August 23, 2022

How Our Arborists Can Improve Your Yard With Crane Tree Removal Service | Weatherford, TX

Taking down a large tree on a Weatherford, TX, property can be quite a show. Climbing trees for a living isn’t necessarily a breeze, but it is exciting work, especially when we pull up with a crane, trucks, and crews. S&P Tree Services features crane tree removal service because it’s among the safest and most efficient ways to remove a large tree or a tree that’s difficult to access. Becoming the premier tree removal and tree care companies in the region has certainly involved lots of work, but we’ve been able to develop some key protocols that allow us to get the job done with safety as priority one–and still plenty of excitement if you care to watch our crane at work!

Why Are Cranes a Safe Option for Tree Removal?

Crane tree removal service is often the preferred method of removing a tree that’s infested with pests or is severely ill or dead. These trees are unpredictable because of their condition, which makes them unsafe for our tree climbers and cutters as well as unsafe for property owners. Trees that are located near homes and businesses or other structures are also better suited for crane tree removal service because they cannot safely be felled by chainsaws alone. Limbs and branches can easily fall where they’re not supposed to during traditional tree removal.

Because cranes lift each tree section from the tree carefully after it has been cut away, there’s less risk to surrounding property. Cranes hoist away sections of the tree and place them carefully in our designated drop zone. Instead of the tree falling down all at once or haphazardly with limps dropping as they will, crane tree removal service is more precise with each cut and removal section being quite deliberate and meticulously removed.

Is Crane Tree Removal Service Always Safe?

No! Crane tree removal isn’t safe if it’s performed by inexperienced operators or crane operators who aren’t familiar with the crane or the tree removal process. That’s not the case with S&P Tree Service. All of our arborists and technicians are highly trained and experienced because safety is our top priority! Occasionally, we’ll hear some industry news about a crane that’s fallen over or onto a house during a tree removal. This should NEVER occur when you work with a licensed and experienced tree removal company.

Cranes are incredibly useful machines, but they’re also dangerous when in the wrong hands. Felling trees is also dangerous work when performed by the wrong hands. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a company like ours, one that’s dedicated to the safest tree removal and crane operation processes.

How Do We Make Crane Tree Removal Service Safe?

When performing crane tree removals in Weatherford, TX, or nearby towns or cities, our arborists and crane operators make a careful and detailed plan about each tree’s removal. Since each tree and each location is different, it’s important to customize the operation for each new job. Before the date of your crane tree removal service, we’ll visit your property to begin our evaluation; this helps us create a plan about how to safely remove your tree based on its condition, size, and location.

On the day of the removal, we’ll bring all the necessary crew and equipment needed for the job. We keep our equipment in tip-top condition. We also use headsets in many cases so that we can easily communicate between one another. Our cutter / climber and crane operator must work closely together even though they’re separated to bring the tree down safely.

Cranes Improve the Tree Removal Process

Removing a tree with the help of a crane isn’t necessarily a fast process, but it is an efficient one. The size of the tree often governs how many sections we’ll need to cut in order to safely move them away one at a time. Our crane operator and tree cutter know full well that the section to be removed can never exceed the crane’s lifting capacity. That’s when disaster can occur–and you hear about a story that a crane has fallen over. We have no intention of allowing that to occur on our watch.

During crane tree removal service at your property, we will proceed methodically to remove each section until your tree is cut down to size. We also offer stump grinding service.

Tree Removals from Start to Finish

When you contact S&P Tree Service to remove a tree, we will complete all necessary tasks needed to cut down your tree and haul it away. After our crane drops each tree section on the ground, our crews use chainsaws to break down the section even further so that it can be piled onto our removal trucks and hauled away. If you prefer to keep the wood, we can still cut it down to size if you choose.

In addition to tree removal and stump grinding services, we also feature tree care solutions. If your tree is infested with pests or seems to have a fungal infection, you can consult with our arborists. We can employ tree preservation solutions to save your tree in many cases. If it cannot be saved, we can remove the tree so that it will not pose a threat to the safety of your property.

The next time you need to remove a tree from your Weatherford, TX, landscape, choose S&P Tree Service. Our crane tree removal service is an efficient and safe way to bring down even the hardest-to-access trees. We have the experience and expertise needed to provide this type of service. Never trust an inexperienced contractor or operator to perform this type of work. Our company is licensed and insured. Moreover, we have a proven track record of safe tree removals to our name. Contact us to learn more about our company and our services today.

Photo By Imagenet at Shutterstock