December 26, 2016

Tree Trimming Service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area

With the immense increase in the global warming, planting trees and promoting greenery has become essential. However, only planting trees is not enough you need to take care of them as well. Proper maintenance of the trees require you to prune them on a regular basis. There are several reasons for which plants need to be pruned. If you think your tree needs pruning then hire a good tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

Why Prune Trees

Many people do not think that trimming the tress is important. However, contrary to the popular believe, trimming the trees is essential for their proper growth. Trees need to be trimmed because of various reasons. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  1. Too High: When a tree has grown too high, it is at the risk of touching the utility lines. If such a situation arise then it is high time to prune the tree.
  2. Altering the Growth: If your tree is showing only inward growth and the crown is becoming crowded, it is an indication that you need to have your tree trimmed.
  3. For treating stunted growth: In case the tree is showing stunted growth, pruning the diseased branches can provide the trees with a second chance.
  4. To alter the shape: You can also have the trees trim for the purpose of altering its shape.
  5. For ornamental purposes: Have you seen those trees that are trimmed in different shapes? You can hire the tree trimming services in Dallas and Fort Worth Area simply for the ornamental purposes as well.
  6. For other purposes: It is perfectly acceptable to have your tree trimmed to make it easier for you to park car, walking to the door without ducking, and for any other reason to provide convenience to humans.

Myths and Misunderstanding about Tree Pruning

When it comes to tree pruning, there are several myths that surround the business. Following are some myths and their reality:

Only prune during Dormancy

Many people advocate the idea that trees should only be pruned when the tree is dormant. However, this is not completely true. For example, it is perfectly all right to prune the evergreens during the summers as well as in their late dormancy. In fact, trimming the evergreens during summer is especially good for evergreen hedges.

Prune the Deciduous tree only in Spring/Summer

Another myth about tree pruning is that the deciduous trees should be trimmed during summer or spring. However, it is acceptable to prune a tree when it is covered with leaves, only make sure that you do not cut more than one third of the branches at any one time. In addition, pruning stimulates plant growth in general and can benefit the tree.

Not pruning a tree in Fall

Among the various myths surrounding tree-trimming business, this is the only one that is indeed true. The weather during fall is favorable for fungal growth. Therefore, shaving off the tree leaves in such weather can kill the tree as well and you should avoid trimming in this season.

However, you can remove dead and unhealthy trees during this season. If you have trees that you think will not be able to make it to the next season, you can hire tree-trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area to have them removed from you premises.

Pruning after the blooming period

One major rule about trimming the tress which flower during the spring is beneficial. This can be of help since removing branches around the blooming areas will limit the fruit yield. Less fruit will mean higher quality of fruit.

What season is suitable for hiring Tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area?

You should be choosing the season for tree trimming according to the reason for which you need the trees trimmed. For example winter pruning is a good option if you are only looking to enhance the tree growth. Following are the two preferable seasons for tree pruning:

Tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area in Winters

Opting for tree trimming in the winter dormancy is preferable as it allows vigorous growth during the upcoming season of spring. Therefore, if you are concerned about the growth of your tree, then winter is a great time for tree pruning. However, you are advised to wait for the coldest part of the season to pass before pruning.

If you need help with the pruning then we recommend you to hire a good tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area to do the job for you.

Tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area in Summers

In case you want to direct the growth of the tree, then the best time to prune the tree is when it has completed its seasonal growth. Summers are the best choice if you want to slow down the growth of less desirable branches or you want to slow down the tree development as a whole. The growth slows down by pruning because the surface area of the total foliage is decreased and so the amount of the food manufactured to be sent to the roots is also reduced. Summer is also the better option to prune your trees if you are looking to fix stunted growth. Trimming of the leaves allows the defective limb to be more visible and so you can treat them easily.

Whether you prune the trees in summer or winter, always make sure that it is done without causing many wounds. This precaution is necessary because excessive wounds will make the tree more susceptible to disease.

There are many tricks and trips when it comes to pruning trees. However, for having your trees properly trimmed, you should always call a reliable tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area. SP Tree Service offers great tree trimming service in Dallas and Fort Worth Area.