December 22, 2022

Emergency Tree Service: When Exactly Do You Need It? | Weatherford, TX

How do you know if you need emergency tree service? Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine. Sometimes, it’s obvious. S&P Tree Service specializes in tree care solutions, including tree removal and emergency tree service. Our team of trained arborists and tree care technicians are renowned throughout the region for their reliable service and expertise. We can visit your Weatherford, TX property to evaluate your tree’s condition. After making our assessment, we can recommend the ideal solution. The following are instances when emergency tree service may be in order.

The Tree Is Diseased

A diseased tree often requires emergency tree service. A diseased tree needs care so that it can be saved, but that’s not all. A diseased tree may also prove a contagion to other trees in the landscape, so the sooner care is supplied, the better. S&P Tree Service can provide emergency tree care and quickly assess the condition of your tree.

A diseased tree is, of course, a property risk. Many diseases can kill trees from the inside out. Fungus can be deadly to trees, and insect pests can spread this contagion to other nearby trees. Some of the most common signs of a diseased tree include:

  • Powdery white mildew
  • Dead tree branches
  • Yellow, wilted, or spotted leaves
  • Spherical growths
  • Holes in the tree bark

Also, if the tree has begun to lean, emergency service is most definitely needed. A leaning tree is at risk for toppling over. We can visit your Weatherford, TX home or commercial property to assess the tree and recommend the ideal solution, which, in a case like this, may require emergency tree removal. Leaning trees are a major property hazard and liability.

Unusual Growth Pattern

Sometimes trees grow in strange ways. Rather than one trunk, they seem to have two that form a V or U shape between them. Unfortunately, these trees can be unstable. The trunks are at heightened risk for cracking and falling. When an unusual growth habit becomes a hazard, it’s best to contact our tree service to inspect the tree and recommend the ideal solution.

Broken Branches

If the branches of your tree are damaged or broken, you may need emergency tree service. Disease can cause tree branches and limbs to break, but so, too, can powerful winds and storms. Broken tree branches and tree limbs can be property risks. They can fall onto your home or building. They can damage roofs, gutters, or even break windows. They can fall onto vehicles, patio furniture, or garden structures.

Tree Is Causing Foundation Problems

Sometimes the growth of a tree’s roots can damage the home or building foundation. Tree roots are quite powerful. They can cause driveways and sidewalks to buckle. Roots that damage a home’s foundation can wind up causing the property owner substantially in repair costs. If you fear that your tree is threatening your structure’s foundation, you should contact S&P Tree Service for our emergency tree service.

Market Your Home

Some people choose to remove a tree from their property if it is ruining the aesthetic appeal of their setting. They may be planning to sell their home. While this may not necessitate emergency tree removal, it is a reason to contact our tree service.


If your tree is infested with pests, it’s important to invite tree technicians to your landscape. Pests can infiltrate a diseased tree or they can spread contagion to your tree. Insects are more likely to plague a diseased or damaged tree, but some contagions like Dutch Elm Disease can easily be spread by pests to healthy trees. Prompt tree care is crucial to evaluate the situation in these cases.

Too Close to Electrical Wires

If your tree is growing close to power lines, you may need emergency tree trimming. If you have tree branches growing near wires connected to your home or commercial building, they need to be trimmed. During a storm, the branches can knock wires out of place and, of course, life electrical wires can be lethal. The safest course is to ensure that your tree’s branches are well away from power lines.

How Can Our Certified Arborists Help?

Our certified arborists specialize in all aspects of tree life cycles. We can inspect any tree or trees growing in your residential or commercial landscape. If any type of tree care is required, we can supply it, including emergency crane tree removal. When you contact us for emergency tree service, we’ll arrive at your location to evaluate the problem.

Tree diseases take many forms. As mentioned, there might be powdery mildew. Another red flag indicating that a fungal disease is at work are mushrooms growing around the base of the tree. This can be a serious indication of root rot. Root rot is a deadly tree disease that puts the tree at risk of falling. If we determine that your tree has a disease, we’ll advise you about the best treatment or other course of action.

Sometimes it’s possible to preserve the tree with emergency tree service, but sometimes the safest course is to remove the diseased and dying tree before it becomes a greater threat to the property. If multiple trees have been impacted by a disease, we’ll provide you with a report of each tree’s condition along with our recommendations about how to best proceed.

If you need any type of emergency tree service, from tree inspection to tree trimming, at your Weatherford, TX property, you can count on S&P Tree Service. Our crews can provide tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding. Of course, our arborists can also provide tree preservation solutions. Call us to learn more about our services or to schedule a visit. We look forward to helping you maintain the health of your landscape.

Photo By Kirlikedi at Shutterstock