January 26, 2023

How To Know If You Need Emergency Tree Service | Aledo, TX

When you look at the beauty of the trees growing in your yard, you probably don’t think about them being able to damage your property. But, when an unexpectedly violent storm passes through your Aledo, TX neighborhood, or your tree develops a disease that can wear it down, you may find yourself scrambling to find emergency tree service before your once beautiful tree causes any damage to your property.

Emergency tree service is not something homeowners think about until their trees become a threat, or when a storm has already caused the trees to tear or lose branches that require removal before the situation worsens. But, did you know you can prevent your trees from becoming a hazard to your family and your Aledo, TX property before the damage is done? Setting up an appointment with an emergency tree service company can give you plenty of time to prevent any issues before the situation becomes dire. In this article, we tell you what you need to know about needing emergency tree service. Let’s take a look.

Extreme Weather Has Damaged Your Trees

Trees are made to withstand the normal onslaught of seasonal weather changes. But, extreme weather can wreak havoc on your trees. From ice to wind, to rain, and lightning, extreme weather can cause tree limbs to fall and damage your home. This makes the weather one of the main reasons for tree service calls. So, even if your trees don’t show any signs of damage, calling for help after a particularly severe bout of weather, such as a tornado, an ice storm, excessive rain, and lightning strikes, should be the first thing on your To-Do list.

In most cases, the problem can be solved by simply trimming the damaged limbs, but there are times in which the emergency tree service techs will determine, after a close inspection of your tree, that the only solution is to remove the tree completely. However, after your tree is inspected to assess the damage, the tech will talk to you about your options before applying any pertinent measures.

Your Tree Has Become Weak Due to Disease

When a tree becomes diseased, it will lose strength, causing its branches to fall and damage your property. If you have started to notice signs of visible weakness in your home’s trees, or other symptoms of disease, such as yellowed or spotted leaves, or holes in the bark, branches, and leaves, it is time to call an emergency tree service before the branches become weak enough to damage your property.

The Tree’s Branches or Roots Could Damage Your Home’s Structure

Another one of the most popular reasons for needing emergency tree service is when your tree’s branches or roots have grown so much that they have become an active threat to your home’s foundation or structure. In this case, if the tree itself is healthy, your tree service techs may decide that trimming is enough to protect your property, but oftentimes, it’s just best to remove the tree completely in order to avoid having the same problem again later on.

When the Threat Is to Your Neighbor’s Home

One of the last things you could possibly want is to be liable for irreparable damage to your neighbor’s home because you failed to remove a tree. When a tree becomes a threat not only to your property, but to the property of others, the best, and most polite, thing to do is to have the tree removed before it damages somebody’s home. While common sense might dictate that trimming could be enough, the tree will continue to grow, which means that a simple trim won’t put an end to the threat. Because of this, in most cases, your tree service techs will suggest removal of the tree as the best solution.

The Tree Has Lost More Than Half of Its Branches

If for whatever reason, your tree has lost more than half of its branches, it won’t be able to grow enough leaves to keep it alive. The loss of too many branches, especially the central branch, can cause a fully-grown tree to die. This is a common mistake of DIY pruning, where somebody who has no knowledge of this issue, will simply cut off enough branches to cause the tree to die. When this happens, the best thing to do is to call an emergency tree service for a full evaluation of the health of the tree, and a determination of the best course of action.

There are many possible reasons in which you could consider an emergency service, most of which have something to do with the impending or potential danger to people and property. In any case, your best bet is to simply follow your instinct, and if you sense something could be wrong with your tree, you should definitely make that call. At the very least, you will get faster than normal service, which is always welcome.

Lastly, the renovation or sale of your home is also a good reason to call for emergency service. A perfectly healthy tree could be getting in the way of the construction crews, which could result in an unexpected accident, or you want to showcase your home with completely new landscaping. Whatever your reasons, being able to count on an arborist you can trust to provide professional and fast service whenever your trees are in trouble, is possibly one of your most valuable assets, especially when your family’s well-being could be at risk.

It’s a sad situation when that gorgeously imposing tree you’ve nurtured and cared for suddenly becomes a threat to your family and Aledo, TX property. At S&P Tree Service we understand you may have mixed feelings about it which is why all of our emergency tree service visits are performed in the most professional and caring way. Our years of experience allow us to focus on your satisfaction, and we will always be available to help you keep your family and property safe. So, with this in mind, if your trees are in trouble, give us a call, and we will be over right away!

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