February 28, 2019

Top Signs Your Trees Need Pruning | Tree Removal Service in Dallas, TX

Are the lifeless trees in your yard making you feel distressed? Think about pruning before you make the big decision of hiring a tree removal service in Dallas, TX and get them removed.


More often than not, trees only need good pruning to come back to life. Furthermore, simply removing the trees that you have nurtured carefully over a period of time is not a good idea. They are not only appealing but very beneficial for humans too. They provide you with shade and make you happier simply by being there. And who doesn’t like watching the leaves on their trees change colors every season?


However, it’s a ‘give and take’ relationship with trees. In order to get the most of them, you have to give them the care and maintenance they need. Simply knowing when your trees need pruning and servicing can prolong their lives like nothing else. In all truth, unpruned trees can turn out to be really dangerous for you, your family, and everyone else who visits your house.


If you are among those who aren’t sure about the time you should hire a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX, we are going to share 10 signs your trees need pruning.

When NOT to Prune Your Trees

Before we hop on to the signs that indicate a need for tree pruning, let’s discuss when it’s NOT a good time to hire a tree trimming service in Dallas, TX to prune your trees.


·     During the Fall

Fall is the time when the beauty of trees is at its peak. The leaves change colors and fall down to give a unique splash of colors to the ground as well. During this time, you may be tempted to prune your trees to make them look even more beautiful but fall is the worst time you can choose for this activity.


Professional tree services in Dallas, TX suggest that you should not prune your trees during fall. During this period, a lot of plants are preparing to go dormant for the winter months ahead. Pruning them in fall will end up weakening them.


Some days in the fall can still be really hot. In case you decide to go for tree pruning on one of those hot days, you will end up causing more harm than good to your trees. That’s because of the temperatures during fall drop at night. This way, the trees might not be able to protect them with the number of leaves left on them.


·     When It’s Wet

If your area has undergone precipitation recently or there is morning dew, you must NOT opt for tree pruning. If it is wet or damp outside and you still opt to trim your trees, the odds of your plants catching diseases of different types are really high.


The reason behind is the growth of microbes that is vigorous in damp weather. The microbes take full benefit of your pruning jobs and multiply like a forest fire. That said, you must wait until everything is dry again.


Best Time for Tree Pruning

Now that you are aware of times when you should not prune your trees, we can address when you can opt for this activity. As per the experts providing tree trimming service in Dallas, TX, the best time to prune your trees is during spring or winter seasons.


·     Spring and Winter Season

During winter, most plants go dormant. Most of their leaves are already gone. This is what makes pruning a lot easier during the season. Leafless branches and limbs allow for easy cutting.


As soon as spring begins, head out and get your clippers and scissors out. Just ensure that you let the trees finish flowering in spring before you start pruning.

Signs You Need to Hire a Tree Trimming Service in Dallas, TX

Coming to the signs that signal your trees need pruning, here are a few that the experts dealing in tree service in Dallas, TX depend on.


1.   Wrecked Branches

If you can spot broken branches on your trees, it’s time you get your clippers to work. Broken or bent branches are likely to fall down and this can result in damages and injuries. However, not all bent or wrecking branches will be noticeable. Therefore, it is a smart choice to take a stroll through your property and look for them.


2.   Deformed Trees

Trees that grow in the wrong manner can cause property damages due to uneven weight distribution among branches. This can sooner or later cause some branches to bend and ultimately fall. This is one of the most common signs of your trees requiring a good trimming.


3.   Branches over Electric Lines

If you see that the branches of your trees are running over the electric lines in your area, you must call a professional tree service in Dallas, TX without wasting another minute. The branches of your trees that are touching power lines can expose you and your property to the dangers of electrocution and other similar damages. However, you must not attempt to inspect and prune these branches on your own.


4.   Storm Damages

Storms of all kinds often end up damaging trees and plants. While tree branches are generally strong and able to sustain hail and strong winds, they can cause accidents when they wear out due to excessive exposure to things like snow, winds, and moisture. If your area sees a lot of storms, you must get your trees inspected professionally time and again and go for regular tree maintenance in Dallas, TX.


5.   Cracks in Tree Bark

You need to prune your trees if you see visible cracks in the bark of branches of one or more trees. Cracks indicate there is something seriously wrong with your trees. Such trees are often those that are infected by pests or have weakened because of a disease. In case you let the problem stay unattended, be prepared to see your tree wither and die.


6.   Crossing Branches

Last but not least, if you have trees whose branches cross over one another, it is a strong sign you need to go for tree trimming. These branches can pose large-scale problems, especially if they are allowed to stay and grow for a long period of time.


Branches that grow deformed or crossing over one another are likely to decay and die sooner or later. Indeed, not all such branches are affected but those that are can end up damaging several other branches throughout the tree and across your yard if left untreated.


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