August 11, 2022

When Trees Grow Too Close For Comfort To Your Home, Crane Tree Removal Service Can Help | Aledo, TX

Trees are a welcome attraction to nearly any Aledo, TX, landscape with their comforting shade and natural beauty. That doesn’t mean, however, that they should be planted just anywhere. Trees can pose risks for a property that owners should be aware of. When trees cause problems, they might, ultimately, need to be removed. S&P Tree Service specializes in crane tree removal service. We rely on cranes to remove trees that are growing precariously close to homes, businesses, or other structures that require a delicate removal process. When trees grow too close to your home or commercial property, they can lead to a challenging situation.

Foundation Woes

The roots of large trees can be quite strong. If you’ve ever walked along the sidewalks and noticed how some stretches of pavement buckle or slant, you may be aware of just how powerful tree roots can be. It’s frequently underground roots that are responsible for causing sidewalks to become uneven.

If tree roots can do that to sidewalks, imagine what they’re doing underground near your home or commercial building’s foundation. Tree roots can also move earth and, over time, that can cause the earth to shift, leading to foundation problems. Sometimes shifting earth can cause foundation cracks and instability that can be incredibly costly to fix. If you suspect that large trees are planted too close to your foundation, you may want to consult with S&P Tree Service about our crane tree removal service.

Total Loss Problems

Most people don’t look at a tree and think, ‘there’s a total loss waiting to happen,’ but that’s just what could happen when an unstable tree topples over on a structure or vehicle. While tree roots can often cause problems for foundations, driveways, and sidewalks, it’s sometimes the other way around. Foundations and other structures built into the ground can actually block tree roots from spreading out. The roots need room to grow and spread, lending stability to the tree.

When the tree’s roots can’t spread out, it can lead to an unstable situation as the tree continues to grow. Although you might not realize it simply by looking at a tree situated between two buildings, there could be problems brewing beneath the ground as the tree roots are forced to take twists and turns that could undermine stability. An unstable tree is more vulnerable to becoming uprooted during powerful storms. In these situations, crane tree removal service may be required.

Roof Issues

Your roof, like your foundation, is an essential aspect of your home. Naturally, you want to protect it and get as much longevity from it as possible before replacing it. Trees can pose a few different problems for roofs. The first problem is shade–excessive shade. While property owners in Texas are often thrilled to have some natural shade around their homes, too much shade might not be good for roofs. If your roof is situated beneath a tree canopy and doesn’t receive much sunlight, it’s possible that mold and moss could begin to grow on your shingles.

In addition, when tree branches and limbs touch your roof or sway very close to it, they can be a springboard, allowing unwelcome pests and critters to reach your roof. These pests might burrow in your shingles or damage your roof. In some cases, they might even access your attic! To reduce the risk of pests like termites and squirrels moving from trees to your rooftop, you might want to have your trees trimmed or contact our company for our crane tree removal service.

Large limbs can also spell trouble for your rooftop, gutters, windows, siding, or deck if they fall off during storms and strong winds. Dead tree limbs are especially problematic as they’re more likely to crack off and strike your house during a strong storm. If you suspect that you have a severely ill tree or one that’s actually dead, you should contact S&P Tree Service for our efficient crane tree removal service to eliminate this property threat.

Curb Appeal Problems

Sometimes large or unkempt trees can simply detract from a home or business’s curb appeal. Our tree service can remove any trees that you don’t want growing on your property. Of course, if the tree is diseased, infested with pests, or already dead, we can remove it safely and efficiently.

Placement Is Important

If you’ve purchased an Aledo, TX, property that features large or even medium trees growing near the structure, you may need crane tree removal service depending on their condition. If you’re planning to plant trees on your property, it’s important to consider placement carefully. The root systems of trees need room to grow. How much room? That can depend on the species in question. You should research any tree you intend to plant to find out how to properly place it. You can also contact our crane tree removal service to speak to a trained arborist about your placement concerns.

Also, instead of planting single trees, consider planting in groups. Groups of trees, spaced properly, of course, can actually support one another during heavy storms or powerful winds. A lone tree doesn’t have any support if it’s struck by lightning or begins to topple over. If a tree should begin to fall, the other trees in the group can prevent it from falling onto a nearby structure, allowing the property owner time to call for emergency crane tree removal service.

If you live in or own a property in Aledo, TX, and need crane tree removal service, contact S&P Tree Service. We are a leading tree removal and tree trimming expert that serves the region. While we specialize in tree removal, we also offer tree preservation and stump grinding. Call us to learn more about our services. If you have a tree emergency, we can help.

Photo By Frank Fennema at Shutterstock