January 12, 2021

Annual Tree Removal Service And Maintenance Calendar | Dallas, TX

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If you have trees surrounding your property or have created a landscaped area with trees and shrubs, there are a few crucial jobs that need to be carried out annually to keep your tree in good condition. Trees make a beautiful addition to any landscape and can also create shady areas in your garden. Trees and shrubs vary in shape, size, foliage, and even in the care they need. Many trees produce attractive flowers during the spring and help create an inviting space in your garden that can be used as an extension of your home.

If you live in Dallas, TX, or the surrounding area and are searching for a Tree Removal Service or tree maintenance, you may like to contact S&P Tree Service. The company is available for tree installation, landscaping, pruning, trimming, and tree removal.

This article will look at annual tree maintenance and tell you the best time of year to do specific jobs. Whether you’re planning to plant new trees, prune your trees, or are looking for a tree removal service, use this tree maintenance calendar as a guide.

Plant Trees in the Spring or Fall

The best time to plant new trees in your garden is during early spring. During this time, deciduous trees are still leafless and likely to be dormant. They will be able to focus their energy on creating new root systems.

Trees can be dug from nurseries at the beginning of spring and planted out into your yard. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule, and you may like to ask a tree service for advice about which trees would best suit your climate and when to plant.

If you plan to plant a tree with late-winter sap flow, you should wait until the bloom buds begin to unfold. Birch and sugar maple should be planted in the late spring after their sap flow ends.

Evergreen trees should be planted in early fall so that they can become established before winter.

Winter Wrapping

Most trees don’t need to be wrapped; however, if you have young, thin trees, it may be best to wrap these during the winter months. This will protect the tree against sunscald, not cold. Maple and fruit trees should be wrapped for the first two winters after planting.

It’s a good idea to wrap young trees around about Thanksgiving. Wraps can be removed in late March to coincide with the spring equinox. Ensure that you remember to remove the wraps as trees that are left with wraps on during the spring will be prone to damage by insects, and disease may take hold.

Watering in the Spring, Summer, and Fall

It’s crucial that trees are given enough water, especially in their first year after planting. Water will help the tree to thrive. Ensure that trees are watered thoroughly when they are first planted and then provide water frequently throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

The most critical time of the year to water your trees is during fall. Evergreens need plenty of water at this time. You should also water trees during the growing season if there is a drought. In winter, trees will be dormant, and their growth slows down entirely, so they don’t need to be watered. There is also more likely to be rain during the winter.

Pruning Year-Round

Pruning can help your tree to grow correctly and improve the health of your trees. Pruning is a year-round job, depending on what type of trees you have in your garden. If you are unsure how to prune your trees, you can call in the help of a tree service such as S&P.

Many trees will look better and will also be able to produce more flowers and fruit if they are pruned regularly. Pruning can also help to rejuvenate old trees and train trees to grow correctly.

Early Spring

Trees that produce flowers in the summer should be pruned in the early spring to encourage new growth. You can also prune non blooming trees such as broad leaves or evergreens, as well as deciduous hedges.

Late Spring and Early Summer

You can trim half the candles on pine trees and other needled evergreens in the late spring or early summer. This will help to slow their growth and can also create a bushier tree.


During the summer, you can prune trees such as dogwoods, walnuts, maples, and yellowwoods. Most gardeners trim these trees to keep them the desired size and shape.


Trees that produce berries can be pruned in the winter. You may like to harvest berries for holiday decorations. In late winter, deciduous trees can be pruned, as can fruit trees that aren’t spring bloomers. When pruning a tree during the winter, you should ensure that the temperature is above 20 degrees F to avoid damaging the trees.

Tree Removal Service

If you have a dead, rotten, or damaged tree, it’s essential to call in the help of a tree removal service. Trees should be removed as they can become hazardous and may fall down, causing injury or damage to property. A tree removal service will be able to remove a tree at any time of the year. Trees that have been damaged by winter storms can be removed in the winter or spring.

A tree removal service can also remove tree stumps or trees that are growing too close to your property. In some cases, the whole tree will need to be removed, while in others, a few branches can be taken off.

S&P Tree Service, Tree Removal Service

If you live in Dallas, TX, or the surrounding area and are searching for a Tree Removal Service or tree maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact S&P Tree Service. The company is available for tree installation, landscaping, pruning, trimming, and a tree removal service.

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