September 16, 2022

Uncommon Reasons You Might Need Tree Removal Service | Prosper, TX

There are some obvious reasons to call S&P Tree Service for our experienced tree removal service. If you have a tree that was severely damaged by a storm or is dead or dying, it’s a good idea to have it removed as it’s become a property risk, especially if it’s situated next to your house. However, there are some not-so-obvious reasons why you might want to remove a tree from your Prosper, TX, property. We’ll explore these reasons now.

Too Much Shade

In sunny cities, shade is usually counted as a pleasant property feature, but too much shade from a large tree or several trees can inhibit the growth of grass. In fact, even shade-tolerant grass species might struggle to fill in the lawn beneath heavy shading trees. Shade can also foster the growth of mold and fungi in some conditions. Property owners who want to experience more sunlight on their property may wish to hire our tree removal service to remove one or even several trees to reduce shade conditions.

Trees Are Crowded

In some situations, trees planted too closely together have to compete for water and nutrients, which could impact their growth and overall health. Tree removal service might be required in these situations. Crowded tree growth can also affect the property’s aesthetic appeal. S&P Tree Service can remove unwanted trees in such cases, but which ones? Our arborists can visit your Prosper, TX, location to help you determine which trees are healthiest and ideally left in place. Significant crowding can occur with improper planting. Thinning the landscape of trees may be best for its health.

Tree Has Multiple Leaders

A tree that has more than one leader or trunk can be hazardous, particularly if it forms a ‘V’ or ‘Y’ shaped base. These trees are prone to breaking or cracking at the base. Although ‘U’ shapes tend to be more structurally sound, it’s best to contact S&P Tree Service to inspect your tree. If the tree appears to be hazardous because of its multiple leaders, you can rely on our tree removal service to take the tree down. Sometimes property owners can take measures to secure the tree, but if a crack appears at the base where the trunks meet, you should definitely consider our tree service as the tree is a property hazard at that point.

Cracked Trunk

A cracked trunk even when there aren’t multiple headers or trunks is an ominous sign. Don’t assume that the crack is merely superficial and poses no threat to the tree–or that the tree poses no threat to your property. Cracks in the bark may, indeed, be nothing to worry about; however, cracks in the wood are another story. When you contact us, we can send a trained arborist to evaluate your tree’s condition. Depending on the size of the tree, its type, and the crack, there may or may not be a reason to take immediate action.

Our arborist will also look for other signs to gauge the health and well-being of the tree. Cracks can be invitations to insect infestations. If the tree has developed a pest problem or exhibits other serious health and structural problems, tree removal service may be advisable. A pest problem can spread to other trees, so it’s not something to take lightly.

Tree Roots Are a Problem

Tree roots can be a notorious problem for homeowners, especially in older neighborhoods where plumbing systems are aging. As sewer lines in the ground age, they can develop tiny holes and cracks. Tree roots can grow in these openings in their relentless pursuit of nutrients and water. Unfortunately, once the roots infiltrate the line, they can keep growing until they block the pipe or cause it to collapse. For this reason, many homeowners are suspicious of trees that grow too close to their homes or sewer lines. If your sewer line has already suffered from tree root invasions, you may want to prevent future issues by removing trees that are too close to your house. If this is the case for your home, our tree removal service can help.

Vertical Stripes

If your tree develops vertical stripes along its bark, the tree could have a serious problem that may not be readily noticeable. Vertical stripes suggest that the tree has suffered serious sunburn or even a lightning strike. However, if the bark and tissue below the bark is damaged or even destroyed, the area affected will begin to decay, and that makes the tree a hazard. While some trees may appear healthy for years, it’s not always possible to know if the tree in question is damaged enough to require tree removal service. That’s why it’s best to contact our arborists to assess the tree in question.

The Tree Is Messy

Some people contact our tree removal service to take down notoriously messy trees. In fact, certain types of trees are notorious for dropping tree limbs as they age, not to mention sap, needles, or other tree debris. Many property owners don’t have the time to clean up after messy trees, or they may simply want to plant a different type of tree on their property.

If you are uncertain about a tree’s health on your Prosper, TX, property, choose S&P Tree Service for our inspection. If tree removal service is necessary, we’ll bring all the equipment needed to safely and efficiently take down the tree. We also offer stump grinding services. Our crews are highly trained and we can even perform crane tree removals if your tree is located in a precarious location or is severely decayed. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

Photo By – Yuri A at Shutterstock