January 25, 2023

What Does A Tree Trimming Service Include? | Weatherford, TX

Are you looking for a tree trimming service in Weatherford, TX? Tree trimming is essential to maintaining your trees’ health and beauty, but it can be challenging to know what is included in a tree trimming service. Luckily, S&P Tree Service has all the answers. Let’s look at the services included in a tree trimming package from S&P Tree Service.

Tree trimming is a process where the branches and growth of a tree are trimmed back to improve its appearance, health, and safety. Pruning trees can help reduce their size, remove dead or diseased branches, and improve the tree’s shape. It also helps maintain your trees’ lifespans by reducing stress on them from heavy winds, snow, and other environmental hazards.

By promoting the tree’s wellness, regular pruning keeps them looking beautiful. A tree trimming service with a trusted expert from S&P Tree Service is the best way to ensure your tree’s health and beauty.

When Should I Schedule a Trimming Service for My Home?

The best time for tree trimming is during the late winter/early spring when trees are dormant. This allows our team to inspect your trees and trim any dangerous or unhealthy branches. We also have many customers who choose to schedule service in the Fall and Spring because of their trees’ improved look and health.

Otherwise, we recommend scheduling a tree trimming service every 1-3 years, depending on the size and health of your trees. If you’re unsure, schedule an appointment with our certified arborist. We can provide you with a tailored solution that fits your needs.

Tree Pruning and Trimming

Tree pruning and trimming are two essential steps in caring for your trees. Pruning removes any dead or diseased branches that could otherwise cause harm to your trees or spread disease across them. Trimming also helps to maintain shape and size while encouraging growth and strength. Both pruning and trimming are essential services offered by S&P Tree Service.

Removing Trees or Stumps

Sometimes it’s necessary to remove entire trees or stumps from the property for safety reasons. If you have a tree that’s past the point of trimming, contact us for a removal service. Our tree trimming service team is experienced in safely and efficiently removing trees of all sizes.

S&P Tree Service will work with you to safely remove the tree or stump without damaging any surrounding structures or landscaping elements if that’s the case. We have the necessary equipment to ensure that everything goes smoothly and there are no accidents during removal.

Cabling and Bracing

Depending on how often storms hit your Weatherford, TX home, S&P Tree Service will likely suggest a cabling or bracing program to keep your trees safe. Cabling and bracing help stabilize large branches, so they don’t break off due to high winds or heavy snowfall. Cables are installed between two branches, while braces provide support at weak points along the tree’s main trunk. Both cabling and bracing will help keep your trees looking healthy, strong, and beautiful for years to come.

Crane Tree Services

Do you have tall or hard-to-reach trees? S&P Tree Service is proud to offer crane-assisted tree services to help maintain tall trees or ones in challenging locations. There are several advantages to using a crane tree removal service for tree trimming.

An excellent example is trimming trees around wires. You don’t need to worry about trees on the street or public land. But crane-assisted tree services are the best way to get the job done safely for trees on private property.

For the most effective and least destructive approach to tree care, reach out to S&P Tree Service for crane tree services. For starters, it allows us to reach dangerous or hard-to-reach branches that could otherwise cause harm if left unattended. Additionally, crane tree services are also more efficient and can provide cost savings for our customers.

After a Storm

Intense storms in Weatherford, TX can cause damage to your trees, so it’s vital to have them inspected for any signs of damage. Our team can provide you with an assessment of your trees’ health and make sure that any affected branches are safely removed. This will help prevent further damage to your trees and property.

If possible, try to contact us for a tree trimming service before storms hit so that we can inspect any potentially hazardous branches. Removing these before a storm hits is the best way to protect your trees and property. Remember, tree branches are dangerous projectiles during high winds, so it’s best to be proactive and schedule a tree trimming service appointment with S&P Tree Service.

What Can Other Services Keep My Trees and Yard Healthy?

Thinning is another critical service that helps maintain your tree’s health. This involves selectively removing branches from a tree to open the canopy and improve airflow around the trunk. This will help ensure that your tree remains healthy, strong, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

It’s also important to fertilize your trees and provide adequate water. The best times to fertilize and water are during the spring and late fall. Our services include other care needs, including helping you with a fertilization and irrigation plan tailored specifically to your trees’ needs. So, make sure to ask about all tree care options, including our tree trimming service.

No matter what kind of tree care service you need, S&P Tree Service has got you covered! From pruning and trimming to removing stumps and installing cabling & bracing—they offer comprehensive services that will help keep your trees safe, healthy, and beautiful throughout every season of the year! So if you’re in Weatherford looking for a reliable tree trimming service, contact S&P Tree Service today!

Photo By Georgy Dzyura at Shutterstock