September 14, 2022

When Disaster Strikes Your Home, Our Emergency Tree Service Is Standing By To Assist You | Weatherford, TX

Most property owners around Weatherford, TX, have a good idea about prioritizing their exterior household tasks. There are some situations that can arise that just can’t wait for the next free weekend to attend to. Trees that pose property risks often require emergency tree service such as removal. If you aren’t sure if your tree’s removal has reached the level of emergency status, you can contact S&P Tree Service so we can send a skilled arborist to your property to inspect your tree. We specialize in tree care as well as tree removal services. If your tree needs emergency tree service like preservation solutions or removal, we can let you know our recommendations. The following are some situations that often require tree care sooner rather than later.

Tree Is Leaning on Power Lines or Other Lines

If your tree is leaning on power lines or its branches are caught up in other cables that run to your home like phone or cable, you probably need emergency tree service. However, the power company may cut precarious tree limbs for you when their lines are in jeopardy. On the other hand, the power company may not. You may want to safeguard your property and the lines that connect you to various services by having your tree professionally trimmed. In some cases, the risk that your tree poses to the lines could indicate the need for tree service at your home or business.

Tree Is Leaning

A leaning tree is a property risk. Not only is it a risk for people; it’s also a risk to the home, garage, and your vehicle. A tree with a slight lean may not be a problem for now, and there may be measures that an arborist from S&P Tree Service can recommend to adjust the tree as it continues to grow. On the other hand, if the tree is leaning precariously and is likely to topple over during high winds or a serious storm, it should be removed. In this case, our emergency tree service may be your best option for safeguarding your property from the threat of a falling tree.

Falling Branches

If your tree is dropping branches, it’s a sign that you should have it inspected. If the branches are dead, it’s important to find out why. The health of the tree can indicate the need for tree service. Falling branches can damage vehicles and the home structure. If there are dead branches, they will also be at risk for cracking off and falling. It’s better to safely remove these limbs than risk them falling during inclement weather or strong winds. Unfortunately, dead falling branches could indicate that the tree is in declining health and may also need to be removed. S&P Tree Service can perform all removal tasks safely and efficiently if this is the case.

Dead Tree

If your tree is dead or seriously ill and likely to die, you will need emergency tree service and, very likely, a speedy tree removal. A dead tree is a liability for your Weatherford, TX, property. It can fall and injure someone or damage property. If it’s in a remote location and unlikely to damage any structures, it may still pose a risk to your landscape. Dead and dying trees can attract fungus and pests, which can go on to affect other trees on your property. To maintain the health of your landscape, you might want to consider our tree service.

It Has a Serious Contagion

If you have a tree that is diseased and the contagion is likely to spread, you should opt for emergency tree service and removal. Diseases like Dutch elm can leave landscapes in ruin. Many pathogens that affect trees can be treated; however, once Dutch elm has progressed, the tree will remain in danger as will other trees nearby that are susceptible to the disease. When you contact us for emergency tree service, we can dispatch a trained arborist to your property to evaluate the tree’s condition. We’ll be able to recommend the best course of action for your property.

Storm Damage

It’s not uncommon for violent Texas storms to damage trees. Sometimes the damage is minor; at other times it can be severe. If your tree has been struck by lightning or has been subjected to flooding, it may require tree service. Lighting strikes can kill a tree or cause damage that leaves it vulnerable to disease and pests. Flooding can leave a tree vulnerable to fungal infections such as root rot. To be safe, contact our company for our emergency tree service so we can assess the damage to your tree and recommend the right solution to preserve or remove it if needed.

Tree Cavities

If you happen to inspect your property’s trees and notice one with cavities in the trunk, you should definitely have an arborist inspect the tree. Trees and hollow sections are a sign of decay. Your tree may already be dying. If you notice dead limbs, contact our tree service so we can evaluate the tree’s condition. Tree removal isn’t always the first line of action in an emergency situation, but there are situations when it’s the safest course of action. Some trees are beyond saving, and our arborists will be able to recommend what to do next.

If you want to schedule emergency tree service for your Weatherford, TX, property, contact S&P Tree Service. We have years of experience caring for trees and performing tree removals. If you do need a tree removed, we can handle all aspects of its removal and even provide stump grinding service. With our crane tree removal equipment, we can even remove hard-to-access trees. Call us to learn more.

Photo By Karen Hermann at Shutterstock