February 19, 2019

All About Emergency Tree Removal Service in Dallas Fort Worth Area

A lot of people neglect hiring a tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area until something really bad occurs. This can include things like fallen branches or a tree that has fallen on your house’s roof or car. Such situations make calling emergency tree services in Dallas Fort Worth Area necessary.


It is important to hire someone for tree removal in a timely manner because doing this will minimize the risk of extensive damages to your house, car or yard.

Common Types of Tree Emergencies

Some types of tree emergencies you should seek professional help for immediately include:

·      Fallen Trees

Trees should be kept in a good shape and given the care they need in order to keep them from falling. However, if a tree still falls, it should be taken very seriously. What a vast majority of people don’t consider when they postpone getting emergency tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area is that such incidents are a common source of serious neighborhood disputes and even lawsuits.

·      Fallen Branches

Anything from unexpected storms to aging trees can be the reason behind fallen tree branches. Regardless of what the reason is, fallen branches are a nuisance as they result in debris and damage.

·      Diseased Trees

In order to have a healthy and green landscape, the first requirement that you have to fulfill is ensuring no trees or plants in the yard are diseased. It is obviously not easy to replace trees that you already have as it involves a lot of cost and hassle. So, to cultivate a healthy landscape, you must ensure your trees and plants are protected against insect infestation and other diseases. Remember, a single tree getting infected or diseased can result in the death of all your plants and trees if not treated in time.

Who to Call for Tree Removal Service in Dallas Fort Worth Area

Tree removal is not the same as removing a stain from your clothes using DIY remedies. In fact, it is too technical and hazardous if attempted without necessary knowledge and precautions.


If you don’t have enough knowledge in arboriculture, you should not attempt removing the trees in your yard on your own. And if you still do try, you can end up hurting yourself really bad. You may even cause damage to your own property. Also, the tree removal process is really time-consuming especially for those who don’t know how to do it.


For these reasons and several more, you should always prefer hiring a certified professional for tree maintenance in Dallas Fort Worth Area. Ensure that the company you hire has licensed professionals with sound knowledge and hands-on experience in the field. Don’t keep price as the sole criterion when selecting a company. Focus on the quality of work and overall reputation instead.

When to Call a Professional Tree Service in Dallas Fort Worth Area

If you are confused when to call a tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area, here are a few situations which you can’t go off without hiring one.

1.   A Storm

Storms in regions like Fort Worth can shake even the toughest of trees in your yard. Below are a few things storms can expose the trees to. This causes damage that requires hiring professional services.

·      Wind

Winds are to storms what one product is to another in ‘buy one, get one free’ offers. Heavy winds that tornados, hurricanes, or rain and wind storms bring are the most common source of damages that tree sustain. These winds can cause your tree’s canopy to catch a lot of air and get uprooted from the soil. This phenomenon is known as a ‘wind throw’.

·      Water

Excess intake of water from the rain and flooding can cause the trees in your yard to have loose sediment around them. This will not only expose the root system but will also weaken the anchor of the tree, causing it to fall over.

·      Snow and Ice

Another thing that you need to hire a tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area for is when your trees get hit with snow and ice. Weighty snowfall and ice accumulation tend to overload the branches of the trees and cause them to split or fall off.

·      Lightning

Storms obviously mean a lot of noise and lightning. Trees are more prone to getting harmed by lightning. Water in trees’ cells boils due to lightning strikes and this result in burning of the wood and roots. Bark strip can also fall off. Severe lightning can even slice the whole big branches off the tree or result in explosions.

2.   Pale, Lifeless Trees

A lot of tree problems occur from within and cause trees to look dull and lifeless. These generally include pest infestations, fungi, viruses, and tree wounds that invite pests. There will be times when these problems harm one or more of your trees. In such cases, you will be left with no other choice other than getting a tree removal service in Dallas Fort Worth Area to remove the ones that are affected.


3.   Leaning Trees

A leaning tree in your lawn is something you should call an emergency tree service in Dallas Fort Worth Area immediately upon witnessing. This is because trees that lean are at a high risk of falling and causing damages to other trees and your property. However, that’s not always the case. If there is a room for adjustment, the professionals that you hire will do anything they can to save a tree from falling and prevent removal.


If you spot a leaning tree in your yard or spot one that looks diseased, get in touch with the experts at S&P Tree ServiceYou will literally thank yourself for hiring them.