March 21, 2021

Benefits Of Regular Tree Trimming Service | Fort Worth, TX

Photo By fotolinchen at istock

Do you often look around your Fort Worth, TX backyard and think about whether or not you need to trim your trees? A lot of people notice that their trees are getting out of hand, but they don’t really make any moves to do anything about it. Believe it or not, however, hiring a tree trimming service can be a great choice. Not only do properly maintained trees increase the value of your home, but they protect it from unexpected storm damage. In addition, tree trimming can help increase the health of your trees for years to come, making it a necessary task.

However, you should go with a professional tree trimming service in Fort Worth, TX because there is more to trimming a tree than just cutting off limbs. It is a job that should be left to professionals to ensure that you don’t harm the trees in your yard and that you don’t harm yourself. Falling limbs can be dangerous to you and your property. If you have trees that hang over your neighbors’ yards they can also present a danger to remove. For this reason, it is best to always call a professional for help. With this in mind, here are some of the many benefits of hiring a tree trimming company.

Deadwood in Trees

The main reason that people hire a tree trimming service is to clean out the deadwood in trees. This includes any branches that are dying, dead, or have obvious signs of disease. Depending on the region you grew up in this may be referred to as pruning, deadwooding, or crown cleaning. Not only does it help spruce up the appearance of a tree, but it makes your yard safer.

If a tree has noticeable dead branches in it then you really have to heavily consider calling a tree trimming service to make your yard safer for everyone. You never know when a dead branch is going to all and you don’t want it to be when the kids are out playing in the backyard or the dog. If the dead branches hang over any property like your home, garage, or fence, then it is even more important to have them removed so they can be safely dropped without any property damage.

Depending on the extent of deadwood or disease, a tree trimmer can assess if the entire branch needs to be removed or just ends of it. The spring and summer is the easiest time to look for deadwood in your trees because branches that are dead won’t grow leaves. The absence of leaves indicates the branch is dead and it is time to call a tree trimming service.

Thin Out the Crown

Does the top of your trees look heavy? Do you believe that there are dead or weak branches that are blocking the tree from growing further? This is a good reason to call a tree trimming service because they can trim out crowns so that the canopy widens and the tree can once again grow upwards. Known as crown thinning, this process allows more light and air to reach the top of the tree and lightens the top by removing dead branches which are probably weighing it down. The end result is a healthier tree that lets more sunshine into your yard.

Lift Up the Crown of Your Trees

On the other hand, sometimes the crown is more of a safety concern because the top of the tree is full of winding branches that hang over sidewalks or the road or interfere with the electrical lines in your front yard. Other times a tree trimming service will lift up the crown of a tree to get the branches off your roof so you don’t have to worry about them dropping on your home during a storm. Crown lifting is not a good idea for older trees because it can wound a tree and negatively affect its health. However, it is safe to do on younger trees and can leave you with a more even aesthetic.

Better Access to Sunlight

How much sun is able to trickle to the leaves on a tree heavily determines how well photosynthesis works. If the higher branches block all of the sunlight from reaching the leaves then the process fails to feed the entire tree. Trimming out higher branches that are not needed helps open the leaves up to receive more sunlight, therefore, restoring the correct balance of photosynthesis.

Improve Tree Health

Large trees are pretty to look at, but they are not always healthy which is why sometimes calling a tree trimming service is the best thing you can do for your trees. Large trees aren’t able to properly get all of the nutrients they need from the ground to be sustainable, but trimming off dead branches and excess growth helps lower the nutrient demand while improving tree health.

Spot Tree Disease

The average homeowner does not know what tree disease looks like, but a professional arborist does. If you have your trees trimmed on a regular basis a tree expert will be able to examine them in the process. If any disease pops up hopefully they will be able to treat it before it kills your tree. At the very least, they can recommend removing the affected tree before the disease is able to spread to any other trees in your yard.

Minimize Damage

As mentioned previously, tree limbs can drop at any time, but the chance increases if you have dead tree limbs hanging over your yard or property. Decrease the chances of major injury and damage by having these dead branches removed by a tree trimming service.

If you are ready to spruce up your yard and remove dead limbs, give S&P Tree Service a call. We can come out to your property and assess the health of your trees and offer you a personalized quote.