November 13, 2022

Tree Trimming Service: Common Tree Trimming Mistakes Homeowners Make | Fort Worth, TX

Are you thinking of adding more livability to your home? Well, trees can help you with that. Many benefits come with having trees in your home. For starters, a large tree can provide an oxygen supply for up to four people daily. Trees also enhance the beauty of the house and increase the property value. Research shows that having larger trees in your home backyard and streets can increase your home value by approximately 3 to 15 percent.

To ensure your trees maintain their long-term beauty, you must invest in tree maintenance practices such as trimming. At a glance, tree trimming seems like a task you can easily do without involving a professional. However, it can cause irreversible damage if it’s not done properly. Some homeowners do not know there’s a correct way to trim their trees; thus, they make mistakes while trimming their trees.

To avoid making these mistakes, you should seek the services of a professional tree trimming service company or do some extensive research. Continue reading to learn about the common tree trimming mistakes that many homeowners in Fort Worth, TX, make.

Using the Wrong Tools

When you or the tree trimming service specialists use the wrong tools during tree trimming, you can injure yourself or even damage the tree. Also, if you trim the tree, you should avoid using blunt and old tools. Using blunt tools to trim your tree can cause cuts that shred and tear the bark, causing big wounds that significantly damage your tree.

Trimming at the Wrong Time

You can’t just trim your tree anytime; trimming is not recommended at all times of the year. For instance, when you trim your tree during spring and late summer, there is a high possibility you’ll trim too much and starve your tree.

Over the springtime, it’s advisable to prune trees that are not heavy on sap; this is because trimming during the spring can cause the bark of your tree to be stained with sap, attracting a lot of pests. It would be best if you pruned such trees after springtime. Meanwhile, getting rid of too many branches over the summer can expose the bark to the sun, causing sun-scald.

Over Trimming

One primary mistake homeowners make during tree trimming is removing too many branches. When you over-prune your tree, it can cause stress to the tree and make it more susceptible to illnesses.

Also, avoiding removing many branches affects the tree’s future growth, preventing the tree from growing, absorbing light, producing food, and healing. In addition, it can cause limb death. Trimming a tree can be confusing; it takes the skills of an experienced tree trimming service specialist to know how much to trim.

Tree Topping

One of the worst things you can do to your tree is to top it. Topping is when an individual cuts the tree’s main trunk at the point below its apex to minimize the tree’s height. Topping your tree can cause unnecessary stress, causing your tree to topple.

One of the essential parts of a tree is the trunk; getting rid of branches harms your tree’s health. In the long run, this will cause the branches to decay, eventually causing the tree’s death.

Just Trimming Any Branch

You don’t trim any branch when trimming a tree. You should at least know the branch’s location, how much you expect to trim, the tools needed, and the angle. Some things you can trim in a tree include dead branches, suckers, and branches that grow inward or down.

If you are a homeowner in Fort Worth, TX, and you do not have any experience trimming trees, it is wise to consult a tree trimming service professional who’ll know where to trim. By trimming the wrong branch, you can damage the tree since it can leave the tree vulnerable to diseases or limit the tree’s ability to grow,

Trimming Long Branches

Removing branches three to four centimeters will make it hard for the tree to heal. Also, getting rid of large branches can be risky if you lack the proper equipment.

If you are planning to trim the long branches on your tree by yourself, you should consider hiring a professional tree trimming service specialist. Climbing a tree with sharp and heavy tools can be very dangerous and result in injuries and even death if you fall. In the process, you could also damage the property.

Lion Tailing

This occurs when you get rid of a lot of leaves and foliage on the inner canopy of the tree and leave those on the outer, leaving the tree looking like a tuft on a lion’s tail. This will not only affect your tree’s ability to capture light since it gets rid of too much foliage the tree needs for photosynthesis but also compromise its structural integrity.

Bad Cuts

Every single cut on a tree is an injury. You can reduce the wounds by hiring a tree trimming service specialist to prune the tree properly. Proper trimming gives space for it to heal quickly. Some signs of a bad-cut tree include flash cuts, which happen when you cut too close to the trunk, remove the branch collar, or stop your tree from sealing with a callus.

Another sign is a stub cut that involves cutting far away from the trunk, leaving a dead branch that will eventually decay.

Neglecting Sanitary Practices

Homeowners and tree trimming service specialists need to sanitize their tools before they trim them.

If you use dirty and rusted tools to trim your tree, you can transmit bacteria and fungi to your tree. Eventually, you will notice discoloration on your tree’s leaves, foliage, or even abnormal growths. In addition, by adequately clearing the debris, they assist harbor insects and fungi.

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