January 30, 2022

10 Reasons To Hire A Tree Trimming Service Regularly | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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The trees on your Dallas Fort Worth Area property serve a few purposes. First, your trees can add to your home’s curb appeal, which is important to many homeowners. In addition, your trees provide shade during the summer, allowing you to sit outdoors comfortably. Finally, mature trees and a well-manicured yard can increase the value of your home by 7 to 19 percent.

There is a science to tree trimming; therefore, it is best to leave the job to a professional. If you remove a branch that shouldn’t have been removed, you could end up doing permanent harm to the tree.

The best way to ensure your trees are healthy and always looking great is to regularly hire a tree trimming service. If you aren’t sure if it is worth the cost to hire a tree trimming professional, you should understand the benefits of having your trees cared for regularly.

#1 Protect Your Home and Family

Hiring a tree trimming service to care for the trees on your property can keep your home and family safe. If the tree expert finds any dead or dying branches, they can be removed. A strong gust of wind can take down the dead or dying branches, and if the branch lands on the house, it can cause significant damage. If the branch is hanging over the driveway or walkway, it can fall on your vehicle or someone walking by, which can cause a serious injury.

#2 Remove Large Clusters of Leaves

Large clusters of leaves may make your trees look full; however, they can affect your trees’ health. Clusters of leaves can prevent the tree from getting the oxygen and sunlight it needs to remain healthy, resulting in issues that could kill the tree.

A tree trimming professional can remove any large clusters of leaves, keeping your trees healthy.

#3 Provide More Nutrients

The trees on your Dallas Fort Worth Area property need water, oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients to stay healthy. If there is a dead branch on one of your trees, it will receive nutrients that won’t be beneficial because the branch is already dead.

A tree expert can remove the dead branch, allowing the nutrients to go to the healthy branches that need it the most.

#4 Detect Disease

Like every living thing, your trees can develop diseases, putting them at significant risk. If the condition isn’t caught early, it can spread to the other trees on your property. Most people don’t have the knowledge to detect disease; therefore, it is essential to hire a tree trimming service regularly.

Tree experts are trained to detect the early signs of disease, so they can treat it before the disease kills the trees and affects the others. Hiring a professional to trim the trees regularly will ensure your trees are healthy and free of disease.

#5 The Branches Are Growing Toward the Power Lines

Unfortunately, you cannot control the direction your trees grow. If the trees start growing too close to the power lines, a strong gust of wind can cause the tree to take down the power lines, causing a power outage. In addition, live wires in your yard are a significant safety hazard.

A tree trimming service can remove the branches growing too close to the power lines, preventing hazardous issues.

#6 The Branches Are Growing Over the Street

As mentioned above, you cannot control the direction your trees grow. If large branches are growing over the street, you should hire a tree trimming service right away.

If severe weather or a strong gust of wind takes down the branch, it can fall on a passing car or a pedestrian, and you would be responsible for any damages or injuries.

A tree expert can trim the tree, ensuring it doesn’t grow over the street, which can prevent you from being sued.

#7 It Is Challenging To Predict Where the Tree Will Fall

Cutting branches requires skill and experience. The branches need to be sized and cut in a specific order. Even if you get the order right, you can miscalculate the angle, and the falling branches can damage your home or anything under the tree.

A tree trimming service can send an experienced tree expert to your home to remove the branches safely, protecting everything under the tree.

#8 Tree Trimming Can Be a Dangerous Job

One of the best reasons to hire a tree trimming professional is to keep yourself safe. You will need a ladder to reach the high branches, which can be dangerous if you aren’t experienced.

A tree trimming service will send a tree expert to your home with the necessary safety equipment, including harnesses and a bucket truck, which can safely take them to the top of the tree.

Attempting to trim your trees yourself can result in serious injuries; therefore, it is best to call a tree trimming service.

#9 Saves Time

Without the necessary equipment, trimming the trees can be a time-consuming project, especially if you have several trees on your property. If you don’t feel like spending your weekend in the yard trimming your trees, you should call a tree trimming service. The company can send a few tree experts to your home if necessary, as well as the right equipment, allowing tree experts to get the job done quickly, and you can spend your weekend doing something you enjoy.

#10 Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

As mentioned earlier, the trees on your Dallas Fort Worth Area property can improve your home’s curb appeal. If the trees haven’t been trimmed in some time and they aren’t rounded, they can affect your home’s curb appeal negatively.

If you hire a tree trimming service regularly, you can be sure the trees look great and are rounded, which can improve your home’s curb appeal.

Why Choose S&P Tree Service?

If your trees are overdue for a trim, call S&P Tree Service. We are a family-owned and operated business and are a member of the International Society of Arboriculture.

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