April 21, 2021

Tree Trimming Service 101: A Mini Guide | Dallas Fort Worth Area

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Instead of letting the tree branches grow as they wish, you should consider calling a tree trimming service in the area to come to trim and care for your trees in order to ensure that they stay in excellent health. A professional tree trimming company will have the right knowledge and equipment to trim and prune your trees to a different shape and to excellent health by removing dangerous dead branches and other issues.

This article will serve as a mini-guide that looks at the various aspects of tree trimming. Many homeowners will not have the technical know-how nor the equipment to trim their trees on their own. In these situations, it is definitely worth it to call a tree trimming service in the Dallas Fort Worth area instead. Rely on the professionals to get the trees on your property in great shape in no time.

Why Should You Get the Trees Trimmed?

This is one of the main questions that many homeowners have. They’re unsure as to why they should call a tree trimming service in the Dallas Fort Worth area rather than let their trees grow as they please. Trees are generally trimmed for one of the following three reasons:

  • Aesthetics. If you let your trees grow as they please, they can look like a nightmare. In fact, this can even have a negative impact on your property’s overall value. By relying on a tree trimming service, you can ensure that your trees will look great. The frequency of which you should call a tree trimming service will vary significantly. It depends on the types of trees that you have, as well as how they are growing.


  • Better health. Although most homeowners don’t inspect their trees often enough to notice when they’re diseased, the truth of the matter is that many trees are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to both disease and pests. They can become infected easily, and if you don’t remove the infection, it can spread to the rest of the tree or to neighboring plants. In worst-case scenarios, the disease can kill the trees. By calling a tree trimming service regularly, you can ensure that your trees are in optimal health. The tree trimming service can also help improve overall airflow by getting rid of branches that are crossed together or rub against one another.


  • Safety. Last but not last, dead or diseased branches can snap and fall off; thus, becoming a safety hazard to not only your property but to anyone that may be nearby. Tree trimming services will remove any unhealthy branches to prevent this from happening. Another thing that a tree trimming service can do is to remove branches that are getting too close to utility lines.

It can be difficult for most homeowners to assess whether their trees need any special attention, which is why it’s always a good idea to leave the assessment to the professionals. Different trees and bushes need different types of care. It’s important that you provide personalized care to each plant in order to allow it to grow as healthily as possible.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Generally Cost?

Another common question that many homeowners may have will generally revolve around the cost. Fortunately, these services aren’t typically too expensive. It’s a lot more expensive to deal with the aftermath should one of the trees on your property topple over and injure someone nearby or damage someone else’s home.

The cost of professional tree trimming will vary quite a bit. It really depends on many different factors, like the size of your tree. In general, the taller that a tree is, the more expensive that it will be. This is because the professionals may need to climb the tree or utilize specialized equipment in order to get to some of the higher branches. The height of the tree will depend on its type. For example, Russian olive trees generally grow up to 30 feet high only while crab apple trees can grow up to 60 feet. If you have a beautiful red oak tree on your property, keep in mind that it grows taller than 60 feet with ease.

Other factors that can affect the overall price of the tree trimming include:

  • The location of the tree. Naturally, the more difficult it is to reach the tree, the more expensive the cost of the trimming service will be.


  • The time that has elapsed since the last pruning. If you haven’t gotten your trees trimmed recently, you can expect to pay a lot more since the professionals will need a lot more time to get the job done.


  • The health of the tree. If the tree is in poor health, it may need more trimming services. This will also add to the cost.

If you’re concerned about the cost of tree trimming, get quotes from several different companies. This should give you a better idea as to whether you’re getting a good deal or not. You can also keep an eye out for promotions that some companies may offer from time to time.

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Are you thinking about getting your trees trimmed? Or, do you think that you should get a professional to come to take a look at the trees on your property to ensure that they are in great health and that there is nothing to worry about? Keep in mind that you are liable for any accidents that happen on your property. If you could have prevented it from happening, you might be responsible for any repairs or medical bills that incur from fallen branches or diseased trees.

Regardless of what questions or concerns that you may have, give S&P Tree Service a call. We serve the Dallas Fort Worth area and our team has a lot of experience in trimming and caring for a wide variety of trees on both residential and commercial properties. We’ll be able to take a look at the trees on your property to see what types of services are needed.