December 30, 2016

Hiring a Professional Arborist for Tree Maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area

Any property, whether it is a house or a commercial building, requires maintenance to be in proper shape. Taking care of these various tasks means spending a lot of money as well. While some of them can be taken care of by learning a few skills, you should hire professionals to sort out the others. Tree removal and pruning are also such tasks that should be handled by professionals only. Therefore, you must hire a reliable service for tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

Tasks such as tree removal and pruning are dangerous. According to various sources, the risk of injury involved in tree services is around three times more compared to other industries providing dangerous services such as fire and police industries. Playing safe and hiring, a certified arborist is recommended for tree maintenance in Dallas and Fort Worth Area.

Hire a Professional Arborist for Tree Maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area

Apart from the safety risks involved in performing the tree care service on your own, there are various other reasons to avoid it. Following are some of the most important reasons why you should call a certified arborist for tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area:

1.    Improper Tree Services can damage or even Kill the Trees

Pruning a tree is a sensitive task and requires a certain degree of expertise. It can do more harm than good for the tree if it is not done properly. In fact, it is better to not trim the trees at all than to do it improperly. According to studies, incorrect trimming techniques are a greater cause of tree damage and tree deaths than pest and insect attacks.

Every kind of tree has unique requirements when it comes to trimming. Only a certified arborist will know which branch is diseased or weak and how it should be trimmed. A professional will know how and where to make the cuts that will eventually develop the natural shape of the tree. How to fill in the empty spaces and how to remove the weak areas so as to make sure that the rest of tree remains strong and healthy.

Moreover, it is also a better option to call for a professional arborist for tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area, as they will know if your tree needs heavy trimming or just minor pruning. They will perform the task of removing tricky branches without putting themselves or others in any danger.

2.    The Dangers involved in tree service

It is a general concept that anyone can prune a tree as long as they possess a working saw. This is not entirely true though. Therefore, this mentality has led to various injuries and serious casualties including fatalities as a result of falling branches of trees, falls, accidents with power lines and cutting equipment.

If you are still not convinced that this can be a dangerous task, you should have a look at the following statistics by a reliable source:

  • For tree workers, the chances of serious accidents are 1:120
  • 6 out of 100 accidents can result in deaths for tree workers
  • The death rate for employees in tree care service is around 35 out of 100,000 workers on a yearly basis. This is much higher when compared to other industries where the fatality rate in case of accidents is around 4 deaths

In some cases, the trees only show a minimal damage. Only a trained person will know if the tree is under serious risk and is hazardous. A trained eye can recognize the true extent of tree damage and only a certified professional arborist will know of the safest technique to remove or treat it. Certified tree service employees are trained to safely prune the trees and they are taught removal practices to contain the impact to your property.

3.    The Need of Essential Training and Equipment

In order to reach up to the tall trees, or to access the difficult spots and branches of a tree, a certified arborist is equipped with tree cranes. A good crane should have the capacity to reach up to 150 feet and it should be able to lift at least over 42 tons.

Moreover, the arborist should be trained to handle the advanced tree-care machinery and not injure themselves or other people while performing any task. There are rules such as OSHA standards and ANSI Z133, which should be followed to ensure safety at the workplace. These USA recognized rules are a set of safety standards for repairing, pruning, removing, and maintaining trees and branches. After every 5 years these rules are updated and regulated in order to ensure maximum workplace safety.

4.    Insurance protected Certified Tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area

Even if you think that you have enough knowledge about trees and are capable of performing the task safely, you should still not carry it out on your own. The reason is that in case a branch accidently falls down on your house during trimming, you will not be protected. However, if a professional arborist is carrying out the task they will have liability insurance which will protect your property.

A certified tree care professional will have insurance so that not only your property will be protected but they will also have a worker’s compensation. This will protect the workers as well when they are in the field.

When you hire an arborist for tree maintenance in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area, make sure they have sufficient funds in their insurance plan. Also, make sure that your details are added in the insurance certificate before you allow the work to start in your house.

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