November 11, 2022

Yes! Tree Removal Service Is Dangerous (So Call The Professionals) | Dallas, TX

If you have a diseased or dead tree on your property or simply want to get rid of a tree that’s growing too close to your home or business, you might be tempted to cut it down yourself and save some money. However, even smaller trees are best left to professional tree removal service providers. S&P Tree Service offers tree care and removal services for residential and commercial customers in and near Dallas, TX. There are some good reasons for letting experts remove any trees on your property. We’ll explore them here:

Please Your Insurance Provider

Your home and business insurance provider will generally suggest that policyholders always contract with licensed and insured contractors for work around the property. Failing to hire a professional service provider could lead to damage that your insurer will not wish to cover. Moreover, the best way to avoid property damage is to hire a professional tree removal service that has the license, experience, and expertise needed to perform their services. Consequently, there’s a real financial danger in cutting down trees on your property yourself or hiring an unlicensed contractor.

Power Lines

Another danger associated with tree removal service is power lines. S&P Tree Service understands the dangers of power lines. That’s why we offer crane tree removal service. When trees are located near power lines, it’s often best to rely on the precise removal that crane tree removal service affords. In fact, if you need tree trimming, it’s best to contact a professional tree trimming company like ours. A fallen limb can knock out power lines. Live lines can be deadly dangers. You or an inexperienced provider may also knock out power to your home, a neighbor’s, or even most of the neighborhood. To reduce the risk of a power line accident, always choose a professional tree care service.

Decaying Tree Wood

A decaying or diseased tree is an unstable hazard. Trying to remove a tree in this type of dangerous condition requires experience and skill. It’s never wise to climb on these trees as they could topple over at any time. S&P Tree Service inspects trees before we remove them so we understand their condition and any risks associated with their removal. Our tree removal service has experience removing decayed trees. We use the best method to remove dead or diseased trees. Let our tree care service providers inspect your tree to recommend the ideal approach for its removal.

Improper Tree Trimming / Cutting Equipment

When you hire an inexperienced tree removal service provider, you might be risking more danger. These providers often don’t employ the proper tree care equipment for the job. Many tree care providers don’t have cranes or the ideal saws for removing trees and tree limbs. Our tree care service has invested in the best tree removal equipment. We expertly maintain our equipment so it’s always ready for service. The blades of saws are always kept sharp. In fact, we inspect all of our equipment before each job to make sure it’s ready for service.

We’ve also invested in tree cranes. Tree removal service with cranes is often the safest way to remove trees. Moreover, our technicians are highly trained. They have the skills needed to expertly operate our tree removal equipment. Crane removals, for example, require advanced knowledge and experience. Our technicians know how to safely operate cranes so that they do not become a property liability in the tree removal process.

Slippery Conditions

Dallas, TX, might feel hot and dry, but even when the weather is driest, the surface of trees and the ground around them can be slippery. Slip and fall accidents are another danger associated with tree removals. The surface of the tree can be treacherous, especially for inexperienced climbers and tree cutters. Again, when you hire an experienced tree care service, you have the comfort of knowing that the technicians involved know precisely what they are doing and can maintain safety at each stage of the tree’s removal.

Improper Site Assessment

Site assessment is crucial for a safe tree removal. Failing to assess the site can lead to dangers. For instance, it’s important to determine all of the risks associated with each tree’s removal job. Is the tree close to buildings? Is the ground level enough to set up a crane? Is the tree diseased or infested with pests? Improper site assessment can lead to serious risks for both people and property. When you contact us, we’ll carefully inspect the job to make sure we can provide the safest method of tree removal.

Choose Experience and Expertise

When you need tree removal service, it’s essential to hire a company that has a reputation for safety. Our service providers include licensed technicians and certified arborists. We care for trees throughout their life cycle. When it comes time for a tree’s removal, we customize our approach for each job. We’ll visit your property to assess the tree and the surrounding site to determine the ideal method for its removal. We’ll develop a plan to ensure your tree’s safe removal.

Never entrust your tree care to an inexperienced provider. Let S&P Tree Service handle your Dallas, TX, tree care needs. We’re known for our experience and expertise as well as our fair pricing. Contact us when you need tree care removal service or tree care solutions. We also specialize in tree trimming and tree preservations solutions. We can also inspect your property’s trees to ensure that they’re in good health. If you suspect your tree is diseased, it’s important to contact us right away. Call S&P Tree Service to learn more about our service providers.

Photo By Navaashay rawat at istock