December 21, 2021

Complex Tree Removals Demand Crane Tree Removal Service | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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If you live in a busy or crowded section of the Dallas Fort Worth area and need to remove a tree because of its poor health or storm damage, you might have a complicated situation on your hands. Many property owners find that they can’t cut down trees that are dangerously close to homes and buildings as the falling pieces could damage property. And yet, often the poor health and its instability demand an expedient removal. Fortunately, today, if you find yourself facing this complex situation, you can rely on a crane tree removal service from S&P Tree Service. We are regional leaders who specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, and stump grinding. If you think you have a complicated tree removal on your hands, contact us to visit for an inspection.

What Constitutes a Complex Tree Removal Situation?

As we mentioned, when a tree is in poor health, especially a large one, it’s at increased risk of falling down on its own accord. Strong winds or a storm could speed up the process. When such trees fall in congested areas, they pose a serious threat to people as well as to property. No one wants to see a tree fall through their roof, and yet, each year insurance providers are forced to pay millions for structural damage to homes and buildings because of falling trees.

Trees that are suffering from serious tree diseases may be completely structurally weak or large affected branches may be weakened or already dead. It’s important to remove these trees and their dead limbs to protect property and people and pets.

Complex removals involve especially tall trees and trees that are difficult to access because of where they’re positioned. The terrain they’re growing on may be challenging or the presence of buildings may make the removal a complicated one.

Crane Tree Removal Service for Complex Tree Removals

Crane tree removal service can reduce the complexity of tree removals. S&P Tree Service has invested in cranes because we know that they provide the safest form of tree removal. For complicated situations when there’s a great risk for property damage or difficulty accessing the tree to complete its removal, cranes make performing the job safer and more efficient. Unstable, diseased trees can crumble or ‘behave’ rather unexpectedly during removal, but because each section being cut is harnessed to the crane, the risk of property damage or injury to arborists is greatly reduced, cutting the job’s complexity down to size.

What Does Crane Tree Removal Service Entail?

If you have a large tree that needs removal from your Dallas Fort Worth area home, you simply contact S&P Tree Removal and we will evaluate the tree, its condition, and the site. We can then provide you with a detailed estimate for the tree’s removal by crane. Once you agree, we can schedule the date for the removal–soon if it’s an emergency removal situation owing to the tree’s positioning or health status.

On the day of your tree’s removal, we will arrive with our crews and crane in tow. It usually takes us about a half-hour to set up the crane. A careful setup is extremely important. The crane must operate on level ground. Otherwise, there’s a risk for its overbalance. Our arborists and technicians are highly trained and experienced. We will thoroughly examine the site and the tree to create a detailed plan for our crane tree removal service.

Once we have our plan and the crane is stable, we’re ready to take your tree down. Our climber, attached with lifelines to the crane for safety, will mark the appropriate sections of the tree where cutting is to occur. Then, we’ll start the cutting process moving section by section. Our cutter attaches the section to be removed to the crane, makes the cut, and the crane moves the wood safely to our designated drop zone. We continue the process until the entire tree has been removed.

Other Services

After our crane tree removal service is complete, we can provide stump grinding service as well. We can also remove all the wood and debris, leaving the area tidy. Need other trees removed or tree limbs pruned? Just ask us and we can provide you with the solutions you need.

Common Crane Tree Removal FAQs

Is crane tree removal service preferable to other tree removal methods?

Crane tree removal service is safe and efficient; that makes it the leading method for removal of large trees or trees with poor access.

Can you provide an emergency crane tree removal?

Yes. S&P Tree Service offers a 24-hour tree removal service. We will be at your location to provide emergency tree service as soon as possible. When big storm systems move into the area, we make sure our crews are able to mobilize quickly in case our help is required.

Can you inspect the health of my property’s trees?

S&P Tree Service features certified arborists and tree removal experts. Yes, we can inspect your trees and provide you with a report of their health. In some cases, trees can be saved if they’re suffering from a treatable disease. In other cases, their poor health is a serious cause for concern. We can recommend the ideal solution for caring for, trimming, or completely removing the tree.

What does crane tree removal cost?

Each job is different. We prefer to visit the site and inspect the job before providing a quote for our services. What we can say is that we have a reputation for our fair, upfront pricing.

Contact S&P Tree Removal if you need crane tree removal service in the Dallas Fort Worth area. We prioritize safety and can complete each aspect of the job from start to finish.