December 19, 2022

Tree Trimming Service Before And After Winter Storms | Aledo, TX

Aledo, TX is no stranger to winter storms and rough weather. Now that the cold season has arrived, we can expect to experience dynamic weather shifts–sunny and pleasant days with freezing temperatures at night. While our landscape’s trees tend to weather daily temperature shifts well enough, they can’t always stand up to severe storms. Powerful storms can sweep through the region and when they do, you may experience downed branches and even heavy tree limbs. Extremely powerful storms with high winds can even uproot trees. This winter, you may need tree trimming service from S&P Tree Service. We offer emergency tree care and tree removal service too. Preventative tree trimming and after-storm trimming can help you maintain the wellbeing of your trees and landscape.

Preventative Tree Care

Many people perform tree trimming in fall, late winter, or late spring after trees have bloomed, but you may want to perform some early winter trimming in some cases before any rough winter storms involving freezing rain or powerful winds arrive. You might need tree trimming service if you have trees that form a dense canopy or if you notice the presence of dead or dying tree limbs.

Thin the Canopy

Why thin the tree canopy? Actually if you have trees that form a dense canopy or form a wind break, keep in mind that limbs of these trees are more likely to break from strong winds. By thinning the branches, you allow the wind to blow through your landscape trees more easily. When the limbs are densely packed, they become more vulnerable to the wind. Our trimming service can help you assess your landscape trees to determine if thinning is a good idea in your case in order to prevent wind resistance.

Remove Dead or Dying Tree Limbs

Removing dead or dying tree limbs when you notice them is always a good idea. S&P Tree Service offers tree trimming service all year long. Dead and dying limbs are at increased risk for cracking off the tree and falling. They may fall onto your vehicle, your home’s roof, or your children’s swing set. In short, these problematic limbs are a property liability. Yes, they can even fall on people and pets.

During powerful wind storms, these limbs can crack off and become missiles that can even blow into windows or knock gutters off the home. Removing dead and dying tree limbs is a hallmark of good landscape care. If you aren’t sure about the condition of your trees and their limbs, you can rely on our trained arborists. We can inspect your trees to determine their health and advise you about their maintenance needs.

After-Storm Tree Service

After a powerful storm system moves through Aledo, TX, our crews are often quite busy. Why? Strong winds and storms cause severe damage to trees. Healthy limbs can become so damaged that they need to be removed. Once the limb is severely damaged, it can crack off from the tree and fall. It becomes a serious property liability.

Damaged Tree Limbs

Damaged tree limbs don’t always require tree trimming service, but how do you know? Our certified arborists can visit your residential or commercial property to inspect your damaged tree. Sometimes the nature of the damage to tree limbs doesn’t require trimming or only mild trimming. Sometimes the damage is too severe to safely leave the tree limb in place.

Damaged Trees

Branches and tree limbs aren’t the only parts of trees that can be damaged by storms. A lightning strike can render so much damage to a tree that it needs to be removed. A tree that has become partially uprooted because of winds or flash flooding usually also requires removal, depending on its size.

Tree Trimming Improves the Health of Your Landscape

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tackle some landscape maintenance. By trimming trees, you can actually allow more sunlight to penetrate understory plants. Thinning tree canopies can improve air circulation. While many plants go dormant in winter, good air circulation and sunlight continue to benefit your landscape. If your trees have become unruly and need to be trimmed this winter, our tree trimming service can help.

Our Tree Trimming Process

When you contact S&P Tree Service to schedule your tree trimming service, we’ll bring everything needed to perform this service. If your trees are quite tall and the canopy is difficult to access, we may even bring along our crane. Our operators look for dead or dying tree limbs and branches as well as those that pose a hazard. Sometimes branches or limbs growing too close to the home’s roof or windows should be removed as a precaution.

Also, it often happens that tree limbs and branches grow at odd angles, rubbing on each other, which can cause friction and limb damage. Such limbs may also require removal. Of course, we also keep landscape aesthetics in mind. Many of our customers prefer to keep their trees looking neat and trim. Our tree trimming service helps you keep your trees looking their best and thriving.

If you need tree trimming service this winter at your Aledo, TX property, you can rely on the skilled arborists and technicians of S&P Tree Service. Don’t risk an injury by attempting to trim your trees yourself. Our tree trimming service crews are highly experienced and adept at using our tree trimming equipment. Plus, we adhere to best safety practices and use the best safety gear when performing our services.

Also, if you are concerned about the health of any of your landscape trees, consult with one of our arborists. We can provide you with a thorough tree inspection. If your tree is dying or dead, we also offer experienced tree removal service. Call us at S&P Tree Service to learn more.

Photo By Stocker plus at Shutterstock