September 25, 2022

What Are the Risks Associated With Crane Tree Removal Service? | Dallas, TX

Crane tree removal service is a safe and efficient way to remove dead or unwanted trees from properties. However, not every tree removal company in or near Dallas, TX, offers this type of service. Are there inherent risks with using heavy machinery like cranes? Why do people choose to remove trees with cranes?

S&P Tree Service is a leading tree care and tree removal company that services Dallas and surrounding areas. We offer crane tree removal service and many other related services to remove trees from residential, commercial, and public properties. Some companies like ours have invested in crane tree removal service equipment because it actually enhances the safety of tree removals, especially tree removals on crowded streets and in neighborhoods. If you need to have a tree or several trees removed, you can consult with us about the best way to conduct the job.

Are There Risks Associated with Crane Tree Removal Service?

No matter what type of method you use to remove a tree, there will be some degree of risk. Tree removals are highly physical jobs. There are fall risks as well as property and equipment risks. That’s why it’s essential to contract with a licensed and experienced tree removal company like S&P Tree Service. Our arborists, technicians, and crane operators are all expertly trained and experienced at their work.

Crane tree removal service is generally associated with less risk than other methods of tree removal; that’s why it’s the first choice when trees are large and located in precarious areas near buildings or streets. That doesn’t mean there are no risks.

First, it’s important that the crane is stable before any work can be performed. An unlevel crane is vulnerable to tipping over, and that can be catastrophic. Some contractors may rent crane equipment to perform tree cutting services. It’s best to hire a company like ours because we’ve invested in our own cranes and equipment. Our crane operators are highly trained and familiar with all of our tree removal equipment, cranes, and procedures. When a crane is level, it can remove large sections of the tree piece by piece and drop them safely in a designated drop zone.

The tree itself can pose a safety risk. That’s why our team will first inspect a tree before its removal in order to recommend the ideal method for its removal. A tree must be stable enough for a cutter/climber to be dropped on the tree via the crane so that the cuts can be made for each section’s removal. A severely decayed tree may not be safe for a climber to access.

Also, mistakes with saws and other equipment are possible. That’s why we train our team to ensure each member understands the risks and how to minimize or avoid them. Training and experience underscore our service.

Biggest Risk to Safety: Human Error

One of the chief reasons to contact S&P Tree Service is our record of safe crane tree removal service. We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. Customers all across Dallas, TX, contract with us for crane tree removals because:

  • We expertly maintain our cranes and other tree removal equipment. Faulty equipment is a liability and risk we’re not willing to take with our team or your property.
  • Our removals are supervised by experienced staff.
  • We have carefully developed safety protocols and procedures–and taken the time to train each team member to ensure they understand these procedures to the letter and take them as seriously as company management does.
  • We inspect the tree and the site before the day of the project to develop an informed project plan.
  • We plan load removals before the job and recheck them on the day of the job.
  • We test our equipment to ensure it’s ready for every job.
  • We ensure that our crew works together as a cohesive team and communicates throughout each tree’s removal to ensure there is no misunderstanding or miscommunication that could compromise safety.
  • We don’t rush; we work efficiently but always allocate the time and talent needed to properly serve each customer.
  • We are never complacent about safety.

Our company is a leader when it comes to crane tree removal service in the region. So, while there are inherent risks when removing any tree, especially large trees in congested areas, we do everything possible to minimize those risks, and our record attests to that.

Are Other Forms of Tree Removal Safer?

Crane tree removal service is often the safest option in many cases, but traditional methods may suffice and be quite safe when conducted by reputable companies. Our crews also perform traditional tree removals, particularly when the tree is small or located in an easily accessible location. When customers contact us for tree removal on their property, we will inspect the tree and the site in order to recommend the right type of removal for the situation.

Yes! We Offer Stump Grinding Too!

Customers often want to know if we can perform stump grinding and other services. We grind stumps. We can also remove the tree and all related debris after it’s been cut down. Our certified arborists also provide tree care services to preserve trees. If you suspect your tree has a disease or pest problem, you can contact us for help. Our arborists can ascertain the condition of your tree and recommend the ideal care regimen.

The next time you need a tree removed from your Dallas, TX, property, call S&P Tree Service. Our crane tree removal service might be the ideal solution for the job. Call us if you need emergency crane tree removal or want to have your tree inspected.

Photo By ArturHenryk at Shutterstock