March 24, 2021

Tree Trimming Service: Should You Trim Your Trees During The Spring Months? | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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Spring is on its way in the area, which means you may be outside more looking at things like your trees which may have you thinking about calling a tree trimming service. However, if you don’t have much experience with trimming trees you may not know what to look for. There are some clear signs that you need to get help from a tree trimming company such as dead branches or trees that are growing overtop of your property. However, believe it or not, sometimes trimming trees can actually help them grow.

Trees that grow too dense can actually block their own access to sunlight causing the tree to slowly kill itself, believe it or not. Dead branches can also weigh down trees and removing them can help lead to new growth. However, just because a tree trimming service can help some trees does not mean that you should prune or trim everything during the spring months. Some trees should not be pruned during the spring months because they can hurt growth while others should be, which is just one reason you should leave the task to the pros who know the basics.

Tree Trimming During the Spring Months

In general, most tree experts will recommend that the best time to call for tree trimming service in the Dallas Fort Worth area is during the fall or winter once their leaves are gone, but there are always reasons why you may want to prune during other times of the year. Early spring for instance works for almost every type of tree because they are still dormant which means that you won’t actually hurt any new growths. However, as soon as you start to see new leaves or buds coming in then you will want to double-check with the tree trimming company because it may mean that you are too late for certain varieties of trees.

Issues with Pruning or Trimming During the Spring Months

Curious as to why you may want to wait a few months before calling a tree trimming service? It is because trimming a tree during the spring could harm its potential bloom for the year which in the case of green like a dogwood would be noticeable. In addition, trimming during the spring months while a tree is growing can leave it more susceptible to disease or insect colonies which you want to avoid to keep your trees healthy year-round.

Goals of Spring Tree Trimming

If you must trim trees during the spring months you should be aiming to improve the aesthetics in your hard or reduce a safety hazard. Some people trim their trees and bushes during the summer months to shape them so that they are evenly shaped for the summer and fall months when more people are out walking by your property. It is reasonable to want to spruce up your yard during the spring just like everyone else, so if you only need to make a few cuts it may not be too bad. Adding a bit of shape to a bush or tree should not require heavy trimming.

The other major reason to contact a tree trimming service during the spring months is to avoid a safety issue. If you notice decaying branches or a dead branch that is starting to crack then you need to have someone come out and remove it before it falls. This is even more important if it is near the sidewalk or your property since it has the potential to do some serious harm.

There is never a wrong time of year to remove dead limbs that could potentially fall on people or property. In fact, we recommend you call a tree trimming company the moment you notice any of these limbs regardless of what time of year it is. When it comes to trees, a wait-and-see approach rarely pans out in your favor.

Are There Any Trees That Require Spring Pruning?

As we just highlighted, any tree with dead branches that could potentially harm someone or damage property should always be cut as soon as this is noticed, which includes noticing them during the spring months. If you have a new tree that is just planted or still coming into its own, trimming it during the spring months may actually help its growth and enable you to properly build its structure. If you are looking at molding a tree into a full shape it is best to hire a tree trimming service to take care of the task.

In addition, if you have any birch, maple, or walnut trees you might actually think about trimming these trees during the spring months to avoid sap oozing out after the trimming process is complete. While it doesn’t hurt the trees to have them trimmed during the winter months, the messy-looking sap is enough to make some people choose for the late spring months while they have less sap. Interesting fact, these types of trees have more sap after their leaves fall than before.

You can also consider trimming certain flowering trees after their spring bloom has ended. Once you see the petals start hitting the ground you can revisit the idea of calling a tree trimming service to shore up the shape and appearance of your dogwood trees, crabapple trees, lilac trees, flowering plum trees, and similar blooming trees.

Call in a Professional Tree Trimming Service

Ready to get started trimming your trees but have no idea how to even proceed? Or have you noticed a dead branch hanging over your roof or garage? S&P Tree Service would be glad to come out and take a look. We are a local Dallas Fort Worth area tree trimming service and can help you decide if now or later is the best time to schedule your tree trimming.