September 06, 2020

Tree Trimming Service | Fort Worth, TX

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If you are like most Fort Worth, TX homeowners, the trees in your yard are very important to you. Your trees provide shade when you are sitting in the yard. They can also block the hot sun from shining into the windows, which can keep it cooler inside. The trees in your yard can also add curb appeal to your home. Because your trees are so important, you need to take proper care of them. The best thing that you can do for your trees is to call a tree trimming service every year. Many homeowners will try to trim their trees themselves, but it is not the best idea. There are a few reasons why tree trimming should be left to a professional tree service.

  • Safety reasons: Trimming trees can be a dangerous job. To get the job done correctly, you will need a ladder to get to the highest branches. This can result in a nasty fall. Professional tree trimmers have experience working at heights, and they know how to do their job without falling.


  • The right equipment: To trim a tree properly, you will need more than a hedge clipper and a ladder. Professionals have the necessary trimming tools and trucks with a bucket, which allows them to get to the highest point of the tree.


  • Knowledge and experience: There is more to caring for trees than simply cutting branches and removing leaves. If there are any diseased branches, they need to be removed. Since most people aren’t able to identify diseased branches, it is best to leave the job to a professional. Dead branches also need to be identified so that they can be removed. If you aren’t able to identify branches that need attention, your tree will be at risk.

The safest and most effective way to care for your trees is to hire a professional tree trimming service every year. There are several ways that this can help your trees and protect your home and family.

Improve the Appearance of the Tree

Because your trees are essential to the appearance of your Fort Worth, TX yard, you want them to look their best. The branches of your trees should be even, and the top of the tree should be rounded. As the tree branches grow, it is not uncommon for them to grow unevenly. When you hire a tree service, they will trim the trees so that they are even on all sides, and are symmetrically sound.

Trimming Allows More Airflow

As your trees grow, it is not uncommon for too many leaves to grow in one area. When this happens, it makes it difficult for the tree to get enough air. This can prevent healthy growth. When you hire a tree trimming service, the technician will trim the branches and leaves that can cause airflow issues.

Stop or Prevent Disease

It is not uncommon for your tree to develop fungi or disease on the branches. If this happens, it doesn’t take long for it to spread. Soon, the disease or fungi can take over the entire tree to the point that it cannot be saved. When you hire a tree trimming service, the tech will examine all of the branches for any signs of fungi or disease. If they find anything, the diseased branch can be removed before it spreads to the healthy limbs. When you hire a tree trimming service every year, you can save the life of your tree.

Removal of Dead Branches

If there is a dead branch on your tree, it can affect the tree as a whole. Even though the branch is dead, vitamins and nutrients will still be delivered to the branch, but it won’t be helpful to the dead limb. During an annual tree trimming service, the technician will remove any branches that have died. This will allow the vitamins and nutrients to be delivered to the live branches that can actually benefit from them.

Dead branches should also be removed for the safety of your family, home, and anything underneath the tree. If the dead branch falls, it can cause serious injury to anyone standing below. It can also land on the house or your vehicle, which can cause serious and expensive damage. During an annual tree trimming service, the tech will remove any dead branches that are posing a risk to everything down below.

Adequate Sunlight

For your trees to grow properly, they need adequate sunlight. If the tree is overgrown in certain areas, the entire tree won’t get the sunlight it needs to thrive. When you hire a tree trimming service, the tech will remove the branches and leaves that are preventing the sunlight from getting to all areas of the tree.

Reduce Hanging Risks

As your trees grow, it is possible that they could grow into the power lines. This can create a hazardous situation. If there is a storm and the tree falls, the tree will take the power lines down with it, causing a dangerous electrical situation and a power outage. During your annual tree trimming service, the tech will cut any low hanging branches that could cause any danger.

If you want the trees in your yard to look great and be healthy, call S&P Tree Service. Each of our staff members is fully licensed and insured, and they are equipped to handle the job. Our staff is also trained to detect dead branches and the growth of fungi and disease. This will ensure the health and the vigorous growth of your tree. Best of all, when you hire S&P Tree Service, you don’t need to risk your own safety by climbing to the top of the tree yourself. Our staff is trained to work at great heights, and we have the necessary safety equipment to do so. To schedule an appointment or for a free estimate, give us a call today. When we are done trimming your trees, they will be symmetrical, and you will have peace of mind that your trees are healthy and pose no risk.