emergency tree service. Dying trees can be a safety risk. Our pros can advise you about the best course to take. Some sick trees can, of course, be saved. On the other hand, if your tree is dead, an emergency removal may be the best course of action to protect your property.

Weakened Tree Roots

If the roots of a tree are damaged or suffering from a root disease, you may need emergency tree service at your Dallas home. Sometimes erosion can lead to root problems. Weakened roots are a serious problem. Strong storms can easily knock down trees that have extensive root problems. As tree roots deteriorate, the tree in question may appear more sunken or begin to lean. At this point, you should contact S&P Tree Service so we can inspect the tree. We can evaluate if the tree is a safety issue.

Tree Nuisance

Not all tree emergencies involve safety issues. For instance, you may unexpectedly decide to sell your home. A tree could be detracting from your home’s curb appeal or simply pose a nuisance. It may be causing cracks in your sidewalk or driveway. You can call S&P Tree Service if you need fast tree removal solutions. Our emergency tree service crew can accommodate your tree removal needs. We have the skilled crews and equipment needed to manage any type of tree care and removal project. If you no longer want a tree on your property, we can remove it.

Get an Inspection

Often, property owners simply aren’t sure if the trees and shrubs on their property need emergency tree service. However, by ignoring potential problems, the condition of the tree can worsen and pose a greater safety threat. Our inspectors can visit your property to carefully inspect the health of your trees and shrubs. We’ll only recommend emergency tree care if it’s genuinely needed. We can advise you about how to best care for trees that may be ailing. With the proper tree care such as pruning, you can often improve the health of trees and prevent the necessity for removing them.

Maintain the Health of Your Trees and Shrubs

Fortunately, many trees and shrubs require little in the way of maintenance. With periodic inspections and routine care, you can generally safeguard the wellbeing of your plantings. However, different types of trees and shrubs may be more vulnerable to disease, pests, and temperature fluctuations than others. These plantings may need more regular inspecting to ensure they remain healthy. S&P Tree Service can provide the routine tree and shrub care you need to preserve the health of your landscape.

You can contact us to prune your trees annually, for instance. We bring all the tools and equipment needed to safely trim trees and help you maintain the health of your property’s plantings.

Be sure to contact us if you suspect you may need emergency tree service in or near Dallas, TX. We have a reputation for our fair and upfront pricing. We also feature crane tree removal services and provide stump grinding. Don’t risk your safety by attempting to trim the trees on your property yourself. Don’t drag out ladders and saws. Let our trained arborists manage this type of tree care work for you. We perform this type of work day in and day out. We know all the safety precautions and how to care for trees properly. Contact us to schedule your tree service appointment today.