December 20, 2022

7 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

The trees on your property serve a few different purposes. They provide shade so you can sit outside during the summer without getting too hot. Trees also protect your house, cars, or walkways from the elements and provide curb appeal. If you have fruit-bearing trees on your property, they offer an endless supply of fresh fruit.

Because your trees serve so many purposes, the last thing you want to do is cut one down. Unfortunately, a time will come when a tree must be cut down to protect your home, family, and anything around the tree, and it’s essential to recognize the signs early so you can call a tree removal service in Weatherford, TX before the tree falls on its own, causing significant damage.

#1 Leaves No Longer Grow on the Tree

Is there a tree in your yard that was once full of beautiful leaves but remains bare all year? If so, it’s time to call a tree removal service. When leaves no longer grow on the tree, it can’t be saved, and removal is the only option.

A few issues can prevent the leaves from growing, including:

  • Pest damage
  • Storm damage
  • The environment is no longer beneficial for the tree
  • Old age

Whatever the cause, the tree must be taken down, and it’s better to call a tree removal service in Weatherford, TX than allow the tree to fall on its own.

#2 Falling Branches

It’s not uncommon to find tree branches in the yard after a storm; however, it’s time to call a tree removal service if the branches are randomly falling on the ground for no reason.

This can occur due to pest damage or disease, and allowing the tree to stand could result in a large branch falling on something or someone underneath. Eventually, the tree could fall, destroying anything in its path.

A tree removal service can take the tree down without causing damage to your house and family, and it’s best to make the call as soon as you notice branches frequently littering the ground.

#3 Significant Storm Damage

The trees on your property often bear the brunt of storms. Severe weather can cause significant splits, uprooting, broken trunks, and broken limbs, causing the tree to fall. The tree could recover from the storm, but waiting for this to happen can be dangerous, and it’s best to hire a tree service.

They will send a tech to inspect the tree, determine if it must be removed, and take it down if necessary.

#4 Rot

Rot can affect the tree’s ability to remain standing, and it can be hard to tell if rot is affecting your trees. Rot won’t prevent new leaf growth, and the tree may look healthy, but moisture will continue to become trapped within the trunk, causing rot. Tree rot will show a few signs, including:

  • Holes or cracks in the bark
  • Peeling bark
  • Dead sections of the branches or trunk
  • Leaf discoloration, spotting, or sparse leaf growth
  • Mushrooms or fungi on the trunk
  • Root damage

Tree rot will weaken the trunk, and a powerful gust of wind can take the tree down, so it’s best to call a tree removal service before this happens.

#5 Leaning Tree

Trees tend to lean slightly as they stretch for sunlight, and a slight lean is normal. However, if a tree on your property has begun to lean more significantly, it’s best to have it removed. A significant lean indicates that the tree roots aren’t strong enough to keep the tree grounded, causing it to fall during the next storm or if ice weighs it down.

A tree removal service in Weatherford, TX will inspect the tree to ensure it must be removed and then take it down safely before it falls.

#6 It’s Growing Too Close to Your House

You can’t control the direction your trees grow, and if a tree on your property grows too close to your house, it can cause significant damage. If a limb falls on the house during extreme weather, it can cause considerable damage to the roof and your home’s interior. If the roots grow too close to the house, they can rip up the underground plumbing.

If you’re worried that a tree is growing too close to the house, it’s best to call a tree expert. They will inspect the tree and the direction of growth to ensure that removing the tree is the only way to keep your home and family safe.

#7 Sprout Growth at the Base of a Tree

If you notice sprout growth at the tree’s base, it may need to come down. The sprouts are called epicormic shoots, indicating that the tree is severely stressed and at risk of falling.

A tree removal service can evaluate the tree’s health to determine if it’s safe for the tree to remain standing or if the best option is to take it down.

Call S&P Tree Service Today

If you’re worried about the health and safety of a tree on your property and need to call a tree removal service, look no further than S&P Tree Service. We’re a full-service tree company and are members of the International Society of Arboriculture.

We provide various tree services, including trimming, removal, stump grinding, crane tree services, and landscaping services upon request. We also offer storm cleanup services and will clean up the yard and determine if large branches or the entire tree has sustained too much damage and must be removed.

Our tree experts are highly trained and can detect and treat tree disease if possible. They also have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your trees remain healthy and to remove them safely if necessary.

Our crews are available to come to your house any time of the day or night, and we provide 24/7 emergency tree service if your home or family is at risk.

To schedule an appointment to have a tree taken down or any other service we provide, call S&P Tree Service today.

Photo By Luis Echeverri Urrea at Shutterstock