January 09, 2021

Winter Tree Maintenance And Tree Removal Service In Texas | Dallas, TX

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If you have trees in your garden, you’ll need to provide them with regular care and maintenance. Many homeowners fail to look after their trees and only call in a tree service if their trees become overgrown or damaged. It’s a good idea to look after your trees as this will help improve their health and allow them to grow safely. Trees that are well maintained will look beautiful all year round.

If you live in Dallas, TX and are looking for a tree removal service or any other tree maintenance such as pruning, trimming, or stump removal, don’t hesitate to contact S&P Tree Service. The company provides professional tree services, tree installation, and landscaping.

Winter is a good time of year to focus on the health of your trees. This article will look at winter maintenance for trees. You may also like to book a tree removal service if you have any damaged trees, as these may fall over if there is a storm.

Get your trees ready for the winter months

Many essential jobs need to be done in your garden before the winter sets in. During the winter months, you may like to take care of your trees. To do this, you can call in the help of a tree surgeon, especially if you have difficult jobs such as stump removal, removing branches, or require tree removal. The following jobs can be done during the winter months.

Dormant winter pruning

During the winter months, your trees will be dormant. This means that there will be no new growth, which makes winter an excellent time to prune your trees. When trees are dormant, they can handle the stress caused by pruning. Pruning a tree during the winter will encourage new growth during the spring months and may even improve your tree’s health in the long run. You should only attempt to prune a tree yourself if you know what you’re doing. Cutting too many branches off a tree can end up killing it if you’re not careful.

Winter is the best time to prune trees as they are dormant. Some tree species will be harmed or even die if you try to prune them during the growing season. So winter is the best time for this job.

Precision pruning

It’s best to prune your trees in the winter when all the leaves have fallen off. This makes it a lot easier to see what needs cutting and to decide where to make the cuts. A professional tree service can prune your trees to help maintain their structure.

When the tree has no leaves, it’s easier to examine them and spot any areas that have disease, weaknesses, or other vulnerabilities. Some trees may have damaged branches that need to be removed, while others could have a fungal infection or diseased branches. A tree service will be able to provide an arborist who will have a clear view of all branches during the winter months. This makes pruning easier and more effective. Your trees will be healthier if you have them pruned in the winter, and this will also mitigate other risks, such as disease spreading or rotting trees falling down or dropping branches.

After pruning the trees, wounds will need to be left to heal. During the winter, trees will have extra energy reserves and will be able to heal faster.

Disease control

Sometimes trees can’t be pruned or trimmed unless they are dormant due to the management of disease or fungal infections. There are several different pests, fungus, and diseases that infect trees and some species of trees are more prone to disease than others.

Trees that commonly suffer from diseases should only be pruned during the winter months. Disease control measures can also be applied. Oak trees are an example of a tree that often suffers from disease. These trees are susceptible to oak wilt, which is extremely deadly and can kill the tree. Oak wilt is a fungal disease that can be managed with the application of a fungicide.

It’s easier to notice that trees have fungal infections or diseases during the winter when they don’t have any leaves. If you’re worried about any of your trees, you can call in a tree removal service to remove dead trees or treat trees that have disease and are still alive.

Storm readiness

Since winter is the season with most storms, it’s a good idea to have your trees looked at by an arborist before winter sets in. A professional can access trees that have no leaves and can remove branches that are likely to be a problem. In some cases, you may need a tree removal service to get rid of a dead tree. Dead or rotten trees should be removed before winter as they are likely to come down if there’s a storm.

It’s also a good idea to remove branches that are growing too close to your home as tree branches can damage property during a storm.

The benefits of booking a winter tree removal service

Many people start thinking about their trees during the spring and summer. This is often the time when tree removal companies are the busiest. Pruning a tree can be done in winter, and it’s sometimes more effective to prune trees when they are dormant. It’s a good idea to book a tree removal to remove dead trees, trees that are growing too close to your home, or trees that are split or rotten. These trees are likely to come down during winter storms and may cause damage to your home or could even endanger lives.

S&P Tree Service, Tree Removal Service

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